Best Touchscreen Laptops Today

Touch screen laptops are becoming more and more common. The real reason behind this is convenience.Adding touch screens in laptops has undoubtedly changed people’s approach to work. Things are easier to reach, quite literally. No more fidgeting with the trackpad to match a particular item. Zoom in! Scroll through pages without waging war with your keyboard. No one has the time to slide their finger on the trackpad repetitively.

Not to forget the added accuracy you get if you are into designing or drawing. To get your hands on the best touch screen laptop, read through our 5 hand-selected items below. Oh, and we have also included a buyer’s guide section at the end to help you through the buyer’s journey.

Top 5 Best Laptops with Touch Screen

1. Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Fit to grab your divided attention is the Microsoft Surface Pro 7. At first, it may seem that the only thing they manage to upgrade was adding a USB Port C. But this touch screen laptop has so much more to offer!

The 10th-gen Intel Core processor comes with Windows 10. This means you get to enjoy all the added perks, like Windows Hello sign-in, sync your phone, and the x2 time faster graphic performance. Besides, it has 8GB RAM and a 128GB SSD for storage.

Its 12.3″ pixel sense display, paired with its signature Type cover and precision pen, is an absolute delight to have on the go. It allows you to go in multiple modes in seconds. You can choose from studio, work, or tablet mode, whichever better adapts to your needs. The images are fully saturated and lucid – a true joy to behold.

What’s more, it now delivers even more power than before! The 10.5 long hours of battery life can withstand active and passive standby usage. That’s not all! It also comes with an instant-on feature. This lets you speed through work whenever you feel inspired.

High-speed performance, lightweight design, attractive features, and a touch screen make it all the more convenient. Microsoft Surface Pro can run any Windows application, cost less, and fit in tight spaces when compared with the bigger iPad Pro.

The only drawback is the higher price point. You need to invest added bucks into the laptop to be able to utilize all of its power. But, this ultra-portable notebook is best for office or home use with its faster-charging abilities and high-rank performance than the previous 8th Gen Surface Pro 7.

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2. HP Spectre 360

Solidifying its place at the second spot is the sleek and stylish HP Spectre. If you want the best touchscreen laptop with powerhouse specs and a stunner display, bet on this. Coming in with the 8th Gen Intel iCore and Windows 10, the HP spectre has a lot to offer.

First off, the gem-cut design adds versatility to its use. You get the power button and USB fast-charge ports on the corners, making their use better adaptable. The 15.6” diagonal 4k micro-edge Bright View is also Backlit. Furthermore, you can change their brightness to suit your need.

It doesn’t end here!

To make it a high-performing touch screen laptop, HP has added a high-end Thermal Profile. It allows you to control fan speeds to fit your workloads. Further, The HP spectre has worked hard on its security systems with this model. They have included a mechanical webcam switch, a fingerprint scanner for access, and a cleverly designed screen to save you from peeping Toms.

All this is combined with massive storage and high-performance GPU and CPU functions. And, it can power through 8-10 hours of primary use.

However, one area where it disappoints is the webcam. Its audio, and video aren’t great. So, you would have to make an added investment if you are big on video calls.

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3. Google Pixel book Go

Of course, this chrome book always had a definite spot on our list of the best touch screen laptops. It is known for its highly grippable and lightweight design. Perfect for individuals on the go, the long-lasting battery of up to 10 to 12 hours is just the icing on the cake.

So, what’s new?

Google has integrated the biggest yet speakers on the sides of its keyboard. As for the center, typing platform has included the ultra-Hush keys, silencing the tacky typing noise once and for all.

The soft and inviting technology and manufacturing make your time worthwhile on this Chromebook. You also get a fantastic picture and audio quality of rare 1080p and HD touchscreen, which credits its video conferencing experience through Google Hangouts.

The Google pixel book touch screen laptop also features the one-hand laptop opening ability. It is perfect for people who like it simple and traditional. It can even be compared to a MacBook Air, given its ergonomically built.

Packed with the 8th Gen Intel, Chrome OS, Full HD, 8GB RAM, and 128GB of SSD, the Google Pixel book is a solid choice. The only drawback is the lower resolution in contrast with other pixel books.

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4. Razer Blade 15 Studio Edition

Next on our list of best touch screen laptops is for the creators. Whether it’s testing new creations or diving deep into 3D designing or modeling, the Razer Blade 15 might be your answer.

Why so?

This touch screen laptop is known for its stable driver and comes studio-ready. The NVIDIA GeForce graphics are 25% faster than the older versions. In addition to it, this laptop comes with additional cores, hence more rendering proficiency. The 8-core 10th-Gen Intel Core i7 processor is suitable for demanding tasks.

If you are a hard-core gamer, the visuals will not disappoint either. Its 4k OLED display with 1ms blazing fast response time and vibrant colors are worth the hype. Razer Blade knows gaming deals with a lot of heat. To prevent heating up, the liquid-filled copper vapor chambers maximize comfort for the slim design.

Furthermore, to give an overall fantastic experience, big speakers on the sides of this touch screen laptop do their part. All of this with a 5 to 6-hour runtime is darn impressive.

The Zero Bloatware maximizes storage and lets you create in sync with your imaginations. When compared with its previous model, you don’t get anything new except a better touch screen. It’s slightly overpriced as well, even if the oh-so-famous Quadro RTX card is included.

Overall, the Razer Blade Studio Edition is a powerhouse but only comes with a single configuration and color option.

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5. Dell XPS 9310 Convertible Touch Screen Laptop

Having the best touch screen laptop list without having Dell XPS 13 in it is considered high treason. This convertible laptop carries the 11th Generation Intel Core Processor with a 13.4″ FHD+ WLED display. Intel Iris Graphics powers its screen with shared graphics memory.

And there is so much more!

The screen has Dolby Vision with an optional 4k ultra HD. The HDR 400 certified display is capable of showing 1.07 billion colors. Besides, the eye-safe technology also keeps you out of harm’s way from the harsh blue light.

In addition to it, the advanced thermal design with its dual fans and vapor chambers keeps it cool. Even though it is a super-slim laptop, it carries out loaded functions without heating up.

Built with diamond cut sidewalls, thin and light structure, with 90% of its parts recyclable, Dell has made its touch screen laptop hard to get over. Moreover, You can easily sync it with your cell phone and carry out tasks from your laptop through its seamless wireless WiFi 6 integration.

With a faster speed of its thunderbolt 3, added responsiveness of its touch screen, fast charging, and quick wake-up feature, the 9310 model of XPS 13 have a lot to offer.

You also get an edge-to-edge spread-out Maglev display alongside its fingerprint scanner screaming of premium quality. However, its higher cost will empty your wallets.

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Buying Guide for the best Laptop with Touch Screen

What is the real reason that people yearn for the absolute best touch screen laptop? An innocent wish to bridge the gap between laptop and phone platforms! Here are some tips to get your hands on the best touchscreen laptop.

Fit for Travel?

They should be lightweight and ultra-portable. This also means that such laptops should have optimum performance when placed in bright daylight or night-time. It should be able to fit in tight spaces and easy to grip.

Touch Screen

Know the satin finish touch of your phone? Well, it should undoubtedly match that. A great screen does not have fingerprint splotches. Neither does it vary in function when used in different lighting conditions or angles.


Make sure to invest in recently released processors, better RAM, and storage. However, powerhouse laptops with better hardware specs also come at higher prices.

Price Range

Selecting the best touch screen laptop can be a bit pricey. It all depends on how many features you want on your laptop. You can get a touch screen laptop for as low as 500$ even! In the end, it all depends on the user on how far they are willing to go.

Final Thoughts

When choosing the best touch screen laptop, know to keep your use and habits in mind. Touch screen laptops allow you to make your life and work more convenient and intuitive. It further enables you to multi-task when juggling between different tasks at hand. That’s all for now. Thank you for reading!

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