Best Minecraft YouTubers in 2022

Minecraft is one of the largest open-world games with lots of things happening at once. But sometimes you have no idea how to create items that are not only necessary for your survival but also for creating many useful resources in the game. In such scenarios, it is always better to follow someone who has decent knowledge and experience in this game, and also they are not boring. So what is the better way? Yes, it is Youtube, you can find many YouTubers who are helping thousands of Minecraft users every day. In this guide, we are going to list some of the best Minecraft YouTubers. Let’s begin:

1 : CaptainSparklez

Jordan Maron also known as Captainsparklez is one of the pioneers of starting a YouTube channel back in 2010 almost 11 years ago and currently has 11.3 million subscribers. He currently created a total of 5468 videos and his most-watched one is the “Revenge” – A Minecraft Parody song with 273 million views which is not only engaging but the lyrics, music, and video all are on point. His videos are mostly based on Minecraft gameplay, parody, and reactions videos and have exceeded more than 3 billion views in total.

2 : PrestonPlayz

Preston Blaine started his YouTube journey with the name of PrestonPlayz back in 2012 and has created over 655 videos in total. His videos mostly contain pranks and challenges where he invites his friends to his YouTube channel and does the challenges on different tasks based on Minecraft. He is a member of many other YouTube groups such as the pack, MrWoofless, and many more. His most viewed video got 51 million views with the name “7 ways to steal” where he challenges his friend and the goal is to steal other items.

3 : BajanCanadian

Bajancanadian has started his youtube career back in 2013 and after that, he is continuously uploading the video until last year when he took a break for almost 9 months, and now he is back again. He has currently uploaded total videos of around 4500 whereas his most viewed video is with the name of “Minecraft Hunger Game Song” with around 107 million views. His favorite mode of Minecraft game is survival which he mostly focuses on for its gameplay. His voiceover skills on his videos are also very good and full of humor that makes the gameplay more exciting. He also worked with many other YouTubers and one of them is the prestonplayz that we have already mentioned in this list.

4 : Dream

Dream started his YouTube career back in 2019 which means that his channel is only 2 years old, but he has total subscribers of around 29 million which is remarkably outstanding compared to the other YouTubers on the list. He currently uploaded a total of 109 videos only and his most viewed video got around 111 million views. He is consistently uploading Minecraft videos on YouTube and the views on each video are also very impressive. He also collaborated with many famous YouTubers such as Sapnap and Tommyinit where he mostly makes tutorial videos that are full of tips and tricks along with humor so that you don’t get bored.

5 : DanTDM

Daniel Robert Middleton is an English YouTuber who started his journey back in 2012 with the name of DanTDM and now has a subscriber of around 26 million. Currently, he has uploaded more than 3500 videos whereas his most viewed video got 57 million views with the name “Minecraft Vacation Disaster”. He posts very relevant content related to Minecraft with lots of time-saving tips and techniques and the way he performs is also very appealing to the audience. He also received the Guinness world record for his Minecraft game and was the richest YouTuber back in 2017.


Minecraft is one of the largest open-world games available, with a lot going on at the same time. However, there are times when you have no clue how to make items that are not only required for your survival but also for the creation of a variety of valuable resources in the game. In such situations, it is usually preferable to follow some YouTubers who have a reasonable level of expertise and experience in the game, as well as someone who is not dull.

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