What is a Mouse Dock

Be it office productivity or longer gaming sessions; wireless mice are in trend nowadays due to several reasons. Not everyone but many of us feel annoyed with the mouse’s entangled cable, which makes the workspace quite messy. In this article today, I will be discussing in detail about Mouse dock. Do you need that?

What Is A Mouse Dock?

A mouse dock is a gear used to charge the wireless mouse at your ease. It is quite similar to the wireless chargers of mobile devices. All the companies in the market do not make mouse docks. Only those who have premium wireless mice manufacture quality mouse docks. Most of the wireless mice that are charged by mouse docks also support charging by cables. But this will again make your mouse a wired one. The main benefit of using a mouse dock is that it also gives you a warning on the low battery of the mouse(not all of them). If you are using a wireless gaming mouse, you can go for a mouse dock with RGB.

Is Mouse Dock Mandatory For Wireless Mouse?

Mouse Dock is not mandatory for charging wireless mice as they can be charged with the cable too. But if you hate messy wires on your desk and want to charge your mouse wirelessly, then you will require a mouse dock for that. Mouse docks add your PC setup with a more professional touch. Most of the premium mice come with mice dock, but you need to purchase separately for some of them.

Which Is The Best Mouse For Wireless Mice?

Razer has manufactured a mouse dock with RGB lighting that is being discussed in gaming columns nowadays. The issue occurring with all mouse docks is that not all wireless mice support mice dock as they not in too many trends. So, a mouse manufacturer usually develops a mouse dock that is suitable for its mice. And aesthetics of mousepads also varies from brands to brands which creates connectivity issues. Thus, a mouse dock cannot be considered the default one for all wireless mice.

Talking about the new mouse dock from Razer, the wireless mouse charging dock is powered by RGB lighting, indicating the charging level of the mouse by its RGB lights. The colors for indication are critical red to green. Even when you are using the mouse, you will still get an indication for a low battery.

It is a magnetic dock with anti-slip Gecko feet. The mouse fits in very easily. RGB lighting also gets synced with that of the mouse. This mouse dock is compatible with Razer Basilisk Ultimate, Viper Ultimate, DeathAdder V2 Pro, and the Naga Pro.

Using Razer Mousedock or any other dock is not a difficult task. You just have to plug in one end of the cable to the mouse and another end to the PC. Now, PINĀ  your wireless dongle in the dock. This socket is present in the center of the Razer Dock. This position can vary in other mouse docks. Now place your Mouse over the dock, and you are good to go.

What Kind Of Mouse Dock Should I Buy?

If your wireless mouse supports dock charging, then you should always go for a mouse dock from the same manufacturer as that the mouse.

Do I get Connecting Cable With Mouse Dock?

It depends upon the manufacturer. Some mice come with a charging cable with them. In case your dock comes without cable, then you can use your mouse cable with the dock.

Can I Use Mouse Dock For Charging My Wired Mouse?

Not at all. Mouse Docks are used to charge wireless mice only.


Mouse docks come in trend, with wireless mice coming in the gaming sector. As of now, there are not too many options available in wireless charging docks. Also, docks from specific brands are not compatible with all wireless mice. I won’t recommend you buying a mouse dock from a third-party manufacturer as there might be some compatibility issues. However, it depends upon the manufacturer.

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