Roccat Mouse in 2022 – Best Pick for You

The Roccat brand began by manufacturing gaming handsets and sound cards. As time has passed and they have achieved tremendous development, they have created a new category in which they have begun to manufacture gaming mice.

There are many companies on the market that create a variety of mouse, and it will be tough for anybody to build a reputation for themselves in the current market condition, but Roccat managed to do it. The reason for this is that they have worked hard to make some of the greatest mice with exceptional precision and accuracy, as well as excellent build quality and features.

ROCCAT Burst Pro

This is a wired mouse with great ergonomics so that you can hold it for a long time without getting tired. It comes with a price bracket of around $60.

It has a honeycomb design with its logo on the top, which makes it more appealing to the eyes. In terms of its specifications, it comes with a titan optical switch that has better reliability, accuracy,, and speed compared to the mechanical switch, with a lifetime of more than 100 million clicks. It has a sensitivity of 19000 DPI that you can adjust yourself as well, which helps you with better gameplay as per your needs.

ROCCAT Burst Pro comes with a phantom X wired cable, which is another great feature that is more robust and flexible than any other cable that you have seen on the market. The heat-treated PTFE glide can make the mouse move more smoothly even on a rough surface, and you no longer need the mousepads. Roccat has collaborated with Nvidia and adopted their technology of Nvidia reflex to reduce the latency and their response time is only 25 milliseconds.

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The company made this mouse after research and testing for about 2 years with the objective of creating an extraordinarily polished and ergonomic design that doesn’t distract or limit you. This mouse will cost you around $100 and has a very durable body with a very strong grip so that you can hold it for a long time, all thanks to its anti-wear coating.

It also comes with the advanced technology of Titan Click, which is more accurate and precise compared to mechanical switches. You can immediately feel the difference in motion, and accuracy thanks to the split-button design and optimum switch position. It offers a sensitivity of 16000-DPI that you can modify to suit your requirements, allowing you to play games more effectively. A smart algorithm in Kain’s firmware increases signal processing to record mouse clicks up to 16 ms quicker, pushing the limits of responsiveness even further. This means that when you and other players click at the same time, your command will be picked first. Another wonderful advantage is that it comes with a 1.8m braided cable, which is sturdier and more flexible than any other cable on the market, and only the mouse weighs around 89g, which makes it very lightweight as well.

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Roccat Kone Pro Air (Wireless)

The first two mouses that we have discussed are wired ones, but this is a wireless gaming mouse with RGB lighting with a weight of just 75g and a price bracket of $170. It has a dual-band 5.2 Bluetooth and a battery that will offer you 100hours of operation time when it is fully charged. Other than that, it has a very fast charging speed as well, so you will have 5 hours of operation time by charging this mouse for only 10 minutes.

The Roccat Kone Pro Air is extremely fast when it comes to connectivity due to its optimized firmware with enhanced response time and low latency with a DPI of 19000. Gamers all around the world have praised the Kone’s ergonomic form, and it’s been perfected with the Kone Pro Air. The Kone Pro Air is undoubtedly comfortable and a delight to use for practically any hand size or grip type, all because of the extensive research the Kone company did for its making. It also comes with the Titan switch and a Titan wheel that is far more comfortable compared to the mechanical wheels.

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The Roccat brand started out as a manufacturer of gaming handsets and sound cards, but as time passed by, they have made significant progress in the field of gaming mouse as well. They have worked really hard to create some of the best mouses with outstanding precision and accuracy, as well as superior build quality and functionality.

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