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We’re very much into the mid-2020 and this new decade in computer science is going to be of developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science, Big Data and next-gen computer networking. And Python has been and will be backbone in many further developments in the coming years.The reason behind so much popularity of Python programming language is that it covers all the features of conventional programming languages like C, C++ and Java while offering more features like large set of libraries and tools, multi-paradigm programming, short code and seamless community support.

Web development, system administration, application development and game development are the fields where Python programming is vastly used today. Python has gained so much reputation and popularity that many popular organizations like NASA, Google, Walt Disney, RedHat use Python to improve productivity and customer experience.

So if you’re looking to learn Python or make a career in the field of AI, Data Science or any other computer science field then you must have worked on some very important Python based projects to add them to your resume and make your resume standout.

So today I’m going to suggests you some very important Python projects that are going to help you improve your Python programming skills and make your resume impactful.

Content Aggregator

In the world of Data Science, content and data is everything. Every website, blog or social media application like Facebook, Instagram is filled with enormous amount of content and data. So what Content Aggregators actually do is that it fetches particular information or content all over the internet and aggregates that content at the one place. In simple words it saves your time of searching some information on different websites because it shows all the information you need from different source at one place.

You can develop content aggregator for different fields separately like a news aggregator where you will fetch all the latest news from all the leading news outlets in your region or country into one place.

Once you find out which particular area you’re targeting then you can start coding your content aggregator with Python and its various libraries like requests for fetching content from the source.

URL Shortener

Almost all of us at least once have faced very long and not so user friendly URLs and thought there should be some alternative. Particularly when we try to share a URL with friend it becomes difficult task. Also when we try to remember it, but we can’t because it’s too long and contains difficult characters to recall. So these days we have URL shorteners, building one by yourself to add it to your resume is a good idea.

There are many URL shorteners available on internet but only few of them create a shortened URL which understandable and user friendly. So idea is to create a URL shortener which will allow user to customize the URL after shortening the URL for making it understandable later. So the application will be like user inputs the URL and gets the shortened URL as an output.

To achieve this you can always use combination of string and random modules in Python programming language to generate characters for the shortened URL. Here the database management will be key, because shortened URL can be clicked any time in future so it should navigate user to original URL every time.

Sudoku Solver

This project will help user find a solution to any solvable Sudoku puzzle. You can simply start with writing text code which uses backtracking algorithm. What backtracking algorithm will do is that it will simply revert back to previous step if the solution found in current running step cannot solve the Sudoku.

You can also convert this Sudoku solver into graphical user interface (GUI) version to make it look more attractive. What you need to make sure is that pygame is installed on your system. It looks really simple project but what it shows is that your skills and deep knowledge of Python programming language. So having this project on your resume will make good impression in minds of interviewers.

Path Finding Visualization Tool

Path finding visualization tool is a good project to have on your resume. This will showcase your Python programming language skills as well as your deep knowledge in the different field of computer science. Projects like these will demonstrate how good developer really you are.

In this tool you have to select a start point and end point. What exactly this tool will do is find a shortest path between these two points. You must have heard of A * (star) path finding algorithm in Python and that will be backbone of this project. It will go node by node to find the shortest path between two points or locations.

Bulk File Rename Application

If you are learning machine learning with Python then this application which renames files in bulk can be a good project to add to your resume. People working in machine learning field will find this application very useful.

This project is simple where you can use Python functions like os.rename(src,dst) to rename the files in particular folders. To make it more attractive you can add image resize function in this application which is very popular feature required by many.

Some Other Suggestions for Python Project

  • File Manager
  • Desktop Notification App
  • Calculator (GUI)
  • Instagram Bot
  • Speed Typing Test Application

So these are the best Python projects which will not only make your resume appealing but also these projects will help you brush-up your skills in Python programming and various concepts of computer science.

If you guys have more project ideas to work in Python, then feel free to share with us at @LinuxHint and @SwapTirthakar.

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