Best Dedicated Server Providers

If you would like to host high traffic websites or web applications, then dedicated servers are there for you to use for this purpose. These dedicated servers are famous for their performance.

What Are Dedicated Web Hosting Servers?

Creating a website for your new business it is not easy or straightforward. For this purpose, you must value online destinations in which many factors matter – including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), security, commerce, etc.

Dedicated Web Hosting vs. Shared Service

Shared services power multiple sites, whereas a dedicated server hosts only one website. A dedicated server will provide additional website stability and reliability. The main function of the dedicated web hosting server is to control your service, full CPU, Ram, and storage resources. Dedicated web hosting servers also guarantee that they will not share your information with other websites.

This article will discuss some of the industries well known and high quality dedicated server providers from which you can choose whichever you like the most.

Liquidweb has a place in the category of the best dedicated servers, as it is a solution for different agencies, freelancers, business owners, and resellers. This server gives you 24/7 and you can contact them anytime for help. Liquidweb is a fast, hassle-free, secure, and fully-managed web hosting service.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Liquidweb provides you with managed WordPress hosting. This host provides a high level of Technology and Optimization so that you get fast, effective WordPress performance.

Fully Managed Dedicated Server Provider

This is the best dedicated server that is fully managed. The experts are available all the time and are also constantly taking care of the server health, updates, hardware maintenance, security, and more.

Sonor Monitoring Team

This team scans and identifies different issues and provides customer service if there is any problem. This is the best-dedicated server with technical support.


  • Renowned managed hosting provider
  • High performance
  • Custom-built server for specific customer requirements
  • Simple hosting optimized for popular applications
  • Allows you to upgrade your managed hosting
  • Provides 24/7 access to experts (chat, call, helpdesk)
  • Fast, secure, and hassle-free


Inmotion is a fast and trustworthy dedicated hosting provider. This host will give you a complete tutorial on how to set up your account. Inmotion is the oldest and the most established dedicated server of those discussed in this article.

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Inmotion gives you a 90-day money-back guarantee. If you have shared hosting options, however, you will be eligible only for a 30-day money-back guarantee.

High Percentage of Uptime

Inmotion gives you an above-average lifetime of 99.95%, with careful tracking and activity monitoring during the last 24 months.

Integration and Applications

You can support open source projects with the help of Inmotion. So, Inmotion gives you a fast and cost-effective way to get your business done.


  • WordPress website launch in just 2 business days
  • Works on tablet, mobile, and desktop
  • Unique, expert design
  • Auto-updates on different web applications
  • Free SSL and hack protection
  • Easy to set up
  • Free website migration service
  • Cloud VPS and dedicated server hosting


Bluehost is widely considered the most famous and best dedicated server provider. Many purchase Bluehost because to host a WordPress site or other blog. Bluehost comes with many advantages over other dedicated servers.

Low Introductory Pricing

This is the best dedicated server that comes with the lowest relative introductory pricing. The lowest advertised price is $3.95USD/month. When you purchase this package, you will get the free SSL certificate, 50 GB SSD storage, and unlimited bandwidth.

Best Uptime – 99.99%

When choosing the best web host, uptime is possibly the most important host characteristic. Bluehost is strong in this category because it will give you 99.99% uptime.

Top 5 Website Load Speed 405 ms

After uptime, loading speed matters a lot for web traffic and loading times on your site. Bluehost is a high performer that comes with greater loading speed.


  • Free domain name for the first year
  • Free SSL certificate with purchase
  • One-click WordPress install
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 support
  • Boosted global reach for your website

IBM Cloud

IBM cloud is the best dedicated server that gives you a flexible server configuration with 20 TB BW. This great dedicated server can handle any workload you might throw at it. With this bare metal server, your website can provide extremely high, efficient performance to users.

High Security

IBM Cloud gives you high security and matches the data security needs of the user. With this server, you can process large volumes of data at high speeds.

IBM Cloud Products

There are many products that come included with IBM cloud, such as IBM cloud, bare metal servers, IBM cloud visual servers, IBM cloud functions, etc.


IBM cloud provides high-performing and cost-effective management networks, such as Network Appliances, domain name service, network security, load Balancer, IBM cloud direct link, etc.


  • More CPU choices for customization
  • Store files on secure cloud servers
  • Transfer files easily among global data centers at no cost
  • Great results with high performance


Rackspace the top dedicated server provider for providing many different services. This dedicated server is a powerful solution for your business. This server is for people who want to scale efficiently and who also want to safeguard customer data. Rackspace helps you achieve peak performance while also maintaining top security.

Security and Control

Rackspace gives you high security and control with its single-tenant infrastructure. With Rackspace, you can address your security and compliance requirements with ease.

Achieving Your Business Goals

Achieve your business goals with the help of Rackspace with improved performance and effective compliance.

Network Guarantee

Rackspace is the best-dedicated server provider that guarantees 100% network uptime of the data center at any given time. This server also provides you with emergency maintenance whenever necessary.


  • Fully managed dedicated server hosting
  • Safeguarding customer data
  • Single-tenant infrastructure for security and control
  • 24/7 phone or email support
  • Highly scalable and cloud-ready
  • Ability to combine metal with any private or public cloud of your choice
  • Add up to 3tb of DDr4 Ram
  • Increase your memory capacity when your business grows


Serverhub is the best dedicated server provider for services on a global platform.

Up to 40 Gbps Speed

Serverhub is the most modern and innovative data service provider. This server provides a speed of up to 40 Gbps.

Rapid Server Deployment

Serverhub has the ability to deploy the server in under 60 minutes. This process may take more time if any problems occur.

Hundred Percent Uptime Guarantee

This server is a highly managed dedicated server provider that gives you a hundred percent uptime guarantee. Serverhub is the most reliable hosting provider to give you 100% network and power.


  • Single-processor servers
  • Dual-processor servers
  • Hardware upgrades
  • Software upgrades
  • Ion-grid virtual private servers
  • Ability to deploy service in less than 60 minutes
  • Speed of up to 40 Gbps


Dreamhost gives professional hosting at an affordable price. This server provides you with many different packages at reasonable prices. DreamHost uses some of the best hardware and software available to provide an incredibly fast processing speed.

100% Uptime

Dreamhost gives you 100% percent uptime supported by multiple data center locations, emergency generators, and constant monitoring.

24/7 Support

Dreamhost provides 24/7 support by professional experts who are always there to solve any customer-related problems.

Intuitive Management

Dreamhost also features a new custom control panel that allows you to manage everything from one place. You can manage the domain, email addresses, websites, and more from this panel.


  • Fully managed dedicated server hosting
  • One of the best dedicated server providers at an affordable price
  • 4 core processors allow unlimited site users
  • 12 core processors up to 64 GB of RAM available at only $279
  • Comes with SSD hard drives.
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • Dreamhost gives your 24/7 support where you can contact them through email or call.


Namecheap is the best dedicated data server provider for its enterprise-level processes and easy memory. This server also provides clients with a 24/7 customer support feature. The dedicated team of experts will always be available to help customers with the best solutions for their needs.

Boosting Your Business Online

Boost your business online with the help of  Namecheap. Boosting your business with industry premium products and services is not a difficult task with this server. All this can be possible with the help of Namecheap.

Privacy and Security

Namecheap provides you with online security and privacy. This feature is very important for keeping your website open, free, and safe for everyone.

Optimized Network

Namecheap has the ability to solve your costly downtime and slow loading speed problems. This dedicated server is operated on a Cisco/Juniper powered network.


  • High-performance dedicated server hosting with 99.9% uptime
  • Available in affordable packages
  • Scaled levels, including entry, medium, advanced, and outlet levels
  • No sharing resources in Namecheap – the server is 100% yours
  • 24/7 support with a dedicated team of technical experts


Gigenet provides affordable dedicated hosting. In fact, this service provides much more than just a dedicated server, and a primary purpose of Gigenet is to improve the infrastructure. When you purchase any package of Gigenet, then you will receive dedicated support on a leading network with infrastructure, hardware, and a dedicated team of experts.

Data Backup Services

When doing business online, you will always have the danger of losing critical data. For this purpose, Gigenet provides data backup services to keep essential business functions running.

24/7 Support Team

Gigenet provides 24/7 support and you can talk anytime to the available team of experts. The dedicated team will respond immediately to any customer problem or inquiry. You can contact the team via phone or email.

Focus on Your Business

With Gigenet, you can spend more time focusing on your business, rather than focusing on online hosting services. Your website, and business, will perform in a better way with the features provided by this service. Any problems you may have are well controlled by Gigenet with the help of the best technical support team possible.


  • Affordable fully managed dedicated hosting server
  • Amazing network performance
  • Quality support
  • Superior uptime.
  • Hassle-free migration.
  • Automated DDoS protection and speed optimization
  • 24/7 support
  • On-site engineers 365-days-a-year
  • Ability to maintain your infrastructure while working
  • C panel enterprise, C panel 360 degrees, and Enterprise 360


With the help of OVHcloud, you will have a full range of expertise available when operating your business. This server is especially useful if you are more interested in bare metal solutions for website hosting. The OVHcloud machine has next generation components and is assembled by experts. The dedicated servers offered by OVHcloud are highly efficient and secure.


OVHcloud gives you maximum performance possible, as the servers are designed, maintained, and assembled by a team of experts. The company also offers optimized configurations for diverse client needs.

Highly Scalable

You can build a reliable and technically sound platform for your business using OVHcloud. This dedicated hosting server has built-in, highly scalable, enhanced infrastructure.

Unique Solutions

If you host your servers with OVHcloud, then you will be provided with innovative and unique solutions for your entire site infrastructure.


  • Great infrastructure for business applications
  • Full range of expertise from a team of professionals
  • Ability to meet any demand of your company
  • Host your websites in just a few clicks
  • Best dedicated server providers at affordable rates.
  • Price dedicated servers, infrastructure, dedicated servers, advanced dedicated servers, HG dedicated servers, game dedicated servers
  • Scalability


HostGator is the oldest web hosting company and also very large. Still, this service is making a lot of improvements and is among the best dedicated server providers.

Average Uptime

The average uptime of HostGator is 99.9 8% over the past 24 months, which is incredibly high. HostGator provides unlimited storage, a free domain, free bandwidth, and a free SSL certificate. Keep in mind that the free domain is available for the first year only.


HostGator is one of the best hosting providers for business. This service also provides some of the best hosting for WordPress. With the help of HostGator, you can install your WordPress in only one click!

Money-Back Guarantee

If you purchase any HostGator package and are not satisfied, the service offers a 45-day money-back guarantee. Even so, this an extremely reliable hosting provider with an uptime of 99.99%.


  • Most famous dedicated server hosting
  • Ultimate power and control
  • Available value server, power server, and enterprise server
  • Flexible server configuration
  • 24/7 technical support
  • 365-days-a-year server monitoring


GoDaddy is a famous dedicated server provider that provides domains, website marketing, and WordPress hosting. GoDaddy gives you different packages at an affordable rate, with the availability of self-managed plans. GoDaddy offers 32 GB DDr4 RAM, 64 GB DDr4 RAM, 128 GB DDr4 RAM, and 256 GB DDr4 RAM options for your operating needs.

Root Access

With GoDaddy, you can get root access for better control and will have access to a flexible server configuration. GoDaddy also provides SSD and HDD storage options so that you have full control over your server.

Customer Support

GoDaddy gives you attentive customer support so that you can use your time efficiently. This service provides you with 24/7 support and offers optional task-based services. With GoDaddy, you can better handle the server setup and maintenance of your server.

Easy-to-Control, Built-in Security

GoDaddy offers an easy-to-use control panel that offers optional industry-standard C panel/ WHM. This service provides you with a high level of security because of the singleton IT infrastructure. You may also control your server easily with this service.


  • Root access and SSD or HDD drivers
  • Diverse packages at an affordable rate
  • 9% server uptime guarantee
  • Easy to control with powerful control panel options
  • 24/7 support via phone call or email
  • Best dedicated bare-metal server
  • Top-of-the-line processors
  • Single IT infrastructure with a high level of security and control
  • Server monitoring
  • Content migration
  • Software updates
  • Security patching.


Ever wished dedicated servers could be cheaper so you can reap its full benefits without paying the full price? HOSTNOC grants you your wish with its affordable dedicated server packages. This has made HOSTNOC offering accessible for startups and small businesses. Read more about the HostNOC company

Bare Metal Servers with Transparency on Specs
Its great for the IT buyer to see exactly what kind of specs the server they are getting. HostNOC provides transparency into the hardware you are renting and offers compelling spec servers. From 16GB to 512 GB of RAM, HDD or SSD drive(s), Intel Atom with 8 Cores up to Intel E5-2670 2.60 GHZ 16 Cores / 32 Threads.

24-7 Live Support
10+ years of hosting and data center experience, but with the feel of a small company that gives more personal service than a major cloud hosting company. Support is available 24-7 with technical experts on-hand and in the data center able to access your hardware.

Fast setup with minimal fees
Get your own bare metal server up and running within 1 or 2 days and with low, to no, minimal setup fees.


  • Crackingly good value for money
  • 1Gbit port by default
  • Backup is included
  • Personalized and friendly support and service
  • robust IT infrastructure and security
  • tech geeks always looking at the new technology

Cherry Servers

Cherry Servers is one of the leading cloud infrastructure providers in Europe, offering fully automated virtual and bare metal servers on-demand in 3 minutes. With powerful cloud-native integrations, specialized hardware, flexible payment options and 24/7 support Cherry Servers allow small and medium businesses to outsmart large enterprises.

Simple Infrastructure

IT infrastructure stack is often complicated and proprietary. We reduce its complexity to the smallest common denominators and make our services open for numerous cloud-native integrations

Secure platform

Malicious internet activity is here to stay. However, our customers feel safe with private infrastructure, multi-tier DDoS protection, free 24/7 support and secure crypto payments.

Cost-effective services

Companies often overpay due to inefficient cloud infrastructure or rigid payment models. We aim for the best price & performance ratio and give multi-tier payment options that can help you save a fortune


  • Dedicated & Virtual servers available
  • Pre-built servers deployed in 3 minutes
  • Customize server hardware online
  • On-demand, fixed-term and spot market billing
  • Free 24/7 technical support with 15 minute response time
  • REST API and cloud-native integrations
  • Up to 3Gbps Bandwidth, free traffic packages for every server


Gandi is multi-product hosting provider based in France, independently owned and in business for the last 20+ years. Gandi provides Domain name registrations, virtual private servers, web hosting, WordPress, email and more. In about 2 minutes, you can provision virtual servers from the Gandi portal or APis. Gandi provides transparent pricing and personalized customer service.

Gandi infrastructure is completely open source, built on Openstack and has public APIs for administering your virtual private servers (VPS). Using your own infrastructure-as-code tools, you can deploy and set up your cloud VPS server (Terraform, Ansible, etc) on Gandi.

Main Benefits:

  • High level of dependability and service with monthly availability rating of 99.95 percent
  • Advanced techology, based on open source and open stack, and supporting latest APIs, you can automate everything.
  • Servers are housed locally in France
  • 20 years of experience in customer service, as a independent and smaller company you can expect high quality customer service.
  • pricing is simple and transparent

Dedicated Server Provider Buying Guide

Before purchasing a dedicated server provider, you must take into account certain factors. The dedicated server must have all the tools necessary to run a server.


The processor of any dedicated server must be strong. The processor must be powerful enough for certain functions, such as video transcoding, visualization, SQL, chat servers, Xeon, or a dual Xeon server.


If you require a high-speed server, then memory will be an important feature. If your server has greater RAM, then it will also have a more efficient loading speed.


Once you have an idea of the amount of traffic you are getting on your website, then you will have to decide the bandwidth you need for your dedicated server. If your website is getting high amounts of traffic, then you must go for more bandwidth. If you are getting less traffic on your website, then you must go for less bandwidth. Keep in mind that if you are running scripts or streaming multimedia files, or if you wish to put HD pictures on your website, for example, then you must go for the high bandwidth servers.

Operating System

It is your wish whether you want a Linux dedicated server or a Windows dedicated server. In this way, the operating system you have may affect the dedicated server provider you choose for hosting your site.


The uptime is also very important when you are choosing a dedicated server provider for your website. The greater the uptime, the greater will be the speed of your website or application. The ideal uptime of any best-dedicated server provider is 99.99% or above.


Data storage is very important for controlling your website. There are many hard drive options among the various hosting services, from which you can choose the storage type for your server. Normally, people prefer Raid for this function, because if there is a hardware failure, Raid can recover any lost data. Raid is also critical for mirror copying.


This article discussed 12 of the best dedicated server providers. All the server providers come with a money-back guarantee and 24/7 support with trained experts available around-the-clock. With any of these dedicated servers, you can access different Marketing Services paid and credit tools, so that you can boost your website’s global reach. So, you may choose any of the dedicated server providers above, according to your preferences for features and prices.

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