Best Survival Games on Roblox

Roblox is a gaming platform that consists of lots of mini games based on different genres. One of them is survival based where you will face many hurdles and difficulties and you need to gather resources in order to survive. This makes it very intriguing, and you can’t look away for a second otherwise you will be slain.

1: Those Who Remain

This game is a horror based survival game where you will face different kinds of zombies. There are a variety of different maps in this game so that a player won’t get bored playing the same map again and again. This game comes with different weapons and grenades that can help you survive in a difficult situation and while you progress these weapons keep on improving as well.

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2: Blacklands

This is another great survival game that is also very challenging as you need to face many different bandits while exploring. These are not some normal bandits but very deadly that try to kill you and loot all of your money and valuable items. On the other hand, you can do the same as well by killing and looting them whereas maps are very huge with lots of hidden items that can help you in your survival journey. The game is very difficult to play but things become more exciting when you play it with your friends.

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3: Natural Disaster Survival

This is not a typical survival game where you need to face the zombies or kill other enemies. As the name suggests, you need to survive natural disasters which can be in the form of earthquakes, meteorites, or lava eruptions. You can play this game with your friends as well and can guide them or take their guidance as well. The game maps are huge and you never know what is ahead of you or what kind of disaster you are about to face which makes this game more exciting.

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4: State of Anarchy

The basic goal of this game is to eliminate other players before they eliminate you. You can play as a single-player or as part of a multiplayer game with friends or players from all around the world. The maps are also massive and filled with various items like firearms and explosives that you can utilize to your advantage. You can also use vehicles in the game that you can use in difficult situations to escape from the attack of other players.

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5: Booga Booga

Booga Booga is another great multiplayer game where you need to build your tribe by gathering resources in the game. This is a time-consuming task so to speed up the process you can travel to other worlds and attack other tribes to gain additional resources by defeating them. This game is based on an island where you need to gather multiple resources to build other buildings just like a Minecraft game, but other players can also kill you if you don’t have the proper resources.

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There are lots of survival games available on the Roblox platform that are based on different story lines. For example, you need to survive from the zombies or from other players that can attack and kill you. We have discussed some of the best survival games available on Roblox and players can choose any as per their choice and liking.

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