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Best Raspberry Pi Pico Accessories

Raspberry Pi Pico is the first official tiny micro-controller from the family of Raspberry Pi, which is decked out with an RP2040 chip and 16 PWM channels. It is a pretty decent device that allows you to control different motors and switches and has a little storage that you can utilize for storing codes. If you have purchased a Raspberry Pi Pico device for your project, then you may need to purchase a few accessories to enhance the functionality of this device.

In this article, you will find the list of the best Raspberry Pi Pico accessories which you should try out for your device.

Best Raspberry Pi Pico accessories

In the following list, you will find the best Raspberry Pi Pico accessories:

1: SunFounder Raspberry Pi Pico Starter Kit

This Raspberry Pi Pico starter kit is the perfect one to grab if you have successfully purchased your device. It includes all the accessories required to develop projects with Raspberry Pi Pico. Besides having all those components such as LCD, connecting wires, LEDs, buzzers, and others, it also comes up with an engaging online tutorial and a guidebook to help you get started with it easily. If you are a beginner, this kit would be an ideal choice as it provides you with the necessary guidance that will help you learn Python coding.

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2: Pimoroni Pico Wireless

This Pico wireless pack is the basic need of every Raspberry Pi Pico user as it lets them connect to WiFi. It uses an ESP32 chip that allows you to connect to a 2.4GHz wireless connection because the official Raspberry Pi Pico doesn’t support WiFi. There is also a micro-SD card slot for storing your Pico data; thus, you can extend your storage. You will also find a button on the top of the board that helps to enable and disable the WiFi.


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3: Raspberry Pi Pico Display

If you are looking for a perfect display option for your Raspberry Pi Pico, you should grab this 1.14inch IPS display screen. It includes four buttons to control your Pico display. The RGB-LED indication on the top helps you monitor the status of your device and the presence of pre-soldered female headers enables you to easily put this display on the top of your Raspberry Pi Pico device.

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4: Pico Explore Base

If you are looking for an electronic adventure playground for your Raspberry Pi Pico device, you will surely like to have this accessory with you. It includes a breadboard where you can create your project and a 1.54-inch LCD to visualize the Raspberry Pi Pico display. There is a separate place for Raspberry Pi Pico, which perfectly fits the device on the board. The inclusion of breakout on the board helps prevent the system from overloading if the power reaches a high level.

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5: Pico Bar Code HAT

This barcode HAT is a perfect option for those individuals who are new to Raspberry Pi Pico and want to explore something different. It’s easy to use and requires no background knowledge of image recognition. This HAT helps you scan 20 different bar code symbologies, including 1D and 2D symbologies like QR codes and barcodes. The inclusion of an onboard USB and UART port enables the users to connect various embedded devices to the board.

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Raspberry Pi Pico is a tiny micro-controller that has become a valuable source for developing several projects. If you want to enhance the Pico capabilities, you should grab some useful accessories as this will help you in performing your tasks. The accessories mentioned in this article are selected keeping in mind people’s needs as they are ideally fit for the users who have purchased Raspberry Pi Pico devices.

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