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Best Raspberry Pi Laptop Kits

Raspberry Pi can be your best option if you are looking for a small card sized computer that can perform almost all the functions that a mid-size computer can do. You can use Raspberry Pi for programming, playing games, working on Microsoft office, watching videos and many more other things.

However, it has a limitation that you will be needing a mouse, keyboard and a display screen but now you can get Raspberry Pi laptops kits which removes the hassle of connecting the peripherals every time you want to use the Raspberry Pi. To make it easy for you to choose which raspberry pi laptop will be best for you we have given some of the best picks that might be suitable for you.

Best Raspberry Pi Laptops Kits

To use Raspberry Pi for different tasks you need a keyboard, mouse and a display screen as these peripherals do not come with the board. So, it becomes difficult to keep the devices in a proper manner as there is no special case for them and to cater such issues, we have given below some kits that need one time assembly and make your own Raspberry Pi laptop:

  1. Pi-Top [4] Raspberry Pi laptop kit
  2. PiBookPro
  3. ELECROW CrowPi2 advance kit
  4. LapPi Raspberry Pi kit

1 – Pi-Top Raspberry Pi laptop kit

If you are looking to make your Raspberry Pi a laptop, then you must buy the accessories from Pi-Top. They provide different combinations that you can use to make Raspberry Pi a laptop. You can buy Pi-Top [4] with the screen and the keyboard along with trackpad as shown in the image below:

The Pi-Top [4] is a raspberry pi 4 with 4 GB ram covered in a proper case along with the power supply unit. The other combination that you can use is  your raspberry pi with the screen and keyboard and to see more about the combinations you can click here.

If you want to buy only the screen and keyboard then you can see the further details here whereas if you want to buy the pi top along with the peripherals then to see more details click here.

2 – PiBookPro laptop kit

Another best option for creating your Raspberry Pi as a full- size laptop is the PiBookPro because you do not have to buy the peripherals separately as it is a conventional laptop designed to run your Raspberry Pi by using the Ubuntu display link driver.

You just need to plug your Raspberry Pi board into the PiBookPro, and you are good to go and unlike the pi top it does not have the detachable screen nor is it not a touch screen. On a lighter note this product is comparatively less expensive when compared to buying separate screen and keyboard for the Raspberry Pi and for further details you can visit their website by clicking here.

3 – ELECROW CrowPi2 advance kit

Thinking of starting to work on Raspberry Pi and making your own small size laptop you can buy a CrowPi2 kit by Elecrow which includes the built-in Raspberry Pi 4 having 4 GB RAM. You can do a variety of things using this kit like, programming, playing games and creating breadboard projects.

This kit comes with lessons for making facial recognition projects, making different things in Minecraft games and some lessons regarding getting started to work with different sensors. If you think that this kit is the one that you are looking for then you can click here for further details.

4 – LapPi Raspberry Pi kit

This kit is compatible for all Raspberry Pi models and comes with a plastic transparent case which includes a touch screen, keyboard with a trackpad, Raspberry Pi camera and a set of speakers. The display screen comes in two sizes that are 5 inches and 7 inches so you can choose any one of them according to your desire. There is also a battery of 3800mAh which is a plus as you do not need to power up your raspberry pi separately. If you think that this kit is the one that you are looking for then you can click here for further details.


Working on a Raspberry Pi can be made easy if you do not need to plug in the peripherals every time you start working. Moreover, you can find it difficult to move the peripherals along with you if you do not have a specific bag for it. To resolve such issues there are different kits available that you can buy online and we have given four best kits that can convert your Raspberry Pi into a complete laptop.

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