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10 Best Blue Color Wallpapers for Ubuntu Desktop

BLUE the color of the ocean and the sky and water, three of the most fascinating things in human race. Ever wondered why blue and its different shades are popularly used colors in many work places interiors? Well Blue is a soothing color which keeps the mind calm as ocean and improves concentration which inspires creativity and out of the box thinking.

Many of us get bored of default wallpapers bundled with any operating system or we not even care what wallpaper is placed on our desktop screen, we just concentrate on the work but you know what it matters. Even a glance at something that inspires freshness and calmness matter during long working hours hence beautiful wallpaper in the back can help you go an extra mile.

So today I’m going to give you 10 best blue themed wallpapers for your Ubuntu desktop that will give you peace of mind and freshness.

1. Rise Up and Shine

2. On Cloud Nine!!

3. Bright and Clear

4. Island

5. Holidays

6. Fly High!

7. Evening Bliss!

8. Water Drops

9. Nights Like These

10. Into the Unknown

So these are the picks for 10 best blue themed wallpapers for Ubuntu desktop. Feel free to share anything related to Linux at @LinuxHint and @SwapTirthakar.

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Swapnil Tirthakar

Swapnil Tirthakar

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