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Best VR Racing Games 2021

Racing games are fun because you can do in-game things that you can’t in real life. Virtual reality (VR) has completely revolutionized the way of playing racing games. Traditional racing game is a fun experience but playing it in virtual reality is on another level of entertaining and thrilling. Many developers have ported racing titles to VR because they knew it can give you a more tingling and joyous experience.

What do you need to have this extraordinary experience? To play any VR game, you need a VR headset. This will give you authentic feelings of being inside your favorite car. To control it, you can use controllers, but to have that car-like sense, you can use a racing wheel.
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There are tons of racing games, some are exclusive to virtual reality and some are ported to support virtual reality. In this post, we will discuss some new thrilling racing titles that you can enjoy in virtual reality. And if you don’t have a VR headset or racing wheel, then the following games would push you to buy one.

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Let’s check some of the best virtual reality racing games!

1. Project Cars 3
Project Cars 3 is the latest racing game from Bandai Namco with an authentic racing experience and virtual reality support. This AAA title has stunning visuals with up to 120 global tracks and 200 plus cars. By completing challenges, you can earn credits and buy cars and even customize them! This game allows you to install parts with realistic performance changes. If you want a true to life racing experience in virtual reality, then this game is a must-have.

  • More info about Project Cars 3 on Steam Site: Steam

2. Assetto Corsa
Assetto Corsa is one of the games that can give an authentic racing experience with advanced physics and stunning visuals. Everything is well-crafted and is available in solo and multiplayer modes. The developers used laser technology to craft tracks with ultimate accuracy and cars are designed using the advanced physics engine. Apart from racing, there are other modes as well, such as drag racing and drift challenges. Like any other sim-racing game, Assetto Corsa also allows you to customize your cars and gives different driving approaches so that hardcore drivers and hobbyists can both enjoy the experience.

More info on Assetto Corsa on Steam Site: Steam

3. Dirt Rally 2.0
Racing against the clock will surely give you excitement and exhilaration. Dirt rally includes tracks from New Zealand, Argentina, USA, Spain, etc., and all the tracks are meticulously hand-crafted. It provides an authentic rally experience if you use your headset along with the racing wheel. Dirt Rally 2.0 is a serious attempt by Codemasters for rally racing enthusiasts and looks amazing in VR.

  • More Info on Dirt Rally on Steam Site: Steam
  • More Info on Dirt Rally Oculus Site: Oculus

4. Dash Dash World
Remember the fun of playing multiplayer Mario Cart on GameCube? Yes! Dash-Dash-World will give you the same experience but in VR. Dash Dash World is a multi-platform and online multiplayer combat racing game with power-ups and a lot of delightful weapons. This game also comes with a single-player story mode with a lot of challenges, achievements, and hundreds of hours of gameplay. You can also participate in online tournaments.

  • More Info on Dirt Rally on Steam Site: Steam
  • More Info on Dirt Rally Oculus Site: Oculus

5. Mini Motor Racing X
Big fan or mini cars? Well,this game is for you! Mini Motor Racing X has 52 various mini tracks with multiplayer mode of up to 4 players and career mode. The co-op mode is both available online and offline. Moreover, you can earn points and upgrade your rides by completing challenges. This game also offers multiple camera modes like in-car, top-down, or track-side to add an extra layer of sensation. You can enjoy this experience with motion controllers or racing wheel.

  • More Info on Dirt Rally on Steam Site: Steam
  • More Info on Dirt Rally Oculus Site: Oculus

6. V-Racer Hoverbike
Have you ever wondered about riding on a hovering futuristic bike that is full of destructive weapons? V-Racer gives you the experience of a futuristic fast-paced combat racing game in VR with up to 16 tracks. This game is a VR-exclusive with an online multiplayer mode of up to 6 players. Moreover, you can challenge your friends or race alone with bots. There are a variety of tracks from futuristic tracks to 20th-century lands with time trial mode to challenge your friends and top the leaderboard.

  • More Info on Dirt Rally on Steam Site: Steam
  • More Info on Dirt Rally Oculus Site: Oculus

7. Automobilista 2
Automobilista is a racing simulator that mainly focuses on the Brazilian motorsports scene, tracks, and racing series It includesa variety of vehicles such as karts, trucks, and even classic Grand Prix cars with tracks from all over the world. Graphically, the game looks stunning since developers put a lot of effort into designing the real-time weather, tracks, and cars to give you that authentic simulation experience. It has various racing modes like career mode, multiplayer, and even custom championship modes. The game is in its infancy and still needs time to be one of the competitors of other high-end simulators.

  • More Info on Automobilista Steam: Steam

8. Death Lap
Death Lap is another VR racing experience with more action and extermination. In this game, you have to point and shoot everything that blocks your way and survive as long as you can. This full of chaos game allows you to play solo or with friends. Apart from that, you can set different camera angles and chat with your gaming buddies.

  • More Info on Death lap Oculus: Oculus


Virtual reality can give you a unique experience and feel the authenticity of racing games. The developers are putting a lot of effort to make the experience as real as possible. Games like Project Cars 3 and Assetto Corsa have lifelike graphics and realistic physics of cars with the dynamic weather system. Moreover, if you want some casual fun racing, then games like Dash Dash Race and Mini Motor Racing X will do the job. For hardcore racing game fans, the real experience lies in virtual reality with racing wheels. Lately, VR is not just used in gaming but for training as well.

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