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Best Raspberry Pi Kits, the Incredibly Flexible Minicomputer

With the introduction of Raspberry Pi 4, it has evolved into an incredibly flexible minicomputer. You can use it for a wide range of projects. Whether you are just a gamer who wants to build their own gaming console, electronics hobbyist, or a master tinkerer – Raspberry Pi has something that can cater to everyone’s needs. That is why it has become so popular. The incredible opportunities this tiny interface can provide is simply mind-boggling. From starter kits to the technologically advanced systems, we reviewed the top ten best raspberry Pi kits for you to enjoy. These will not only satisfy your hobby, but it will also allow you to expand your boundaries.

Reviews of The Best Raspberry Pi Kits

#1 Freenove Ultimate Starter for Raspberry Pi 4 B 3 B

This Raspberry Pi kit does not come in a cheap polythene bag, like a bag of chips. It is an intricately packed box, stocked with everything you need to master the skills in Pi. Not only does it come in three programmable languages, but it is also compatible with C, Python, and Java. The Freenove Ultimate is stocked with a breadboard and all its related essentials. The extensive list of small miniature items can dazzle you when you first open it. But the kit has a 434 paged detailed PDF tutorial, that bears extensive knowledge about codes and around 57 tried and tested projects. These are fully explained and laid out step by step, too, to make you fully understand every fundamental principle. The Freenove is the best Raspberry Pi kit because it plays the role of a great starter guide for any electronic fanatic.

This system is compatible with Raspberry Pi 4B/3B+/ 3B/3A+/ 2B/ 1B+/ 1A+/ Zero W and Zero. Some of the things in this kit include 3 Potentiometers of 10K, interesting toggle control, pin-headers (male and female), a 4-digit LED Display, voltage regulators, resistors, and so much more. ThiRaspberryry Pi kit at such an amazing price is the perfect jumpstart you need.

#2 CanaKit Raspberry Pi 3 Kit with Premium Clear Case (Ul Listed)

The Canakit isn’t far behind in the race of the best Raspberry Pi kits. Do not take this microsystem lightly, as it promises you a small computer at such a small price. The package has a clear plastic case with fits the board snugly. This case has holes for ventilation, USB, and other ports. Moreover, it comes with a 2.5 Amp USB connector Adaptor. The kit’s main brainpower comes stacked neatly in a non-static bag carrying the Raspberry Pi 3. It has 4 USB ports, a micro SD slot, HDMI port, Audio Jack, a Lan port, and 2 heat sinks. The heat sinks are placed in the middle and stick onto the board seamlessly. Having so many ports, you can connect any device of your choice, be it a console or a keyboard. The most striking feature of the best Canakit raspberry Pi system is its WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity. It also comes with a Quick-start guide to aid you in setting up. Whether it is gaming or mere data storage, this tiny computer has your back.

#3 Vilros Raspberry Pi Kit with Clear Case and 2.5A Power Supply

It may look and feel the same, but the Raspberry Vilros is named third in our best Raspberry Pi Kit because of its amazing quick performance. The above mentioned is a tad bit better in processing and overall performance. This Pi system also comes with a clear case and an adapter of 2.5 Amp.  An addition to the package is its breadboard. This lets you plug in electronics of your choice. One limitation of this system is that it does not include a Micro SD card with OS. You would have to download OS, by investing in a new SD card. This kit is compatible to play all file formats without any glitches. It is faster and more responsive than its Vilros Predecessors.

#4 CanaKit Raspberry Pi 4 4BG Starter Kit – 4GB RAM

Another CanaKit in the line of best Raspberry Pi kits. This set includes a Raspberry Pi 4 4GB model with 1.56GHZ 64-bit quad-core ARMv CPU (4 GB RAM). There is also a preloaded micro SD card of Class 10 that can be read by the USB card reader. It is a starter kit that includes a clear case with a fan mount integrated into it. It makes low noise and keeps the system’s temperature low. A set of heat sinks also aid this job and extend the running of the system.  A 3.5A USB-C power supply and micro HDMI to HDMI Cable measuring 6 foot is also provided to source the kit. The Raspberry Pi 4 system comes in 3 RAMs; 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB. A quick start guide will be enough to help you in setting the system up. As the Pi 4 system is not compliant with a USB-C cable, the adaptor comes to the rescue to solve the problem.

#5 Freenove RFID Starter Kit for Raspberry P 4 B 3 B+

Freenove always provides its users with something extra. So we decided to place this variation as fifth on our list. The reason it is placed below its counterparts is due to some items in their accessories. These do not do justice to the system, which includes the main breadboard, toggles, switches, 4-digit LCD display, and many resistors and leads. These again support three languages. And are compatible with the same models as the Freemove mentioned above. Though this starter kit comes with a downloadable pdf of tutorials and code, that can be downloaded before purchase! this kit has everything to learn about programming, especially python. The best feature of this freemove is that you can construct your own variable of the circuit by integrating the ribbon cable and GPIO pins. Hence it clears the air to compare syntax.

#6 Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 2019 Quad-Core (4 GB)

This Raspberry Pi model B comes in three varieties of 1, 2, and 4 GB variations. It is a QUAD-Core Cortex-A72 with 64 Bit SoC @1. The system supports 2.4GH and 5GH IEEE 802. The ‘brain-board’ is set similarly to all the other Raspberry systems with USB, Lan, Audio, HDMI ports, and heat sinks. Model B requires 5.1V, 3Amp power through UDB Type C, or a GPIO-POE. However, it requires a POE-hat which has to be invested in by the user. Model B does not come in a complete set or even a case. So, you would have to add in all the attachments to get started. Its augmented processor speed and memory are far better than its predecessors. Users only need to take good care of heat sinks and integrate fans as the system can heat up.

#7 Raspberry Pi 3 Desktop Starter Kit (Black)

Considering this as one of the best Raspberry Pi starter kits will not be false, as it is compatible with starters as well as high-grade coders. The set has a black case, power supply with literally any type of connector, and a powerful 16GB SD card. As well as the latest version of Pi 3 Model B board that is the main core of the system.  This set has the Raspbian and NOOBS already pre-installed as its key operating systems. It may have that is needed to start your programming journey. Though the system tends to get really hot and the box does not provide the best ventilation needed. If you do not integrate an air-flow system, it will hinder the system’s explicable performance rate, especially the LINUX based OS.

#8 Elecrow Crow Pi Raspberry Pi 4 3B 3B+ Kit for Learning Coding – Advanced Kit

The Elecrow comes with a Raspberry Pi 4B and has compatibility with Pi 3B, 3B+, Zero, etc. It is a complete kit that has the all-essential user guide, the Raspberry Pi kit, RFID card, game controllers, keyboard, mouse, Heatsink kit with three sinks, and much more. The Raspberry Pi system is compatible with OS (Linux, Ubuntu, and many more). This system can also be used to measure the weather with the help of Crowpi. The kit may be for advanced programmers, but starters can also benefit as they also have YouTube lessons, along with its educational kit. You can even extend your design using a breadboard and the accessories provided in the set. When in the dark, it triggers the LED lights to identify the leaderboard. It may be the full set, but it is user-specific and is somewhat costly.

#9 Neego Raspberry Pi 3 Ultimate Starter Kit – Complete Set

When in search of the complete package, Neego doesn’t disappoint. The Raspberry Pi 3 Model is the size of a credit card. Yet it is super-fast with its 64-Bit QUAD -Core CPU and ability to store 1 GB RAM. Its wireless connectivity through Bluetooth, WIFI lets you connect without the hassle of wires. It also comes with a 16GB Micro SD card, and its compatible operating system NOOBS is pre-installed. The set has 2-piece set heatsink, 6 ft HDMI cable to connect to the PC or any screen, and a 2.5Amp Power Charger. Not forgetting to mention the whooping 7″ Touch Screen display that has full 800-480 color. This connects to the breadboard through GPIO or a USB connector. However, this system’s power supply does not do it justice and does not support Raspbian Jessie OS. There is also no user guide available for starters to take advantage of. So, setting the system up would be tricky, especially if you are a beginner.

#10 Vilros Raspberry Pi 3 Complete Starter Kit with Clear Case and 32Gb SD card

Another one of the Vilros Variant. The kit includes Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Quad-Core with 1.2 GHz and 1GB RAM. The set consists of a Sandisk 32 GB (Class 10) with the operating system, NOOBS, and Retro Pie preloaded on the Micro SD Card, available with the adaptor. The set also comes with WIFI connectivity, and a UL certified 2.5 A USB power Supply. The system can actively help you sieve through unwanted ads through its network connection. Hence, it can amp up internet speed by 40%. It is perfect and straightforward if you want a basic minicomputer. However, much faster and grater storage systems are available in the market. The system also tends to slide over any smooth surface. So, it has to be weighed down by a sturdy case or pack.

Raspberry Pi Buyer’s Guide

Here are some critical factors for you to keep in mind when planning to invest in the best Raspberry Pi kit.

Raspberry Pi Model

When wanting to invest in the best Raspberry Pi kit, you have to keep a clear head of what you want to do with it. Once that is figured out, choosing the system would be far easier. There are mainly two models of the Raspberry Pi. The Standard and Zero.

Standard has different variations in versions ranging from one to four and further division into models A or B. Each has slight alterations to it. If you want to buy the best of them all, purchase the latest version and model. However, if there is a specific use in mind, go with what suits you best.

Zero is a comparatively smaller version that has fewer components. It even costs less.

Price Point

Raspberry Pi was initially introduced for the sole purpose of being inexpensive, apart from having great processors. However, if you do wish to invest in a full-fledged and best in its game Raspberry Pi kit, buy the one with a complete set of accessories. These may cost more but will reduce further investments in tiny components. Adding to it, they will be perfect to pave your way when starting fresh. However, do not fall for the cheap knock offs, where they shower you with many components, but of third-class quality.

Operating Systems

When reviewing our list for the best Raspberry Pi systems, you would have noticed the emphasis on pre-installed SD cards with Operating systems like Ubuntu, NOOBS, etc.

Some models do not have them, and installing them will only add to the hurdles when new to the whole system. Better to get the distributions of Raspberry with free Linux. Learning to use an entirely different system may be a pickle. Linux is free and lessens the blow as you still have the option to choose from numerous operating systems.

Power Supply

In contrast to your Desktop PC that consumes around 200 Watts. A Raspberry Pi system consumes way less! The power supply is through a micro-USB Port, as very little (around 0.5-2.85W) is required to power Raspberry Pi systems. Make sure the power supply does not over-heat the system and can take the load of the board. Usually, good power supply ranges from 2.5 to 3 amperes. SO, try to get the adapter (which is applicable) in the said range.


So whatever system you choose from our list of best Raspberry Pi kits, you will end up with a small computer in your palm. That is capable of placing humungous information on just a tiny board. If you wish to learn to program or make a system for your gaming sessions to even simply blocking out ads from pesky sites dying to sell their brands, these Raspberry Pi kits will have you back through it all. Simply keep the key factors mentioned in our buying guide, and you will end up investing in a brand-new computer that does your job.

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