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Best VR Puzzle Games and Experiences for 2021

VR is the acronym of Virtual Reality, and as the name indicates, it is a simulated experience that may be akin to reality or may be entirely different , which is done by a computer system. This technology allows individuals to interact with the simulated 3D world and make them feel that it is happening in the real world. Virtual reality can also provide people grounds to check their expertise before using them in reality, for instance, a soldier might be tested before sending them to the crucial battlefield to extricate him from any fatal injuries. The expertise of a doctor can also be tested before sending them into the field by passing him through the traumatic conditions created by simulation.

In recent days, VR gaming is emerging as a new generation of computer gaming because it provides a mesmerizing virtual environment to the players. It enables the players to move around the artificial world and allows interaction with the 3D objects that appeared in the VR environment.

Numerous games can be played through VR, for instance, fighting games, racing games, RPG adventures, and even puzzle games that provide benefits to the players. Puzzlers are designed to test ingenuity and problem-solving skills. These games do not just help brain exercise, but also assist to improve their memory and IQ. Therefore, in this post, we are going to discuss some of the best and latest puzzle games. If you still don’t own a VR headset, then you need to grab one right away.

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1. A Fishermen’s Tale

A Fishermen’s Tale is an amazing adventurous game that can be played through VR. It is a single-player game that consists of a series of numerous escape rooms that have puzzles you need to solve and diverse storytelling components.

The player plays the role of a man called Bob, which is a tiny fisherman marionette who lives in a miniature cabin. Whenever the radio aired the alert, Bob has to go to the top of the lighthouse to turn ON the light. Whenever he tries to do that, he has to face some unexpected challenges.

A Fishermen’s Tale is an inoffensive game that is more enticing for young people instead of adults. It is designed to keep in view the comfort of the players and has also the feature that allows players to play the game in standing or sitting condition.

2. The Room VR: A Dark Matter

The Dark Room is another VR game that is full of adventure, puzzles, mystery, and investigation. It comprises 5 to 6 hours of gameplay, which entirely depends upon the strategy and time required to solve the puzzles. The Dark Room consists of three main and two minor levels. It is not a generic horror game but the plot created in it will make the player feel anxious and it is best played through VR.

Mainly, it is a mysterious game of investigation that is done for the evanescence of Dr. Rupert Montgomery. During the investigation, it is found that he received a parcel from a man known as the craftsman, and the story revolves around the investigating agent.

3. I Expect You to Die

I Expect You to Die is a VR game in which the player plays the role of a spy who works for an agency with the main purpose of protecting the world. He is given tasks to complete in order to reach the next level. The story of the game revolves around the spy and a billionaire whose name is Dr. Zor.

  • I Expect You To Die: Steam Store
  • I Expect You To Die: Oculus

4. The Curious Tale of Stolen Pets

The Curious Tale of stolen pets is another delightful VR puzzle in which the player has to help his grandfather in the investigation of his stolen pets by inspecting miniature worlds crafted for VR.

It comprises a heartwarming tale with peaceful puzzles full of hidden wonders that grabs the attention of the player. The voice of the grandfather brings the player back to an imaginative adventure of his childhood. Overall, this adventure makes the player feels cozy and happy inside.

5. The Talos Principle

The Talos Principle VR puzzle is a philosophical science-fiction game that has a character called Talos, who protects the Europa in Crete Island from intruders and pirates. The game gives the player a remarkable experience because of its melodious soundtracks and gorgeous landscape displayed during gameplay that will surely grab their attention.

The major difference between The Talos Principle and other puzzle games is the development of superiority within the player by the time he develops new ideas to solve the puzzle.

6. Keep Talking Nobody Explodes

Keep Talking Nobody Explodes is another VR puzzle game in which the player must solve puzzles in a sense of thrill and amusement.

In this game, the player is alone in a room and would eventually find a bomb. However, his friend who has the key in the shape of a manual is the one who will diffuse the bomb. In order to defuse the explosive within the given time, the player and his friend should communicate and solve the puzzle. It can also be played in multiplayer mode.

7. The Eye of the Temple

The eye of the temple is a tremendous game that lets the players traverse the treacherous temple. While running from one moving block to another, the player should maintain his balance to avoid falling.

The player has to dodge several obstacles by solving puzzles with the help of a torch and a whip. Flying objects and obstacles can also attack the character. When playing, in order to for the player to defend themselves from the said attacks, they have to swing the whip and try to grab levers that are out of reach. Overall, it is an adventurous game with breathtaking architecture, landscape, and challenges that can keep the players engage for tens of hours.

8. Gadgeteer

Gadgeteer is a purely scientific game and is based on physics. The player must build chain reactions to decode the entangled puzzles. Shrewdness is needed to build showpieces.

Gadgeteer comes with 60 puzzles related to physics with endless chains. The player can also freely construct their own dream machine by keeping in mind the laws of physics. Afterward, he can share his masterpiece with others. Gadgeteer is a fascinating way to kill time along with gaining some valuable knowledge related to physics mechanics.

9. Moss

Moss is an action and adventure virtual reality game, which is a single-player campaign. It has all the features of a great virtual reality game like gripping combat, exploration, and compelling story and character.

While playing the game, the player will encounter a young and energetic mouse whose dreams are beyond limitations, so to fulfill these dreams, the mouse went exploring into the woods. During the journey, Moss will find a mysterious glass antique and primitive magic arose.

Since it is a virtual reality game, your action will reflect whatever Moss will do. From moving objects, combatting with enemies, and even walking into the virtual world of the game.

Visually, the game is great. The eye-catching beauty of nature will be observed during the exploration into the woods. There are times where the player would cross beautiful caves, woodland, greenwoods, ancient, and mysterious creatures. The elegant landscape, eye-catching locations, and marvelous story made the Moss a total package of amusement and fun for VR gamers.

10. Danger: Escape Lab

Danger the Escape Lab is a single-player game that revolves around a scientist whose primary role is to survive and save the lives of millions of people. To execute this purpose, he needs to stop the outbreak of the virus. This story is presented in a narrative.

The player of this game plays the role of the said scientist who is aware of the danger that the outbreak of virus inside the testing laboratory. To avoid the situation of the pandemic, it must be nullified as soon as possible. The player has to stop the leakage of the virus at any cost, or else, it will make people paralyze and eventually dead.

Danger: Escape Lab incorporates an environment of a laboratory where players solve the puzzles with full concentration. It is full of complex puzzles that develop logical sense and improves the ability to think out of the box. Other than that, it also improves the ability to work in an intense environment with full attention.

The game ends with three different awards for the player based on their performance in discovering and solving the puzzles. These awards will be based on numbers of stars: one, two, and three stars.


If you like challenges and do not want mindless hack and slash like action gaming, then there are puzzle games that keep players constantly engaged. Puzzle games are designed to keep players captivated, and this helps them improve their problem-solving skills and assist in sharpening their memory. There are tons of puzzles available, but we solely discussed some latest and best puzzle games in 2021 that are played best if you own a VR headset.

In this post, we talked about a variety of puzzle games, such as “A Fisherman’s Tale”, “Moss”, and “The Curious Tale of Stolen Pets”, that have beautiful storylines and gameplay. Moreover, we saw some casual puzzlers like “I Expect You to Die” and “Keep Talking Nobody Explodes”. Playing these games in virtual reality adds a layer of sensation to the fun and entertainment.

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