Best Photo Editing Apps for Android (2020)

Ever since cameras were introduced into phones, there has been a consistent problem: often, we are unable to get that perfect snap, even after a series of attempts. Even though now we have more powerful and better cameras compared to earlier days, there is still a need for photo editing applications to make the picture-perfect.Social media has played a very important role in the rise in popularity and development of photo editor apps for Android phones. From normal users to digital creators or influencers on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, everyone uses photo editing apps nowadays. Photo editor apps offer so many options, and there are various photo editor apps to match every user’s needs.There are many photo editing apps available in the Google Play Store. With such intense competition in the field, it can be difficult to choose one that matches your specific requirements. With that in mind, this article covers some of the best photo editor apps available today.

1. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is not just a photo editor app, but it also offers a pro camera feature. The pro camera feature helps you capture stunning images and you can edit the photos later in the same app. The pro camera also allows you to set exposure, timer, instant presets, and raw imaging before taking a shot. Lightroom also offers various capture modes, such as Professional and HDR.

Now, it is time to discuss editing. Let me tell you, this app does not disappoint. Lightroom is a great app for professional photographers. You can edit raw photos using this Android photo editor application. This app stands as one of the best when it comes to user interface, which is intuitive and easy-to-use.

The Lightroom editor helps you edit every minute detail in your photos. You can use the Healing Brush to remove almost anything from your photo. Bring dull photos back life with hue and saturation adjustments in just a few clicks. The presets offered by this app make photo editing even more convenient, and the filters come with unlimited customization options.

Lightroom also offers an interactive tutorial, which helps you learn how to use the photo editor to its full potential. This is a great app that you can use to improve your photography and photo editing skills.


2. Adobe Photoshop Express

Another app from Adobe has made it onto our list. It is not a surprise, given Adobe’s reputation for creating and publishing photo editing tools for many years and on many different platforms. Photoshop express is a photo editor and collage maker app for Android phone users. This app is one of the best photo editing apps available, with a simple, easy-to-use, and attractive user interface.

This app not only helps you edit your images and make collages; it also offers quick fixes for crooked and distorted images. Using this editor, you can choose from hundreds of looks, effects, and filters to make your images well worth sharing on social media platforms.

In regards to tools, you get Spot Healing for reducing blemishes and spots from selfies and portraits, Quick Fixes for adjusting the contrast and exposure, Personalise for making stickers and creating memes and captions, and Apply Blur to blend out backgrounds and bring the subject to focus. There are also many more tools and features that you will notice as you continue to use this great editing app.


3. Snapseed

Snapseed is a professional-quality photo editor that is useful for professional users. This is a very popular photo editing app among Instagram users and influencers. Developed by Google, Snapseed is one of the best and simplest photo editing apps available for Android users.

When it comes to features, Snapseed has 29 tools and filters available, including perspective, selective, healing, lens blur, and other useful tools. In addition, you can save your customized looks and filters so that you can use them on any image in the future.

This app is simple, but it is one of the most useful photo editing apps available, with a variety of tools and features offered. The best thing about this app is that it is completely free to users, despite offering professional features and tools.


4. Pixlr

Pixlr is a “freemium” photo editor for Android users and is one of the best among its competitors. This app does have some in-app purchases if you need them, but everything else is free. They are also currently offering 30% off the annual subscription.

This app offers many features that every professional photographer needs. You can create collages with a variety of presets, grid styles, customized ratios, and backgrounds. The auto-fix feature allows you to adjust the color of your photo. There is a tool to remove blemishes and red-eye and smooth your skin. You can also adjust the tone of the photos with overlays and filters. You can add your preferred effects and overlays to your favorites so that you can easily access them in the future.

Apart from editing, this app also allows you to share photos directly to various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media platform. All in all, this is a great photo editor app with great editing tools.

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 5. Prisma Photo Editor

The Prisma Photo Editor is another highly rated photo editor application featured in our article. The main feature of this photo editor is that it turns your photos into paintings. There are more than 300 artistic style collections to choose from to turn your picture into a painting.

In addition, Prisma releases a new art style every day. There is also a Prisma creator community that you can join to share your creations and chat with community members.    

With the photo enhancement mode, you can also fine-tune your pictures with a wide range of tools to adjust contrast, exposure, sharpness, brightness, etc. Prisma is a popular app among those who like to play with photo editing.


6. Google Photos

Google Photos comes pre-installed in all Android smartphones alongside the suite of other Google apps. This is a simple app that allows you to manage all the photos on your phone’s memory. The Google Photos app also helps you with essential photo edits. Despite being a simple and minimal photo editing app, Google Photos performs almost every task a normal user needs.

Apart from editing your photos, this app also helps you securely back up your photos on cloud storage. You can access the edited photos from anywhere, whenever you want.

Google Photos sports some powerful editing tools that help you transform your photos in a few clicks. This is a smart gallery app by Google that covers all the essential features of a photo editing app, including shared albums, automatic creation, and an advanced editing suite.


7. LightX Photo Editor & Photo Effects

LightX Photo Editor is another highly rated photography app available in the Google Play Store. This app includes a variety of features and easy-to-use tools, and it is popular among photographers and social media users. You can make a photo collage, include photo frames, change the background, and blur photos using this application.

Features such as cutout and combine, changing the background image, adding color splash photo effects, merging or mixing two photos to make impressive photo effects, advanced photo transformation tools, and professional photo editing tools make this app a standout among its competitors.

In addition to tons of features, LightX provides a collection of stickers to add to your photos, doodle and draw on photos, add text to photos, shape manipulation tools, and a range of filters. Overall, this is a well-rounded photo editor app for Android phones.



Above are listed some of the best professional-level photo editing apps for Android in 2020. These apps were chosen on the basis of overall user experience, so if you use any other photo editing app on Android that you think we missed, feel free to share your views with us at @LinuxHint and @SwapTirthakar.

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