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Best outdoor security cameras with night vision

From the early caveman to modern-day humans, the need for security rests as the basic necessity of life. In every era, this need has been served in the most practical way possible. We are lucky enough to be part of a world where everything is driven by sophisticated technology, including security and surveillance. Today, sophisticated security systems comprising of cameras with sirens and facial recognition are available for both domestic users and corporate giants.

Having an efficient security system ensures peace of mind and safety of assets. Hence a lot of people nowadays are searching for the most suitable security cameras to meet their safety needs. Mostly these security cameras are needed at night time to minimize the chances of robbery and attacks. We have compiled the list of the best outdoor security cameras with night vision, which ensures you are secured 24×7.

A buyer’s guide for the best outdoor security cameras with night vision

Many times buyers get overwhelmed by the bells and whistles in security cameras and end up making a bad purchase. You may end up with a security system that is not practical or the one that may not be best suited for the environment under consideration. Before you make your final decision here are some practical concerns you need to consider:

The size and weight of the unit

This is one of the major concerns for all kinds of smart devices today. Depending upon the particular location you have selected for the security camera, thoroughly examine and decide that can you mount it securely over the door or under the eaves or to some tree outside your house or office.


When you talk about the security cameras outside the house, weather-proofing appears to be one of the most critical factors. The outside environment demands weather-resistant cameras, so ask it before the purchase to resist extreme cold, heat, ice storms, dust, or any specific environmental factor present at your location.

Power Source

Security cameras come with variable power sources. Some devices come with a battery, so for those, you will need a regular check, and you will need to replace it. Ask about the possibilities that will need to be wired to the main power supply. It will limit the possible location for the camera. Some cameras come with solar panels so that you will need enough sunlight at the place of installation. If you opt for multiple power systems, it can raise the unit’s price and functional complexity.

Installation specifications

Before purchasing, ask that is installation something a buyer can do with common tools, or will it accompany an extra expense of installation.

Camera Image quality

Budget cameras are considered to be providing the sub-par image quality; however, that is not always true. A little research in the market will enable you to find models that can record in 1080p or 720p with broad viewing angles comprising of 100 degrees or even more. If you have enough budgets at hand, select higher-end cameras that provide a 1080p image.

The range of the night vision

As you are particularly looking for night times so opt for cameras with infrared capability. The specific range of the night vision may vary, so decide the final purchase as per the needed visual distance.

Some extra features to look upon

The below mentioned extra features could add to the overall usability of the camera system:

  • Smartphone integration
  • Two-way communication
  • Sirens
  • Day in review
  • Multiple cameras

Now that you know critical factors to consider, here are five best outdoor security cameras with night vision in no particular order.

Arlo Pro 3

Arlo Pro 3 is a combination of sophisticated and practical features. It presents a set of deterrence, detection, and ease of use. It is one of the most efficient weather-proof cameras that provide a 2K HDR video. Thus the camera is recommendable for users who need 2-way audio for easy communication at the door. It is one of the smartest security solutions with a wire-free setup. Its magnetic mounts make it easily adjustable.

Moreover, its image sensor is 4 megapixels with a video resolution of 2560 x 1440p having160-degree field view. Arlo Pro comes with three months of smart service. It is easily changeable using a solar panel charger.

This camera is best for those who want to pay for additional features like live stream feed to phone and security notifications. It gives you the ease of decision to choose either a black or white night vision. Its built-in spotlight will be your assistant to ward off any unwelcome guests. All in all, it is a good choice for those who have a handsome budget and wish for an ultra-sophisticated security system with up to date smart services.

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Google Nest Cam IQ Outdoor Security Camera

This camera promises multiple attractive features, including an impressive 66 IP rating of 66. It works in temperatures ranges from -40 to 113 F0.

It ensures a Supersight video by providing a combination of 4K sensors with 1080p HD video and intelligent imaging. Its excellent night vision can look up to 50 feet away in the dark. If I talk about its first impression, then its minimalistic and sleek outlook is eye-catching. It gives a look of desk lamp shade having a circular body and white plastic face containing the shiny black camera.

It’s dust-tight and claims to withstand strong water jets. Till it is not completely immersed in water, it will keep ongoing. For the necessary features test, you can ask the dealer to give you a demo.

Google Nest Cam is not for you if you are searching for an affordable camera that fits in with your Microsoft or Apple smart home ecosystem or if you are looking for a local storage security system.

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EufyCam 2

EufyCam2 is compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit. It entails a 100DB intruder siren, outstanding video quality, long-lasting battery, and sensitivity towards the detection of human movement. What’s more, it has given good competition to big players in the security camera market. Still, I have a few reservations while discussing the overall features.

If you are not the person who can climb up for wire installations or who hates spending on installation services, this camera is your type. It is wireless with an amazing battery time of 365 days, so you need not to fuss with the camera after it is installed for the whole year.

For video quality, I will give huge thumbs up for the perfect quality. Overall you see a little distortion in the images. It is because of the algorithm set in the camera, which makes the image clearer when the camera detects a person. Overall it is a good go.

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Blink XT2

Blink by Amazon Company focuses on providing affordable home security camera solutions. This camera is also designed to work without putting any effort. No wires are needed; no contracts are required, and batteries last for two years.

Talking about the first impressions, it doesn’t give a camera look at all. Rather, it entails a square face having rounded edges. It is all black, hence provides a good camouflage as an outdoor camera. You can use both flat surfaces or mounted one for installation. Blink sync module is needed to use the Blink XT2.

Having an IP rating of 65, it is resistant against nearly all solids and water jets. Although it provides 1080p HD video yet its field of view is narrow. Overall it is a good choice if you want Alexa integration, free cloud storage, and 1080P HD video. But if you are looking for person detection or want to have integration with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, or Microsoft Cortana, then look for some other relatable camera option as Blink XT2 will not be able to cater these concerns.

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Ring Floodlight Cam

The ring is known for its doorbells, and now it has extended its technological power to the security system. This camera by rings is one of the finest ones available in the market. It enables you to view a great video quality both during the night and in the daytime. With the signature floodlights, you get extra protection for your house.

Its wide-angle lens enables you to capture a wide area and hence provides an efficient security system. It is also affordable in terms of subscription costs. However, some of its drawbacks include no battery-operated option and a need for a strong Wi-Fi router near the camera to function properly.

Overall, although slightly overpriced, the straightforward installation process, excellent picture quality, night vision and motion detection (it can detect even a moving cat), make Ring Floodlight Cam is a must-have security camera for anyone vying for home security.

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Final Thoughts

Security cameras are surely one-time investment and will pay off down the line. In today’s world, where everything has turned digital, you cannot rely on watchman and guards. The smart solution is an outdoor security camera with night vision. The baseline is to choose the right device with a reliable structure that is easy to operate for this. Go through our list and decide the most appropriate security camera for your house or office. Make it a one-time wise investment and feel at ease for the coming days. That’s about it for this article. Thank you for reading!

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