Best Security Apps for Android

If you do not use any of the top Android antivirus applications on your Smartphone or tablet, you are at risk of being infected by malicious software and other viruses.

The good news is that you have far from limited options. The best smartphone antivirus programs include top-of-the-line malware detection and protection, as well as a range of safety and anti-theft tools.

Sometimes, these applications may also have the ability to back up contacts and other records, follow your phone or tablet using GPS, grab an image of a phone robber using the device’s camera, and even use your smartwatch to find your phone. Many mobile security apps come with a free and charged version, but all Freemium antivirus applications have not been developed in the same manner.

Best Security Apps for Android in 2020

The following article provides a list of the best Android apps that are trusted for maintaining security and privacy for Android phones.

Security Master

For any smart gadget, antivirus and security applications are a must. Security Master is the best application for complete Android device maintenance and wellbeing. Not all Android devices have built-in protection tools, and most of them lack advanced functionality. Security Master comes with built-in VPN, App Lock, and speed booster, and, of course, the antivirus.


  • Provides features beyond antivirus and protects smartphones from overuse.
  • Includes cleaning files, battery-saving services, and junk management.
  • VPN features and Wi-Fi authentication in real-time.
  • File lock, AppLocker, and password manager message protection are included.
  • Provides smart diagnostic and fraud warning to protect your mobile device.

Bitdefender Mobile Security

The Android security program from Bitdefender offers excellent malware protection, a small effect on device performance, Android Wear watch integration, a VPN client, and a malicious website blocker that runs on most Android browsers.

The device also comes with robust tools, such as App Lock, Wi-Fi scanner, anti-theft functionality, and alerts of data breakdown.


  • Multi-level security offered by Bitdefender blocks both proven and emerging threats from your records, photos, and videos.
  • Prevents dangerous anti-phishing security.
  • When using a Wi-Fi link, secures your bank records, passwords. and hacker updates.
  • Senses when you play, work, or watch a movie, so it does not need to annoy you.
  • Stops pop-ups briefly and switches graphic parameters to optimize the user’s enjoyment.

AVG Antivirus

Antivirus and malware security are useful tools to keep your system all in one location. AVG Antivirus is an online and offline security application that provides complete protection against cyberattacks and ensures full privacy for your Android device. This app has many luxury features with an attractive user interface, and it can be downloaded for free.


  • Offers data security and optimized privacy AppLock features.
  • Frees your device of bugs and ransomware.
  • Protects your Wi-Fi network.
  • Boosts the system and provides seamless file cleaning.
  • Offers your ease with VPN features, data control, and speed meters.
  • Provides device locations indicated by Google Maps.
  • Includes call blocker features and warning integration.


The ultimate tool for mobile security is McAfee Mobile Security. With this app, you can defend yourself from viruses, malware, spyware, and ransomware while maintaining your data and your identity. The McAfee app gives you a privacy-protected VPN Wi-Fi connection, mobile encryption, and mobile antivirus protection for your smartphone, all free of cost.


  • Complete security goes beyond award-winning antivirus protection to provide a broad range of precautions and defenses for your device.
  • Offers the ability to easily encrypt confidential files for families with a range of phones.
  • Provides virus and spam protection for Windows, Mac, and mobile devices.
  • Allows you to link five to ten phones and defend against cybercriminals and hackers.
  • Get the most out of digital identity theft protection with shielding, shaking, removing, and other sensitive file protection features.


VIPRE Android Security, one of the most popular security applications, is a fantastic alternative. VIPRE secures your phone from 20,000-plus identified malware and Android viruses.


  • Powerful features, such as the modified Malware Detector with new intelligence on numerous viruses.
  • All applications are automatically scanned upon installation.
  • Web defense feature helps you to spot suspicious things when browsing the Web.
  • Geo-locating, locking, sound alarm, and wiper phone or tablet may be used for counter-theft functionality on other internet-linked devices.


It is good fortune that Windows and Mac’s best protection software is now available on Android, and you can now use the Cleaner app to protect your Android device. You can use this software in many profitable workplaces. This app is also sufficient to deter viruses from your device and to guarantee that your device is secure.


  • Elimination of trash and cleaning of your phone memory.
  • Helpful for finding the software that consumes the most data, as well as the most battery.
  • Includes features that allow you to uninstall multiple applications with a single press.


Nox’s all-in-one protection software can defend against malware and other threats to your phone. It is a single tool that allows you to deal with all the most vicious defense issues. Nox Protection facilitates cleaning up files and avoiding power-draining applications, as well as shielding your phone from WLAN attacks.


  • Ensures that your phone is protected from malware and viruses.
  • Protect and lock the programs to avoid infringement of privacy.
  • Block anyone from displaying the menu.
  • Spam filtering and suspected calls.

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

Kaspersky Smartphone is another free and excellent Android protection tool that you can use free of charge. This app is stable and safe, and it is also effortless to use for many defense activities.


  • Protects against theft by helping you find your phone when you lose it.
  • Antimicrobial technology that allows you to protect financial details when you buy online.
  • Acts as the main antivirus application to keep your device clean.
  • Auto-locking and disabling are also provided.
  • Reports and activities are filtered, along with junk.

Norton Mobile Security and Antivirus

Norton Mobile Security & Antivirus is an award-winning cell phone encryption and malware prevention provider. This app helps to protect your device against ransomware, viruses, or threats, such as spam, fraud, and websites designed to steal your information and money. This virus sensor and remover helps to deter attacks on your device. Norton is a trusted brand for mobile telephone security applications, with several years of experience delivering antivirus protection for the PC.


  • Advanced antivirus protection secures your device against current and new online threats.
  • Protects your information securely online.
  • Browse via a Virtual Private Network (VPN) with no-login privacy and confidentiality.
  • Add bank encryption to keep information secure and confidential, including passwords and bank account numbers.
  • Manage the activities of your children online.
  • Online generation, stocking, and maintenance of passwords, credit card numbers, and other credentials.
  • Storage of sensitive files and records to protect data loss due to errors on the hard disc, hacked phones, and even ransomware.
  • Alerts you of login attempts and blocks unauthorized access to your webcam.

Systweak Anti Malware

Malware and malicious content are some of the most harmful risks posed to your device. It is best that you get anti-malware software to secure your Android device and ensure that your data is safe against attacks. What better functionality than the Anti Malware in Systweak? Let us explore the app’s features below:


  • Protects in real-time against dangerous mobile apps.
  • Searches for suspicious data on your internal memory and SD card.
  • Feature available to whitelist trustworthy programs.
  • Helps you to explore all pathogens quickly and in-depth.

In this era of technology, where everyone is getting connected through their smartphone devices, the risk of security and privacy breaches is higher than ever. So, you always need to be concerned about this issue and take the necessary steps whenever required. This article covered ten of the best apps to keep your Android device secure from viruses and malware. If you have any queries regarding any of these applications, then do tell us at @linuxhint and @SwapTirthakar.

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