Best Music Making Apps for Android Device

Mobile music-production applications have, for some time, been viewed as gimmicks, something cool to futz around with during your drive. However, not genuine stages made for proficient musicians. There is no lack of music applications accessible on both Android and iOS. Bolstered our independent research, we gauge that there are presumably among zillion and a bazillion applications.

We have got an inventory of the most straightforward music-making applications for Android devices, along with the features for you. So, let’s get started!

Beat Snap – Make Beats & Music

If you are looking for an application that can render music for a whole album, Beat Snap is a fantastic choice. It is quick to use, and the best part is that it is free. You should correct the rhythm and drama and set up the music for more than thirty times sequentially. It is easy to install and a feature-rich music-making app.


  1. The step sequencer contains your most innovative arrangement of songs.
  2. Stocks more than two hundred pieces of equipment and five hundred sounds.
  3. The sound can be shaped by six live controllable FX.
  4. Series of the loop and metronome.
  5. There are sixteen receptive pads with two grids.

Roland Zenbeats

Zenbeats looks beautiful and easy to use on a touch device. It works very well on a timeline and LoopBuilder. The step sequencer has an auto-fill function, so you can throw in notes or create beats with a single gesture. It can be programmed to play on an on-screen keyboard or wire an external MIDI controller.


  • The Zenbeats App features effects, loops, and innovative instruments to broaden the spectrum of music.
  • There are options, regardless of the mood you are seeking.
  • Sounds of touch, swipe, modulate, and pitch bent using on-screen instrument motions.
  • Sample Verse is a strong platform for recording, manipulating, and recording the world’s sounds.
  • Roland Zenbeats gives access to comprehensive beat making equipment and several kits and patterns preset available.

Groovepad – Music & Beat Maker

Groovepad is a convenient tool that incorporates high-quality samples with a user-friendly interface. This is one of the most addictive programs on this list. Open the program, and you will have access to a wide variety of soundtracks that can render almost every kind of music genre, from dubstep to EDM to cool hip. Google Play is currently freely available.


  • A vast catalog of exclusive and excenter soundtracks where you can start looking and picking your favorites. Hip-hop, EDM, dance, dubstep, drum & bass, trap, electronics, and many more are among the popular genres. To make your music or mixtapes, use Groovepad.
  • Use Live Loops to produce top-class music that can exactly balance all the sounds.
  • You will bring life back to your party with some excellent FX effects, such as the filter, flanger, reverb, and pause by music on your drum pad.
  • Post your creations and inspire and impress your friends and families with DJing skills.
  • The Groovepad software supports professionals, beat-makers, music developers, and even amateur music makers as a practical and straightforward app. Create beats and songs, anywhere and everywhere!

MixPads – Drum pad & DJ Audio Mixer

MixPads should be your first preference if you are involved in composing remixes and song grooves. It is all great for the DJ sound designers. This software makes composing remixes and DJ sounds very simple and easy. About thirty drum pads feature original music loops. There are also a handful of impressive features. This app is a decent choice for the Android app to make music.


  • You should blend voice with multiple audio tracks to capture voice.
  • Hip-hop music production and remixing in this app are effortless.
  • There is a range of sound vans for the DJ.
  • There are twelve one-shot pads to promote the initiative.
  • There are various reverse effects to reverse your songs.
  • A finger drumming option can be used to generate rhythm.

Caustic 3

Caustic 3 employs sequenced audio synthesizers and simulations. It is an easy and intuitive program to use. You should play the beat on Caustic and open an individual wav editor as the beat plays and records for yourself, in which case, you ought to use your headphones so that you can keep the vocal and the real beat separated before merging.


  • WAV: 16-bit uncompressed stereo 44KHz that supports most of the device and audio players.
  • OGG: Ogg-Vorbis 44KHz stereo format compressed, compliant with most Smartphone MP3 players.
  • MIDI: Music file MIDI provides simple note and timing detail, machine names, and structure. Its Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) Applications are very compatible.


BandLab incorporates interactive and artistic experiences. You can also create and download your music and find other artists with the same application. But the main thing about this is that the creative aspect of music is pretty good.


  • They have a twelve-plot mixed editor that helps you record live audio and import music, blend, and automatically make your album.
  • Looper features the beats, patterns, and melodies’ layers to build up.
  • Measure and re-activate all the kinds of results, gate and add them.
  • There are currently over a hundred plugins to give the right toning to your track guitar, bass, and vocal impact.

Hip-Hop Producer Pads

Hip-Hop Producer Pads will support you a great deal if you want to make rock music for your Band. It is one of the freest Android music applications to create hip-hop and remix sounds. The music is combined with lots of features. Drum is for free here so that the beat and sound can be managed.


  • You should arrange lots of song loops.
  • Here is an excellent metronome.
  • In this case, the drum unit is handy and available here.
  • Several samples were used for one-stroke.
  • You should make music for your mates, and download it.

Walk Band

Walk Band is a toolkit for virtual musical instruments built by music studio artists. Walk Band is effortless but still a decent sound application that enables you to write music. Piano, drum kit, drum machine, guitar, and bass are included.


  • The configuration is straightforward but sounds very good.
  • You can pick the chords you like and then press them to make up the song’s structure.
  • The guitar can switch between chords and solo so that some cool melodies can be formed.
  • By using the sharing function, export the MIDI file and share it via Dropbox.
  • It is a cool app and is free for download.

Music Maker JAM   

If you are in the fields of R&B, hip-hop, and other beat-based music, Music Maker JAM can help you more than anything. It enables the music to function in a single spot. With sound loops, beatings, and audio samples of the studio quality, you can render your tracks at any time. This app will clean and make your journey smooth and simple. It has multiple features, along with a stunning and comfortable user interface.


  • You will be part of a vast network of over a million music lovers via this app.
  • It delivers daily updates, new concepts, and interactive collaboration options for a better overall experience.
  • It offers more than three hundred sound mix packs and five hundred thousand plus sound loops to make music simple at all times.
  • You can browse thousands of loops and beats of studio-quality to blend easier.
  • With only a few clicks and shakes on your Android phone, you can catch your vocal and remix songs.

Add Music to Voice  

Many of you hide a real singer in yourself. But since there are not enough musical instruments, you cannot reveal it. But an album without music cannot give the listener the right feeling. So, behind your music, you need a tone. Add Music to Voice app is the answer for you if you are battling such a problem. It is an app that excellently adds music to your voice.


  • You can use some sample music or make your sound.
  • There is an intelligent selection system to mix the music seamlessly with your voice.
  • There is a rich music catalog to select from an album to be blended with the song.
  • Karaoke should be used while music is playing to sing the album.
  • Record the music and share it with others immediately.


So, these are the best music-making apps for Android smartphones in 2021. If you have used any other app than those listed here, feel free to share your views with us at  @linuxhint and @SwapTirthakar.

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