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With the world going wireless, it seems trivial to even consider buying cables for better connectivity. But when signals fail and speed is of importance over longer distances, Ethernet cables save the day.
These amazing devices are often used to widen the spectrum of connectivity when short of cable length. Not only that, but they also widen the choice of devices that can be connected. Connecting many devices to your PC at once without deterring transmission quality is every user’s dream.

In this article, we put light on the best Ethernet cable extenders, especially for Linux OS users. Rest assured, you will not lose connectivity, quality of speed, or face transmission issues when using the following items. But first, let’s go through the Buyer’s Guide.

A Buyer’s Guide to Hassle-Free Connectivity

Here are some things to add to your checklist before heading out to purchase the best Ethernet extender!

Material Used

When expanding your Ethernet connection, you must know there are many nooks and crannies the extenders will come across. So, choose a connecter that has a durable structure. Often thickened PCD and plated or shielded wires are a way of guessing whether a device is worth looking into or not. Mostly nickel-plated, copper wiring couplers work well, as they provide unhindered data transmission.

Speed of Transfer

The more, the merrier. When stuck between two couplers, it comes down to transfer speed. Get the one that offers the highest rate of data transferring range.

Patch Cables

These are a great way to save your computer from port damage, which may result from manhandling them with repetitive cable changes.

Cable lengths with extenders matter

When considering network expansion, the cable length is always a major factor. The longer cable you opt for, the more impact it will have on speed. Couplers with high-end materials and shielding will be less prone to such issues.

RoHS Compliance

The reason your network cable extender must be RoHS compliant is solely for safety. RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) opposes the use of hazardous materials in the construction of electronic devices. This also makes sure there is little to none corrosion build-up when pairing the Ethernet cables.

Let’s take a look now at the top Ethernet extenders. Keep in mind, we focussed only on products that work great with Linux.

1. UGREEN RJ45 Coupler Ethernet Cable Extender Female to Female

UGREEN RJ45 Coupler Ethernet Cable Extender Female to Female
Who knew the best would come so cheap? Ranking first in our top 5 list is the Ethernet cable extender from UGREEN. This device sure is small but excels many others in strong signal maintenance over greater distances.

If your wire falls short and cannot reach an intended place, the connecter comes with sturdy ports with copper-plated tentacles to keep wires firmly connected. The tiny infrastructure is made from nickel-plated contacts and a snap-in retaining clip, which makes sure that the device remains corrosion-free for a very long time.

The ABS material encasing the ports are flame retardant and stable. Even if the wires come under tension, the connection will stay up without affecting connectivity.

Speed-wise, this Ethernet cable extender speeds up to 10 Gigabytes! The UGREEN coupler is an 8P8C female to female Ethernet coupler jack, which runs well with Cat7, Cat6, Cat5e, Cat5 networks. The high range of compatibility means that you will not be facing any driving installation issues.

UGREEN is RoHS compliant. It is also compliant with the TIA/EIA 568-C.2 and meets the category 6 performance. With universal compatibility, guarded performance, and superior construction, this is an excellent coupler to tend to wire shortage issues. The entirely wireless device design gives you control over the Ethernet cables at both ends, adding to user convenience.

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2. UGREEN Ethernet Extension cable Network – Male to Female Connector

UGREEN Ethernet Extension cable Network – Male to Female Connector
Next is another UGREEN variant, only this time, they have added a patch cable. UGREEN manages to take second place, with its wide variety of patch cable Ethernet couplers. These are available in 1.5Ft, 3FT, 6FT, and 10FT options for you to choose from.

This Ethernet cable extender is another worthy contender to extend your Ethernet connectivity. It has the added advantage of saving your computer from the constant plug and pull of wires as they provide you with one constant cable end.  When the UGREEN is in place, you just need to plug in the coupler once. Hence, saving your computer’s port from the expected risk of wear from constant port changes.

This is a multi-shielded Cat 6 Standard extension cable constructed with a gold-plated connector, aluminum mylar foil, and a tinned 8 wire copper shielding. It is so much better than the Copper-clad Aluminium (CCA). It sits in sync with Category 6 TIA/EIA 568-C.2 Standard.

What’s more? the UGREEN extender allows high upload download speeds with up to 550 MHZ of speed data. High-speed data transfers are possible with patch cable connectivity that connects UTP, FTP, and STP Cat 6 Ethernet Cable.

As for compatibility, the universal application of this RJ45 extension cable connect all LAN network components to any operating system or other external devices. However, it does rip the user of control over cable choice at both ends.

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3. Ruaeoda Ethernet Extension Cable

Ruaeoda Ethernet Extension Cable
This Ethernet cable extender comes with a long cable as well. So, you wouldn’t have to worry about gathering cables to extend your system. Like the previous extender, this one too is a saving grace for your computer’s ports.

It is constructed from a premium aluminum mylar foil and tinned copper braid shielding. The 8 wire multi-shielded Cat6 standard sits well with Category 6 TIA/EIA 568-C.2 standard. The major advantage of the shielded patch cable extenders is that they provide an extension cable that is easy to locate in hard to reach areas.

As for data transfer speeds, the extender offers high-speed downloads and uploads till 550 MHz of bandwidth. So, for all server transfers, cloud computing, or online high definition streaming, this cable exhibits immaculate functionality.

As for compatibility, this Ethernet extender has a universal application. The LAN network components of RJ45 connect to all OS of PCSs, servers, routers, PoE devices, and much more. Its patch cable aligns with UTP, FTP, and STP Cat 5, 5e, and 6 Ethernet patch cables. So, yes, LINUX will support this patch cable Ethernet extender. It can also support Voice over Internet (VoIP) and Power over Internet applications.

It surely is a cheaper alternative than its previous lookalike. But know the cable is rubber encased which doesn’t scream weatherproof and can be subjected to wear and tear.

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4. Ethernet Extender Kit by Tupvaco – 2PC

Ethernet Extender Kit by Tupvaco – 2PC
The two-piece extender kit by Tupvaco is a VDSL Broadband Repeater Booster Bridge. It carries the ability to accentuate network cable range limit by 328ft (100m) up to 7000ft over a phone line, or an already set up LAN network cable, by utilizing the only 2-wire pair in phones or Ethernet cable.

It can join remote devices, such as PC, computer, server hub, VoIP phone, IP camera, modem, and routers to the main Ethernet/internet data sources. All you need to do is plug it all in and press play. This out of the box ready device has no driver installation or tackle any software installation complexities.

As for monitoring its workability, LED indicators monitor status and DIP switch with a selectable 30a/17a profile, SNR margin, and data rate link activity.

Another reason to like Tupvaco is its broadband signal boosting capacity. In which only 2 twisted copper wires are used in Cat 6, Cat5, RJ45 network that works great on all operating systems. With a data transfer rate of 10 megabytes per second, it is worthy of recognition.

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5. Ethernet Coupler, PLUSPOE 2 Pack Extender Adaptor Female to Female – 2 PCs

Ethernet Coupler, PLUSPOE 2 Pack Extender Adaptor Female to Female - 2 PCs
Lastly, we have a 2-piece set of PLUSPOE couplers. It is an RJ45 Coupler Extender perfect for extending your Ethernet network. It showcases fast speed ranging up to 10 GIGABITS for connecting a cat7/Cat6 Ethernet cable. Furthermore, the nickel-plated contacts and a snap-in retaining clip promises a secure corrosion-free connection.

As for compatibility, the 8P8C female to female Ethernet coupler jack is compatible with Cat7, Cat6, Cat5e, Catt5 cables. This tiny piece of equipment does not require download for your OS as well.

These extenders are high performance RJ45 inline jack couplers and manage to meet Category 6 performance per TIA/EIA 568-C.2 standards. They are also RoHS compliant. Its robust and durable structure promises unaltered connectivity extension.

If you aren’t a fan of patch cables and like a more concise version, this is a great option. The device itself has some weight to it, that is preferred by some users. However, it is known for disbanding with wires and slowing down the internet speed.

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Closing Thoughts

All things considered, it’s always wise to have an Ethernet cable extender. They come in handy when you face connectivity issues -especially when you are setting up a workspace. The products mentioned above are the best Ethernet cable extenders available today. They clear out wire shortage hurdles and also make sure that your Ethernet’s speed stays unaffected. Thus, your work’s efficiency isn’t challenged. That’s all for now. Thank you for reading!

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