Best Chrome Extensions for Screen Capture

Oftentimes when you are browsing the Internet, you end up finding something that appears on your computer screen that you would like to share with others. These could be as simple as a meme that hooked you in, or as important as some error message that you need in order to consult with IT. You might even need to record your screen for a demo that explains how to use a tool or complete some task.

At times like these, it is important to have tools that help in grabbing an image or recording your screen. This is where Chrome extensions for screen capture come into play, which come packed with features that may not be present in the default Snipping Tool.

In this article, we will be looking at some of the best Chrome extensions for screen capture.

1) Screencastify

Screencastify is considered one of the best Chrome extensions available for screen capturing as it is extremely easy to use and is highly recommended for users wanting to capture and edit videos. One of the best features that comes along with this extension is its integration with Google Drive. As soon as you install the extension, you will be asked to connect to your Google Account so that the videos that are made will be saved there.

Screencastify allows multiple options for screen recording. Users can choose to record the browser tab only, their entire desktop, or just their webcam. They can also toggle their microphone on and off and select the microphone from which to record the audio for their videos. Using the embed webcam option, you can also turn on the webcam to add your face to the video.

Screencastify also provides annotations tools that can be used to carry out multiple tasks, such as pausing the recording, mousing a pen tool, etc.

Once your video is recording is complete, it will be saved to the Drive. In addition, Screencastify provides even more tools to edit the video, such as cropping or cutting the video, publishing the video to YouTube, and even deleting the video.

The Screencastify free version can only record videos of up to five minutes of running time. The premium version costs around $24/year and has no limit on video length.

2) Nimbus

Another great Chrome extension for screen capture is Nimbus. This extension not only allows you to record videos but also allows you to take screenshots. Nimbus also allows users to take screenshots of various types, like the entire screen, some specific selected area, or even just the blank screen.

Once the screenshot has been taken, Nimbus provides multiple options to users, such as canceling, saving, or even editing the screenshot.

Clicking on the Edit option will bring you to the Editor, where there are annotation tools available, such as zooming in and out, a pen tool, an arrow tool, adding text, etc.

Once you are finished editing the photo, Nimbus provides a list of ways to save the screenshot.

For recording videos, Nimbus provides several options, such as recording the tab, recording the desktop, adding your voice to the video, and even adding your face to the video by using the “record webcam” option. You can also choose and change the Video Settings, such as video and audio quality.

Once the video is recorded, Nimbus provides a list of ways to save the video.

Nimbus also allows users to add their own watermark, which is extremely useful, especially for video makers and marketers who need to design videos to promote their brand. Nimbus also lets you customize its menu so that you can add or remove the available options.

3) Loom

Loom is another great Chrome extension for screen capture, bearing some similarity to Screencastify. This extension is integrated with Google, Slack, and Outlook, and therefore users must sign up with one of these services or with another email.

Just like the previous two apps, Loom also offers support for tab or desktop recording mode, and also the option of wanting to turn the webcam on or off.

The advanced features of this extension also provide options for changing the camera and microphone source. The flip camera feature reverses your face so that it appears as if your webcam view is on the right or on the left, as you choose. This is very useful in removing the mirror effect.

Loom also allows users to record their video with no limit on their video length, which gives this extension a huge advantage over Screencastify.

Once the video is recording is finished, you may use the Loom tools to edit your videos.

You may also download, delete, or publish the video.


4) Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot is one of the most popular screen capture extensions available on Chrome. This extension not only allows users to take screenshots but also record video with ease. Just like all the other extensions, Awesome Screenshot provides the option of recording the desktop or the tab, changing the mic, and changing the camera. Awesome Screenshot also provides users the opportunity to store their files locally, as well as on the Cloud.

You may also adjust the resolution and countdown length under the advanced option.

Once you have finished capturing, editing, and saving the video, you may also share your video on multiple platforms, like Trello, Slack, GitHub, etc.

Awesome Screenshot also provides multiple formats for taking screenshots, including selecting an entire page, selecting a specific area, etc.

Best Extension for Screen Capture in Chrome

Education is slowly moving online as indicated by the multi-platform education courses. Due to this level of competition, it has become important for instructors to record their videos and take screenshots using tools that best specify what they are after. Each one of the extensions mentioned previously have their own strengths and weaknesses and each offers something different. If you are still not sure which screen capture extension for Chrome to use even after reading this article, consider trying all of the extensions mentioned and use the one which you feel suits you best.

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