Best Minecraft Texture Packs

The best part of Minecraft is its huge fanbase and loyal community that helps the game experience versatile for users. Minecraft has given its players the flexibility to modify the game experience where the community plays a critical role in crafting beautiful content for the game.

We have already discussed different add-ons, how to use commands in Minecraft, and various skins. The focus of this post is to discuss another key feature that changes the overall appearance of the game, the texture packs (resource packs).

If you are tired of the game‘s default blocky look, then Mojang has given liberty to the Minecraft players to change the entire look of the using texture packs. From sci-fi to cartoonish, there is a wide variety of texture packs.

This post covers the installation procedure of texture packs and a list of some stunning texture packs you should try immediately. So, before discussing the installation, let’s discuss what texture packs are:

What are Texture Packs in Minecraft?

There are a lot of in-game elements such as blocks, mobs, and tools. Each element has a specific texture. So, texture packs are a set of files that modify the look of these elements altogether. Making texture high resolution to get a sharper look or adding colors to a faded world can happen with texture packs.

How to Install Texture Packs?

There are two main editions of Minecraft Bedrock and Java edition. In bedrock edition, there is a specific in-game store to download and apply the texture packs. While in Java Edition, there is a much larger variety of texture packs and the installation procedure, which is rather simple. Steps to install texture packs in Java Edition are listed below:

1. Download your preferred texture pack:

2. Open Minecraft “Options”:

3. Click on “Resource Packs…”:

4. In a new window, click “Open Pack Folder” and drop your texture pack zip file in that folder:

5. A new pack will appear in the “Available” window:

6. Click it, and it will shift to the “Selected” window. Press “Done” and your pack will be loaded upon starting your game.

As you can see, the look of your game has changed. Now, let’s discuss some of the unique texture packs that you should try immediately:

1. Faithful

The faithful texture pack is a well-known texture pack of Minecraft and is one of the most used. This texture pack changes every element’s resolution without changing the original vanilla version scheme. If you want to give a notable change to your Minecraft experience, then get the “Faithful” pack now. Another texture pack called “Improved Default” also changes the resolution of in-game elements sticking to the default scheme.

2. Realistic Sky

If you are tired of the sky’s bland blocky look, then there is a resource pack that changes the entire appearance of the sky and gives a realistic look to it, as it is called “Realistic Sky”.

Moreover, this texture pack is designed to sync with in-game time and weather. You can combine these texture packs with others to add authenticity to the game experience.

3. Retro NES

If you want to recollect all old-school NES memories while playing Minecraft, then Retro NES is a pack you should get right away. Retro NES is a low-resolution texture pack that worked well on average PCs.

Unlike “Faithful” or “Improved Default”, this texture pack entirely modifies the game’s visuals. Apart from visuals, it comes with default music and sound effects of NES games which adds a layer of fun.

4. Modern HD

Creating different structures and buildings is one of the main aspects of Minecraft. This resource pack is well suited for modern structures. This is a high-resolution [64x] pack focusing on modern building and masonry patterns. If you intend to build a house of dreams, give this texture pack a shot.

5. LB Photorealism

Have you ever imagined Minecraft in realistic textures? If not, then get LB Photorealism. It adds real grass but keeps the original blocky look. Every block gets a whole new level of detail, and even mobs get a completely new look.

6. Silent Hill

One of the best all-time survival horror games, Silent Hill, is now available as a resource pack for Minecraft. This resource pack replaces the default look of the game with the Silent Hill theme. The Silent Hill franchise inspires the foggy environment and characters. If you want to reshape the happy look of Minecraft into a scarier one, then download this pack now.

7. Glimmars Steampunk

Another resource pack that completely overhauls the appearance of the game. This texture pack is also very popular, especially among people who like the Victorian era environment. Minecraft looks entirely different with this texture pack.

8. Jolicraft

Jolicraft is a creatively crafted resource pack that was first launched in 2011 by a dedicated developer. This pack transforms Minecraft into a chill, delightful and soothing experience.

9. Stay True

This texture pack adds a beautiful layer of colors to the vanilla Minecraft world. The resolution gets doubled. The focus of this resource pack is to alter the color of the leaves. The pack is getting regular updates, and developers are adding diversity to the pack.

10. Wolfhound

Wolfhound is another high-resolution texture pack that is fully customizable and comes with 7 different themes to select from, such as Dungeon, Fairy, Classic Medieval, Asians, etc. The pack is inspired by the medieval theme. Having multiple themes to choose from makes it a definite choice.


Minecraft is highly flexible and gives complete freedom to its users when it comes to the game’s look. In this post, we discussed another significant feature that changes the entire appearance of the game. Texture packs, also known as resource packs, tweak the textures of various elements of the game. We discussed how to install texture packs and the varied texture packs. Though there are tons of texture packs available, we tried to cover unique and well-known texture packs.

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