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Minecraft is all about exploring, mining, crafting, and building. The game allows you to build almost anything in your own unique world, from a small house to a big mansion, and from a skyscraper to anything you can imagine! In the Creative mode, the sky is the limit, and nothing can hamper your building workflow.

Minecraft allows you a degree of freedom that is not possible in any other game. So, it is not so shocking to see countless videos and images of massive, creative structures built in the Minecraft world. When it comes to Survival mode, you will need to build a secure base for your shelter, which could be a modern house or ancient-style hut.

Countless construction block types are available for building structures in Minecraft. Every building material comes with its advantages and disadvantages. You must carefully choose a building material to use in Survival mode when you build a house. In creative mode, however, there is no shortage of assets, there are no mob attacks, and you can build any masterpiece that you would like to show off on the Internet.

There are tons of Minecraft structures out there that have been built by some truly creative users of the game. This article shows you some of the best houses that you can build in Minecraft.

Survival House for a Beginner

In Survival mode, a beginner does not have a lot of resources to build a secure and powerful house in Minecraft. You can still be creative with oak wood blocks only. The following survival house was built by WeiderDude. The same building can be made in any Minecraft game, whether you are playing the PC game or the pocket edition.

Survival Farmhouse

Have you ever thought to make a farmhouse in Minecraft Survival mode? If not, then this farmhouse idea could be very helpful if you are new to the game. This survival farmhouse was made by SheepGG, who has some really impressive Minecraft constructions. Oak wood blocks, birch wood planks, and grass blocks are the materials used to build this farmhouse.

Underground Survival House

In Survival mode, you must fight for your existence, and for that, you will need the best shelter house possible. What about making a secure shelter underground? Yes, that also possible. Folli has built just that, an underground survival house for all your survival needs! The most noticeable thing about this house is the roof, which is entirely made up of glass.


Another cool idea for beginners in Survival mode is a treehouse-type structure. It does not take a ton of resources to build a treehouse. The treehouse can be made using oak wood blocks and leaves. This treehouse idea comes from Shock Forest.

Floating House

A floating house in water is another idea for shelter when you are playing Minecraft in Survival mode. This piece of creativity also comes from SheepGG. The distinguishable feature of this house is its underwater structure, which is entirely designed in glass so that you can enjoy aquatic vegetation and creatures. Another material used for creating this structure is oak wood blocks, making this design an easy building for the players who have just begun the game.


Castles can be key to building in Minecraft, especially in Survival mode, because this structure type provides you with shelter, a lot of space, and a very strong defense. The stone blocks and bricks are used to construct the castle. One Team has provided a step-by-step procedure with a building layout to make building this splendid Minecraft structure simple and straightforward.

Japanese House

In Minecraft, you do not have to stick with just one or two styles, because there is no limit when it comes to building. With no limit in sight, how about trying a Japanese-style house? This Japanese-style house was built by BlueNerd Minecraft, who has provided a guide explaining how to build a similar house, including the layout. A major portion of this building is made up of stone bricks, slabs, stairs, and spruce logs.

Simple Modern House

There is no limit to building in Minecraft. You can build a modern house using concrete blocks. You can craft concrete blocks using materials such as sand and gravel to make this structure type a bit more challenging for newbies. The credit for this work goes to JINTUBE, who has created some exceptional structures in Minecraft.

Suburban Mansion

If you want to build a large house with a lot of space in Minecraft, then you can always build a mansion. A large mansion will be useful not for you and for your friends, as well, in multiplayer mode. Constructing a modern mansion can take a lot of resources. FlyingCow has made a series on how to build a modern mansion in Minecraft.

Modern Villa

Another modern Minecraft construction is the following beautifully crafted fully furnished villa by Akila Gaming. Everything is well explained with a step-by-step process. A significant number of smooth quartz blocks, grass blocks, and glass panes are used to build this villa.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best house to build in Minecraft?

It depends on your needs, really. If you’re looking for a functional house, then something like the survival farmhouse is a great choice. It is made from materials widely available in most survival biomes. The original plan uses oak and birch wood blocks, but you can use whatever wood is around you at the time.

The farmhouse has everything you need to thrive in survival mode, including a farm and all the workbenches and stations you could possibly ask for. In creative mode, the best house is going to be the one that challenges your building abilities. The flashier and fancier, the better, really!

We love the Japanese style house because it presents a few challenges. Getting the shapes and aesthetics of Japanese architecture exactly right is not easy, after all.

Where should I build my house in Minecraft?

There are a few things to look out for when choosing a location for your house.

  1.     Flat – Look for a space with lots of flat areas. It is easier to move around and away from enemies on flat ground.
  2.     Food – Make sure you’re close to a food source. This could be fish, pigs, chicken, or cows.
  3.     Trees – You’re going to need a consistent source of wood.

These are the three basics. To meet these criteria, consider settling in the plains or savanna biomes. The savanna is usually better because it has more trees than the plains, but either will do.

Don’t be tempted to build in the forest. It might have plenty of wood, but it is difficult to move around, easy to get lost in, and a common enemy spawn point.

How do you build a fast house in Minecraft?

The key to building a fast house is using nearby resources. If you have lots of wood around, you’re going to build a wooden house. If you’re inundated with stone, then stone is going to be the best choice.

One of the quickest houses you can build is a stone and wood hut. It includes everything you need for survival mode. Make a ‘U’ shape with stone. This should be 3 blocks long, with one block between the two long sides.

On the next layer, put stone on the corners, leaving a gap in between each. In that gap, you’re going to put glass. The next step is to dig out the floor space. You only have two blocks to dig away because the house is so small.

In the hole, you’re going to place two chests. The chest will double as the floor. For the roof, you need to place a furnace and crafting table. These should be directly above the chest floor.

To finish off, you place wood blocks around the furnace and crafting table to hide them. The very last thing is to place the door. Make sure you do this while standing inside your house.  


Minecraft is truly a platform in which you can unleash your creativity, and all you need is your imagination. This article showed you various houses that you can build in Minecraft. Despite the tons of house designs available, we tried to cover a range of survival bases and modern houses for your inspiration. In Survival mode, a shelter is the most important thing, and having a unique base is important to become a standout among your friends.

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