Best Computer Chair for Long Hours

An average American spends a third of their day sitting on a chair. Some even sit for 20 hours straight. So, it makes sense to do proper research when looking for the best computer chair for long hours. Such a chair isn’t just comfortable. It also promotes wellbeing and increases productivity. At the same time, it puts minimal strain on your body and helps you maintain a good posture.

But, with so many options in the market, it’s easy to get lost in the features: Leather or fabric? Footrest or armrest? Ergonomics for back pain? And of course budget. That’s why we have created this helpful guide. After spending hours on research, we bring the best chairs to make your long hours as comfortable and productive as possible.

1. Steelcase Gesture Chair

A work chair is a long-term investment. It makes sense to spend some extra to ensure you get the best in the bunch. The Steelcase Gesture is one such chair. It’s a one-time investment of $1000+. But the expense is worth every dime.

The reason?

It’s the most adjustable, supportive, comfortable, and durable piece of equipment we have come across. You can adjust just about everything, including arms, height, and reclining position. This chair supports four reclining positions for maximum back support. But, once you find your sweet spot, you are never touching the settings again.

Moreover, Its features such as a dependable adjustment knob, durable fabric, and quality back support have stood the test of time. It was released back in 2013. Since then, it has been a market leader in providing comfort to users.

And that’s not all.

The Steelcase Gesture chair comes in a wide range of colors and fabrics. Therefore, you can easily customize its appearance to suit your workplace – whether it’s your home or office. It arrives fully assembled at your doorstep. Its box is enormous, so I really hope you live on the first floor!

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2. Amazon Basics High Back Executive

Looking for a budget-friendly yet comfortable office chair? The AmazonBasic’s Executive should be on top of your list. This chair is extremely comfortable, despite the lower part being made of plastic fiber materials sturdy enough to last for a while.

Both the seat and its back are padded for added comfort. So, it’s perfect for people with back pain. As for adjustability, it features a pneumatic seat adjustment system to adjust the height. This chair is ideal for users of many sizes, thanks to its different adjustment points.

Another exciting thing about this chair is its tilt function. Simply clockwise rotate the round knob underneath the seat. Now, pull the lever outwards to adjust the tilt function. After setting the desired tilt level, you can easily enjoy the rocking motion on this chair.

What’s more, it features wheels to carry the chair smoothly from one place to another. They remain stable and steady when you sit on the chair, and there is no skidding.

The max weight capacity of this chair is 250 pounds, making it suitable for a large population. However, it’s only available in black and brown colors, limiting your use.

Although this chair arrives unassembled, the included Allen Wrench really helps with assembly. Instructions are also pretty clear. Therefore, even a first-timer can easily assemble all the parts. This makes it one of the best computer chair for long hours.

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3. Herman Miller Embody

Made in the USA, the Embody by Herman Miller is one of the most ergonomic chairs we came across. Although it is expensive, the Herman Millar’s chair is one of the highest quality chairs you can find today. Plus, it also has the backing of a solid 12 years warranty.

You can move, stretch, recline and change positions as you like. The reason?

It’s made of breathable material that is flexible – not overly soft yet supportive. The unique pixilated support mechanism provides support throughout the seat and back. When reclining, the chair doesn’t change your position. Therefore you can rock back and forth with convenience.

The backrest is not height-adjustable, though. Thankfully a high back design makes it work for most people. You can also adjust the armrests for people who are petite, wide, or tall. The seat’s depth adjustment is another feature that truly helps the chair to suit different people.

As for the fit and finish, all parts fit well, are snug together, and function smoothly. The chair has a particular look, but it’s clean and can fit different office environments.

Last but not least, Embody chair arrives fully assembled. No need to struggle with the instructions manual. Simply open the side of the box and roll out the chair. You just have to remove the plastic cover, and the chair is all set to use.

However, we have one disappointment. Even for such a high price, you are missing out on arm pads and lumbar adjustments.

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If you want an ergonomic chair that wouldn’t exacerbate posture or hurt your body, this is it. The Ergo3D isn’t one of those super fancy-looking chairs, but neither is it an eye-sore. It’s of great quality and offers solid ergonomics.

It’s made of composite plastic-fabric material (“ElastoMesh”), which is super breathable. It is easy to clean as long as you don’t spill anything over it. The tensile stress of this fabric gives you a slight spring, bounce, and energy.

The headpiece is Very supportive. It goes up and down as well as tilts back or forwards. You can even decide not to install it if you didn’t want it. And it wouldn’t significantly detract from the chair’s aesthetics (except the two holes)

Moreover, its thinner roller blades make your life easy. These things are smooth, silent, and can go over nearly any material. You don’t have to push as hard or as much to move.No racing, though you will be tempted to!

Pay close attention to your body measurements, though. This chair isn’t for all body types. If you are too tall or too short, you may not comfortably use the neck support. Its assembly is also not the easiest.

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5. HON Ignition 2.0 Mid-Back

The Hon Ignition 2.0 feels like an expensive designer chair. It offers the highest level of comfort, stability, and customizability of any Hon chair to date.

The padding and backrest mesh is very comfortable. The lumber adjusts to any position you would need depending upon your height. Thanks to ergonomic lower lumbar support, it helps correct your posture just by sitting on it. Besides, You can make as many adjustments as you want – from the seat height to tilt tension and more.

What we really love about this chair is the fact that…

It has a mesh backing. Its breathability helps with aeration throughout your day. You face less of a risk of building sweat or uncomfy heat in the back of your shirt as you work.

The instruction manual isn’t much help, though. Our suggestion is to skip it entirely and watch the Hon’s assembly video on Youtube. Its step-by-step process helps you put all the pieces together without scratching your head.

Overall, if a $1000 designer chair but doesn’t have the budget, give Hon Ignition 2.0 a shot. It’s is a solid option at a fair price point.

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Buyer’s Guide – Best Computer Chair for Long Hours

Let’s take a look at what you should look for in a long-hour chair.


First and foremost, take a look at how adjustable your chair is. More adjustability options mean you can customize it to suit your shape and requirements. Initially, it may require some trial and error on your part but a tweakable chair gives you the most comfort. See if it has options like adjustable seat pan height, seat depth, headrest, back height, armrest, lumbar tilt & support.


Immediate comfort – as you sit down – is just as important as long-term comfort. Therefore, make sure your chair has both. Most cheap chairs look quite fancy and comfortable to sit in initially, but when you get up to go home at the end of the day, you feel the difference (in your back). The shape & cushion of the seat, contours of support, and material quality contribute greatly to the overall comfort. That’s why we prefer comfort over aesthetics.

Ease of use

When a chair is highly adjustable, sometimes it becomes complicated to use. You don’t want to fiddle with levers and turn the knobs over and over again every morning. It should be easy and intuitive to use – almost like an extension of your body. For a user-friendly model, go for options that have a simple structure. Don’t compromise on ergonomics, though.


Check the company’s warranty and return policy. For a high investment like the Steelcase Gesture Chair on this list, understand what parts you can get repaired. Moreover, a lifetime or a 12 years warranty is generally a good sign. It means the company is confident enough to stand behind its product for years.


Of course, the budget is always an important consideration. A chair is a long-term investment, almost like buying a mattress. Considering how much it affects your health, wellness, and productivity, it’s worth investing a little more in a quality product. From as low as $100 to as high as $2000, you can find a chair for almost any budget today. Just don’t skimp on features to save a few bucks.

Final Thoughts

A cheap chair makes you feel like you have been forced to sit on an excruciating economy seat on a cross-continent flight. On the other hand, the best computer chair for long hours upgrades you to business class.

Regardless of the chair you go for, these chairs represent the very best in comfort, durability, and ergonomics. Thus giving you peace of mind, it will serve your body and wallet for a very long time.

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