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Best Laptop Size Faraday Cages for Investigators

Modern problems require modern solutions. A Faraday cage comes in handy when you want to protect the data inside a digital device. Today, there is always the danger of hackers accessing a digital device remotely and tempering with the data. This problem becomes even more challenging if you are working in law enforcement, as even the slightest data change can potentially alter the entire case.

Faraday cages are built with a foam padded (usually nylon) outer layer and dual inner layers of specially designed RF shielding material. When you place your electronic device inside the pouch, no one can transmit or receive disruptive RF signals. Not only that, but the best Faraday cages effectively block any Bluetooth frequencies, Satellite communication, WiFi, or even cell phone signals.

For this article, we are reviewing the top 5 best laptop size Faraday Cages for investigators. Read on for our full disclosure!

1.  Mission Darkness Non-Window Faraday Bag for Laptops

Mission Darkness is a highly sought-after brand when it comes to a combination of top-performing Faraday cages and affordable pricing. This particular laptop bag is another feather in their cap, and I am not exaggerating.

By complying with military specifications of MIL-STD 188-125 for EMF and EMP protection, Mission Darkness has raised the bar for Faraday cages. Hence if you are an investigator, you can rest assured that your work integrity will never be compromised. That’s not all, it features a secure double roll ballistic nylon construction with multiple pockets, and comes uniquely serialized for identification purposes.

Because of the 17 x 14 inch interior, there’s enough room for additional accessories, so you can pack in a mobile phone and tablet in addition to a large-sized laptop. Besides the usual signal isolation, EMP protection, and personal data security, it provides EMF reduction. The RF signal blocking effectively blocks all Bluetooth, WiFi, RFID, GPS, and RF signals with an average of 60 to 80 DB signal attenuation.

All in all, this no-nonsense Faraday cage packs a lot of utility in a single package at a very affordable cost. Therefore, even if you are on a tight budget, you know where to invest in a Faraday bag.

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2. Mission Darkness Window Faraday Bag for Laptops

This is essentially the same product we discussed previously with the same specifications, but it comes at a higher cost. The primary price differentiator here is the transparent window. Because of this, the Investigators can look at the laptop or electronics inside.

However, there’s a catch here. Even though you can view the devices from the outside, you cannot touch the screens. For ordinary citizens, this may be a deal-breaker, but for forensic investigators and other state security officials, this bag still comes in handy. For instance, they can check the kind of the device, state of the equipment, confirm signal cut off, view battery life, and much more.

It is made of similar dual roll high shielding nylon fabric on every side. Additionally, the seams are double paired, giving it extra durability and stability while working in harsh conditions. Like the previous window-less model, it effectively blocks all WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID, GPS, and other Radio signals with 60 to 80 dB on average signal attenuation.

Overall, this Faraday bag for laptops is particularly useful for investigators and security forces as the transparent window allows them to peek at the contents without removing the devices from the bag.

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3. EDEC signal-blocking Faraday Laptop Bag

EDEC has been producing quality Faraday bags for over a decade and is trusted by government agencies and law enforcement. This model has a very compact and sleek design, which allows for a convenient everyday trip or carry use.

Moreover, It offers premium security to laptops and other large devices because of the 21 x 14 x 0.47 inches exterior size. Though the interior size is less than what Mission Darkness offers through their Faraday bags, it is still enough for a mid-sized laptop.

What makes this bag a worthwhile investment is its durability. It is made of quad layered Faraday material coupled with a dust and water-resistant ripstop woven fabric. Likewise, the single folded magnetic seal and thermo welded stitch-less seams maximize the shielding strength of the bag and reduce the wear and tear.

That’s not all! The material creates an anti-radiation buffer between you and the items you are handling, and it protects your physical well-being against a wide range of health risks. Therefore, if you have to deal with various health hazard products in your routine work life and want a durable Faraday bag, EDEC’s signal blocking bag should be on top of your mind.

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4. BLACKOUT Faraday Cage

If you cannot afford to spend upwards of 50 bucks on a Faraday cage, Blackout has got your back. The company sells a 12 piece ultra-thick prepping kit at a very reasonable price. Multiple layers of aluminum are custom designed into each piece of the kit to make a high-grade anti-static shield.

Included in the package are twelve EMP bags. The interior dimensions of these bags are: 2 bags of 15″ x 18″, 4 bags of 8″ x 11″, and 6 bags of 5″ x 7″ size. The ultra-thick size of 0.4mm for each bag ensures you get the privacy and protection needed for the job. What that means is, you can place the laptop inside multiple layers of bags to get the desired security level.

Unlike the other products mentioned in this article, the Blackout Faraday cage is intended only for protection against EMP. It doesn’t protect against RF, WiFi, or radio signals. This can limit its usage in the field for investigators. However, we recommend this product for people who want to secure their data against a potentially catastrophic EMP attack in the future.

For full electrical and physical properties of Blackout Faraday cage, be sure to read the package before opening.

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5. MONOJOY Faraday Bags for 13 Inch Laptops and Tablets

This aesthetically designed Faraday sleeve case is yet another affordable option under $50. Specially designed for forensic experts and law enforcement, it effectively blocks all RFID, Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC, Cellular mobile, GPS, and Radio Frequency signals.

The inner layer (sized 14.5 x 10.24 inches) can store up to 13 inches laptop, MacBook, or tablet. On the outside, there is a pouch for storing papers. We would have liked the outer pouch to be as secure as the inner compartment, but at this price range, there’s little to complain about.

Furthermore, this black sleeve bag protects the carrier from EMP, EMF, and other harmful radiation, including solar flares.

Limited storage capacity is the only drawback of this product. On the plus side, the inner pouch provides good protection, so you can avoid being hacked, tracked, or compromise any personal data.

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How to get the best Laptop size Faraday Cages for Investigators

While shopping for a Faraday bag online, below are the key features to keep an eye on:


The primary cause of high cost is the metalized material used to manufacture the product. Cheap Faraday bags use cheaper metals in the material like nickel. As nickel is not a good conductor of electricity, it does not protect your electronics as well. On the other hand, pricier models use good electricity conductors like aluminum or copper.


An ideal Faraday bag will have multiple layers to form a “dual pair seam” design. Don’t go for a model with only one layer as it will not be effective against RF or WiFi signals even if it protects against EMP. Typically, quality Faraday bags (for example, those manufactured by Mission Darkness) come in five layers. The innermost is polyester sandwiched between the two nylon layers. The nylon itself is then coated with dissipative polyethylene or polyester layers.

Double roll closure

While single roll flap closures are more convenient and easier to use, to better shield your laptops you need a more secure dual roll closure system with improved safety of the inside device manifolds. Professional forensic investigators and police departments use Faraday bags with double roll closures.


Of course, as an investigator you will be putting your Faraday bag through some wear and tear. Therefore, opt for a more durable model. One with multiple stitching along the seams is usually more durable than others with single stitched seams. Similarly, good quality of Faraday materials also adds to the durability of the product.


Opt for a model that has multiple compartments. Besides laptops, you can use these pockets for laptop chargers, mobile phones, tablets, or any other electronic devices. Also, make sure these compartments are equally as safe as the main pocket. Usually, companies don’t care much about secondary compartments, making them unsafe for electronics.

Final Thoughts

In a world overrun by digital electronics, criminals are finding new ways to tamper with data, which keeps forensic investigators on their toes. Faraday cages offer a great way to keep any evidence intact. Even if you are an ordinary citizen, don’t leave your privacy exposed. Protect yourself by investing in one of the quality Faraday bags listed above, so that any information that belongs to you stays yours. Good luck!

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