Best Food in Minecraft

Minecraft is very popular cross-platform video game. It is survival sandbox game. Food is very crucial for survival here else you can die out of starvation.

There are several game modes right from easy to hardcore, and each game mode demand different energy level. There are more than 40 different food items are available in the game and finding best food item is challenging task.

So, in this article I’m going to help you find best food in Minecraft for prolonged survival in the game.

Before starting, it is worth mentioning two important bars in the game i.e., hunger bar and the saturation bar. Both are very important for longer survival in this game.

Hunger Bar: This bar indicates how hungry your player is. Keeping your hunger bar filled as much as possible is very important, the less it is filled, the hungrier your player gets.

Saturation Bar: This bar is hidden from the player but it still plays important role in gameplay and players survival in the game. The saturation bar scales up to 20 points. More the saturation bar is filled, longer the player can run without eating.

I hope you guys understood how hunger system works in Minecraft game. Now, we start with best food in Minecraft that will help you survive longer in the game.

1. Steak
Steak is one of the best foods for beginners as it is very easy to get if you have a cow farm. You can obtain a steak by cooking a piece of raw beef.

It is also one of the best foods in the game because it refills massive 8 points on hunger bar and 12.8 points on the saturation bar.

2. Golden Apples
Golden apple is one of the best foods in the Minecraft game. It contributes 4 points on hunger bar and 9.6 points on the saturation bar.

There are also enchanted golden apples in the game which can only be found in chests across the gameplay. These enchanted apples can also be fed to horses.

3. Golden Carrot
Golden carrot is a popular food among Minecraft expert gamers. It is a little bit expensive food in the game but contributes to 6 hunger points on hunger bar and 14.4 saturation points on saturation bar.

If you have a gold farm, then golden carrot is easy to get. You can also breed horses using this golden carrot food.

4. Baked Potatoes
Baked potatoes are one of the best food items in the Minecraft game even though it doesn’t provide much hunger and saturation points. But baked potatoes are easily available in the game. That’s what makes it one of the best foods in the game.

Baked potatoes contribute 5 hunger points on hunger bar and 6 saturation points on saturation bar.

5. Bread
Large wheat farm is very easy for player to create and wheat is only ingredient required to craft bread. Hence, bread is a very reliable food item in the Minecraft game.

Bread will contribute to restore 5 hunger points on hunger bar and 6 saturation points on saturation bar.

6. Suspicious Stew
Suspicious Stew is a unique food in the Minecraft game which refills 6 points on hunger bar and 7.2 points on saturation bar.

This food can be obtained by trading with an expert-level villager or milking brown mushrooms. You can also find it in a shipwreck.

7. Cooked Rabbit
Rabbit meat is a popular food in the Minecraft game ever since it was introduced for the first time in the game.

Rabbits reproduce by bunch and they can easily breed using carrots. Cooked rabbits help restore 2.5 hunger points and 6 saturation points.

8. Rabbit Stew
Rabbit stew is another good food item in the game. Each bowl of rabbit stew restores 5 bars in hunger bar and 12 bars in saturation bar.

It is one step ahead of many food items in the Minecraft game

9. Cooked Porkchops
Cooked porkchops is one of the best meats in the game. It contributes 8 hunger points to hunger bar and 12.8 saturation points to saturation bar. Also, pigs are very easy to get in the game, which makes it even more reliable food in the game.

It is a great food item for beginner players.

10. Cooked Chicken
Cooked chicken is one of the very best foods in the Minecraft game as it is readily available, hence no need to kill or cook the meat.

It contributes 6 hunger points in hunger bar and 7.2 saturation points in saturation bar.

So, these are the best food your player can eat in the Minecraft game for longer survival. There are many food items available in the game but the ones listed above are one of the best in the game and help your player survive deep into the game.

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