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Best VR Headset for VRChat

With the newfound distances in the world, it has become even more difficult to travel and meet new people. VRChat is a great way to befriend people in the surroundings you wish to be in.
There are countless worlds in which you can be anyone or anything. A space within your comfort zone to create new avatars and get to know people throughout the world. VRChat isn’t restricted to VR headsets. Though investing in a proper VR headset for VRChat lets, you enjoy a wholesome experience.

While tens of VR headsets find their way onto shelves each month, we have listed the top 5 for you to consider. But, before we move on to their reviews, let’s take a look at the buyer’s guide first.

Buying Guide for VRChat Headsets

VRChat is compatible with all VR headsets. However, to enjoy the true essence of the virtual world, you must get your hands on the best VR headset for VRChat. Below are the factors to consider to get your hands on the best of the best.


Wearing Comfort is by far the most important factor apart from the price point. Even if you own the priciest headset, if its chassis isn’t comfortable on your head, it is of no use. And one factor that’s responsible for your wearing comfort is Design.

Look at its design, making sure adjustable straps and headbands are provided.

Often, external gear attached to the VR headset can be a nuisance. According to our research, it mainly depends on the individual. If they don’t hinder your chatroom experience, the extra cables are fine. In fact, the external cables boost performance. They increase your area of activity along with making it more precise.

Wireless Headsets: Yay or Nay?

Sure, you can go with a wireless headset, but wireless headsets are accessible to limited titles and have less battery life. The extra cable-ware may look troublesome and take a lot of space. However, it does better the positional tracking of the headset. Positional tracking is further enhanced if you have easy-to-use controllers.

Just go with a headset that features an ergonomic design. Any design features that make the virtual world un-liveable should be ignored. A very common example includes the nose holes. Many headsets allow some light to come in through, which disrupts the whole viewing experience.

Audio and Display

The best VR headset for VRChat will satisfy the user by delivering a premium virtual experience.

How so?

It all comes down to user immersion. Did it detach you from your current surroundings and aid you in metamorphosing into your avatar? If so, keep that VR headset close to your heart!
A key feature in making the virtual world wholesome is the headset’s field of view. The wider it is, the more area is captured by the camera. A high-end VR headset usually has a field view of 100 to 110 degrees. Moreover, your headset must also support precision eye-tracking. This makes you more in tune with your ‘current surroundings.

What makes or breaks a VR headset is its display resolution. The resolution per eye portrays the width and height of the VR headset view. It’s the number of pixels a headset can display. Lower resolution will resort to crumbly and less crisp imagery. Moreover, low resolution and broken frames also create issues for your eyesight.

Price Point

VR headsets don’t come cheap. You can invest in the cheapest VR headset for VRChat. There is no harm in that. However, be ready to have some noticeable downsides and limitations. The higher the price goes, the more perks you will find on the headsets.

System Setup

Another viable piece of information you must have on your mind is about setups. Your headset must make your life easy.

A smooth VR experience highly depends on your PC. Make sure to get your PC to a VR headset compatible level before choosing a VR headset for VRChat.

A sub-par PC will not deliver an optimum VR experience, no matter how high-end your VR headset is. It will only result in the individual being nauseous.

PCs that perform well include Quad-core CPUs boosted with NVIDIA GeForce card and a minimum of 8GB of RAM to fully exploit your headset’s capabilities.

Product Reviews of the Best VR Headsets for VRChat

1. Oculus Rift S

We had to rank Oculus as our best VR headset for VRchat. Since the beginning of the commercialization of VR, Oculus has been the pioneer. Nothing beats its craftsmanship.

What makes the Oculus Rift S unique?

The headset has all the noteworthy features you will need to have the best VRChat experience. And it’s still affordable.

It is compatible with hundreds of game titles for you to enjoy. The next-generation lenses and sharp LCD display with high pixel density deliver vivid colors to boost your experience and minimize any screen door effect.

The halo headband is designed ergonomically to keep speed in mind. The headset quite comfortably stays in place through its fit wheel. As for its controllers, slash grab or a simple wave is possible without any lags or stutters. To aid your VRChat experience, the Oculus Rift S requires you to log in through Facebook.

However, if you draw your hand at the back, you lose track of the motion. You need to get accustomed to this feature and learn not to do certain actions.

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2. Samsung Odyssey +

The next best in line is the Samsung Odyssey with Windows Mixed Reality. This computer-based VR headset delivers the most well-rounded VR experience by being the simplest in usage. This VR headset permits you to plunge into the virtual world head-on through its state-of-the-art display.

The 3k anti-SDE AMOLED display with a wide 11100 field of view to die for. The concentrated ones of precision LEDs auto-adjust contrast and reveal the depth of the and unravel the crisp-most display. This is further aided by the built-in AKG headphones. The spatial sound and mic will let you face ‘new realities’ by completely immersing in them.

Not to mention, the windows store access lets you access thousands of game titles and experiences. It has standard controls with no external sensors or cables to tie you up.

However, a slight lack of sensors does impinge on your movements. Hence, avoid taking your arms completely behind you.

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Now for the individuals who love to spend extra cash to get the premium experience, we bring you the best high-end VR headset for VRchat.

The HTC Virtual Reality system rocks the best immersion of all virtual headsets. Its higher price tag sits in sync with its extraordinary range of motion and comfort. The HTC VIVE challenges Samsung in visual continuity. You won’t witness any peripheral boundaries which may drag you out of the experience.

What makes us say it is rightly priced?

The HTC VIVE is known for its in-game text clarity. Even the individual on the move delivers the clear text between games or worlds, which even the big companies lag in the offering.

The dual OLED display, Stream VR 2.0 tracking, multi-user use, and spatial audio and noise cancellations are some of its attractive features.

However, the set is expensive and functions as a very complicated setup. Oh, and it’s also a very high-maintenance VR headset.

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4. Oculus Quest 2

Another Oculus VR headset is promising to fulfill your virtual desires.

Unlike its predecessor, the Quest 2 has an upgraded design, display, and a faster processor. The headset is relatively lighter to make it unnoticeable on your head once you activate your avatar. The wireless VR headset does not hold you down like a puppet attached to a computer.

If you wish to enhance the headset’s graphic performance, enable PC tethering. It has a user-friendly android operating system with a snapdragon processor and 8GB memory. The new Quest supports 50% more pixels that will let you make mates with enhanced image clarity.

What’s more, it’s easy to set up a system, thanks to the android capability, which lets you get down to chatting in VR within minutes.

However, there are many standalone games restricted to mobile hardware. Hence titles to play are limited. Also, this wireless headset has a short battery life of 2-3 hours.

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5. Valve Index

If you are a professional and except nothing but the finest gear, this is the one for you.

The Valve index prides itself on its out-of-the-world visuals and audio quality. It features a momentous 144Hz refresh rate and 130-degree field of view.

As for user preference, the VR headset stands out due to its premium built and ergonomic adjustments made to its design. This ensures comfort when placed on your head. The change of speaker to an off-ear outlet enhances your sensory stimulation. Their controllers are the best, known for their per-finger tracking, high-fidelity, and generous battery life.

However, the reason we place it last on our list is due to its insane price. This restricts its market only to the pros in the VR field. Moreover, the off-ear speakers scream good-bye to privacy for chatting.

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Final Thoughts

VR headsets for VRChat allow you to spend quality time with different people from different worlds. A virtual world free of everyday troubles, where you can be anything you wish to be.

You can create a hangout area of your own choice and have an immersive experience out of this world. All of this is possible if you have the best VR headset fit for VRChat. The virtual chat rooms through the proper portal of VR headsets make it easier for the active generation to help expand their circles.

We hope you enjoyed this write-up. Don’t forget to read related Linux Hint articles for more useful information. Thank you for reading!

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