Best Minecraft Servers for 2022

There are lots of server created by humans that are especially dedicated to Minecraft and each having different set of rules, gaming mechanism and community. Each server has its own qualities and they are specifically designed to provide you, with distinctive minigames where you need compete with other player or play as a team with your friend friends and socialize as well.

But it’s important to remember that various servers can run different versions of Minecraft. Many prominent servers have upgraded to the latest 1.18 patch; however, many others are still running earlier versions of the game. So in this article we are going to discuss some of the most enjoyable servers that you should check out.


In Mineplex, you can enjoy different modes available and unique gaming styles that is specifically designed to play as a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game, and its attention to detail makes it one of the greatest Minecraft servers.

One of its most playable gaming modes is the Minekart which is the imitation of the famous mario kart game where you need to race with other players and need to finish the track first to win the game. Other than that, first person shooting and games like Smash Bros are also available. Basically, every game that you can think of is likely to be accessible on this server.


This is another one of the best Minecraft servers and this article wouldn’t be complete without mentioning it. The main reason we included this server in our list is because it contains many minigames that will keep you occupied for days such as Cops and Crims and a Murder Mystery are among the most popular minigames. Other than that Skyblock is one of their most popular game modes.


Brawl is another great Minecraft server that is specifically designed to play action packed games with other players. There is a gaming mode with a name of Last man standing where you can revive again if you die which resembles a lot with some of the most popular shooting games like Fortnite or PUBG. Other than that, there is a huge possibility that you should be able to find your other favorite shooting game as well on this gaming server.

Grand theft Minecraft

As the name suggests the server is based on one of the most popular games which is grand theft auto (GTA). This version consists of 35 different weapons, and vehicles like tanks, police cars, and aircraft. Other than that, you can buy your own and can’t kill others and steal otherwise the police will catch you..


This is one of the most beautifully constructed Minecraft RPG servers which has been inspired by another famous game with the name of RuneScape. This server consists of 99 levels and each level is created in such a manner that it makes you feel like you’re playing one of the top free MMOs.


There are tons of Minecraft servers each having distinct features and playing experience. Each server has its own qualities and they are specifically designed to provide you, with distinctive minigames where you need to compete with other players or play as a team with your friends and socialize as well. But finding a server that matches your requirement is a difficult and time-consuming task and this is where this article comes to the rescue and provides you with the detail of the best server that you should explore.

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