Best Laptop Cooling Pads

With the advancements in technology, the demand for high-performance laptops paired with an ultra-slim body has increased. However, paring these two shortens the lifespan of any device due to the resultant heat production.

Add tedious hours to the deadly combo, and you can say goodbye to your work buddy. By investing in a good laptop cooling pad, you can prolong the lifespan of your device. If you have an advanced system, spending some extra bucks may save you tons in the long run.  It will also allow you to work anywhere without worrying about fan congestion or ventilation.

We have dug up the top 5 best laptop cooling pads that ensure proper ventilation for a smooth-running system.

Buyer’s Guide

Why invest in one?
A laptop processor drains more power in order to maintain favorable temperatures, which can affect your work if you are multitasking. A cooling pad slows down on heating up, preventing ruining your work progress. Likewise, more heat production means the ventilation fans are more likely to catch more dust and hair due to excessive workload. A laptop cooling pad takes care of that. It allows your processor to run like the wind and takes care of all overheating problems.

Another benefit of having it is posture correction. The adjustable height allows you to work at different angles, hence, relieves your body of fatigue and stiffness.

Handling, Design, and Size
The best laptop cooling pad will be light in weight and keep your laptop in place. Besides, you should be able to carry it with your laptop, anywhere you like. A durable design with an even surface that locks in your laptop firmly should be your pick. It shouldn’t restrict you to the limitations of your working desk.

Also, get a size that compliments your personal laptop. As laptops bigger than their cooling pads skid off easily. This is due to their rubber stoppers not getting integrated with the surface. Laptop buffers/stoppers restrict any chance of skid or slip, especially when laptops are used on laps.

Your control
The best laptop cooling pad will allow you to have control over fan speeds and LED brightness. It’s nice to have one with fans at higher RPMs. This lets you be in control between a range of speeds since you won’t need the fans at their max every time.

Many laptop cooling pads are backed with LED lights to facilitate you working in the dark. But it can be troublesome if these don’t have the switch off option.

Lastly, the best laptop cooling pad will be the one that offers USB connectivity. This way, you can take it wherever you take your laptop. Many come with Dual or Triple USB connections. This is a bonus for external device connectivity and maintaining USB port clearance.

Top 5 Laptop Cooling Pads

1. Haveit HV-F2056 15.6” – 17” Laptop Cooling Pad

Coming in first, we have the Havit cooling pad with 3 strong fans. The pad is known for its ultraportable design. Its super lightweight and slim structure allow you to carry it anywhere anytime.

As for handling, Havit displays ergonomic comfort as it is backed by two adjustable height settings. The robust overall structure includes high-quality, multi-directional metal mesh. This wear-resistant mesh provides a stable surface for the laptop to operate on. It also acts as an anti-skid surface, maintaining it in one place while working at an angle.

The three fans beneath are slim and light in weight. These are ultra-quiet, fit to maintain a noise-free environment for you to work. As an additional perk, the fans can light it up as well. The blue light proves to be an aesthetic bonus for your working station. If not needed, it can be switched off.

Lastly, to power the cooling pad, there is a built-in USB hub port and power switch design. The extra USB ports power the pad from the laptop. Adding to it, you can also connect more USB devices.

However, the tilt from the heightening clips doesn’t come into play when working on the bed, lap, or other soft surfaces.

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2. TopMate C5 110-15.6 Inch Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad

Second, the TopMate Cooling pad proves to be a worthy competitor. It comes with 5 powerful cooling fans. The outer smaller ones operate at 1200 rpm, and a large central one works at 2400rpm.

Collectively, these fans reduce the heat output by a considerable degree. Its unique design offers 5 adjustable tilting options to help improve the working experience. There is a hinged flap present to avoid the laptop from sliding down and help you work at acute angles.

As for workability, a small LCD screen and button control panel allows you to have maximum control. You are provided with 6 wind speeds and 3 fan operating modes. Long press the buttons to interchange speed and fan options.  Fans don’t produce much noise even when all 5 are in function.

This model is paired with Blue LED lights illuminating the base, helpful while working in the dark. As for powering this pad, the Dual USB port allows it to function. This allows you to attach other USB devices as well. The combination of plastic and metal mesh makes it durable and lightweight. It assists your laptop anywhere by fitting into laptop bags with ease.

Nevertheless, the lights cannot be switched off. Moreover, when all fans function together at the highest speed, you do hear their sound, which can be annoying.

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3. KLIM Wind Laptop Cooling Pad

Next, we have the KLIM cooling pad ready to battle overheating and boost your PC performance. The reason for its high ranking is its large model size and 4 powerful fans.

This model is compatible with sizes 11 to 16 inches. However, it can also support 17–19 inches. The larger sizes will overcome the boundaries of the pad but will stay stable on its surface.

As for ventilation power, the 4 fans muster 1400 rpm. Such strong ventilation easily lowers the laptop temperature in a minute. Spread-out placement of fans also ensures ventilation throughout the base of your laptop. You can choose between two fan speeds given at the side of the pad.

The metal grid and front stoppers ensure that your laptop stays in place at any given angle. PS: The inclination heightens your laptop by 2 inches, plus whatever height your laptop model has.

KLIM pad is also powered by USB charging, and extra ports are also available. Although the cooling pad functions rather quietly, the layout is more desk-friendly. It is quite uncomfortable to work when placed on your lap. It’s also a bit pricey.

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4. Targus Portable Lightweight Chill Mat Lap

If you love working with the laptop in your lap, this one is just for you. Targus is a unique pad with dual fans integrated to cool the rising temperatures. The unit comes in three sizes; 16, 17, and 18 inches for you to choose from.

It is also powered through a hideaway USB-A cable convenient for daily usage. The ergonomic wedge design is what made it to our list. The two fans ventilate the heat through the sides of the pad, through the metal mesh. A neoprene bottom adds to comfort, added especially for lap users.

A built-in 4-Port Hub allows you to connect to peripherals and extra widgets. As for height satisfaction, you have 4 levels to choose from.

The only major con is that the pad itself is bulky given the wedge design. There is no buffer or ledge to stop the laptop from skidding down if you happen to change position. You also don’t get any display or control panel to keep track of fan speeds.

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5. Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim Laptop Cooling Pad

A more affordable option is the cooling pad from Cooler Master. This ultra-slim pad is backed by a mesh surface, with 1 fan in the middle. It’s high-performance fan measures 160mm and can spin at 1500 pm.

Such high rpm is perfect for heavy-duty gaming sessions or long work hauls. The unit can be powered through a USB cable, which comes with a pass-through. This means you don’t lose a port, even when it’s plugged in. The pad also has cable grooves to keep your cables tangle-free.

The height clips allow two different height angles for added comfort. As for laptops, it can support sizes ranging from 15 to 17 inches.

Though some setbacks hinder it from being the best. For instance, the pad lowers the temperature down to a lesser degree in contrast to the pads mentioned above. The heightening clips do not lock in place. Hence, they shut if you push the unit while adjusting your range.

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Closing Thoughts

Overall, the best laptop cooling pads are a great way to preserve the integrity of your machine. The less your laptop focuses on draining power to keep the processors cool, the more it can focus on better performance for longer work sessions. We highly recommend the Havit cooling pad, as it serves well in terms of longevity and durability. But the other options mentioned above aren’t bad either. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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