Best High-End Mechanical Keyboard

If your present run of the mill keyboard cannot keep up with your speed and reflexes, it is time for a change. Get the best high-end mechanical keyboard, instead.

Mechanical keyboards are a great way to unleash a storm churning wave of productivity and reflexes. They have a longer lifespan of keys, higher stability, robustness, and less weight. That’s why manufacturers today make them in a variety of flavors. For instance, you have plain mechanical models for productivity-minded users, LED bells & whistles for gamers, and so on for the ergonomically minded folks, and more.

Will you work faster on a mechanical keyboard? Sure! All it will need is some getting used to. The following high-end mechanical keyboards will build your muscle memory. Your fingers will get accustomed to embracing molded tops and more in-depth travel of keys in no time.

Buyers Guide

High-end mechanical keyboards are suited to people with queer tastes. Before you pick one, keep track of the following factors.

Best High-End Mechanical keyboard, a brief introduction

Hailing from the electrical keyboards of the 90s, they are keyboards with mechanical feedback. A mechanism of switches is used to cause resistance instead of rubber domes used in the past. A switch provides more in-depth key travel, along with crisp and audible clickety sounds (causing euphoria to some users). Added resistance and feedback trains your muscles to enjoy deeper travel and enhance typing speeds. However, it takes time to get accustomed.

Switch Types

Three switches are offered for various uses.

  • Linear (Cherry Mx Red) – Offers no sound or resistance. A high-speed and light tap style switch is perfect for high-performing gamers.
  • Tactile – This has no click sounds, though resistance is a present factor. Cherry Mx Brown switches represent them. A balance between two extremes makes them an all-rounder.
  • Clickety – These switches are represented by Cherry Mx Blue and are known for their audibility and tactile feedback. High levels of reset location and actuation force makes them perfect for hard-core typing jobs.

Though they know that for repeated tap actions (such as those required in gaming), they perform slowly. Moreover, if you have a knack for key snap sounds, these will be perfect for you.

It’s All About Keys

The low priced, cheaper made keyboards soon lose their keys over time. The letters fade away, and keys lose their uniform tapping sense. Keys of high-end mechanical keyboards are usually made from PBT plastic, rigid, sturdy, and expensive. These prove more resistance to abrasion in contrast to the commonly used ABS material.

The keycaps you should have a lookout for are the double shot molded keycaps. Lettering on these gets laser printed separately, so it never fades. Furthermore, they are built in a way to welcome the fingers.

Do lookout for the NKRO feature. The N-key roller makes sure each key gets scanned independently. So, if multiple keys are simultaneously being pressed, each gets recognized.


Our list provides you with a wide range of options for high-end keyboards. Different forms of sizes include:

  • 100% – It is the classic keyboard
  • Ten Key Less – The number pad is eliminated. It makes the keyboard and mouse placement more centered, focusing less strain on muscles.
  • 65% or 60% – Mini keyboard, perfect for portable uses.

Further variations in keyboards being wired or wireless, rest pads, led backlighting, etc., depending on your preference and requirements.

With that out of the way, let’s find out the best High-End Mechanical Keyboard available today.

1. Anne Pro 2

Managing to rummage through the hearts of many, the Anne Pro comes with many features and side perks. This is a 60% mechanical keyboard which has a wire and wireless powering option. The minimalistic layout makes it centered on your working space and perfect for travel-related use. This means you won’t have to make considerable adjustments in body posture.

The wireless connection is supported through Bluetooth. The keyboard seamlessly connects with up to 4 devices back and forth. This comes backed with the new edge obinskit starter software, which allows complete freedom. It lets you decide the layout of your key, lighting, and even set macros in function.

Anne Pro 2 is a perfect gaming high-end mechanical keyboard with all the must-haves. The keys are double shot PBT keycaps capable of bearing all kinds of attacks made on the keyboard. The NKRO feature ensures the credibility of simultaneously given key commands. Its keys encase the Kailh Box RGB brown mechanical switch, which can also be used for professional writing purposes.

The Anne Pro is an all-rounder that comes with extra keycaps and a keycap puller to help you customize the board. It enables you to highlight keys meant for specific commands. The Programmable LED backlights further add to this. An added perk with this keyboard is the ‘Magic Fn,’ present on Caps lock to let you utilize F1-F12 keys while gaming.

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2. Kinesis Freestyle Pro Ergonomic Split Mechanical Keyboard

Next up, the Kinesis split mechanical keyboard. The ergonomic split is an attractive keypad for those who face muscle fatigue due to long work hours. We will explain why!

The split caters to all body types as it doesn’t restrict you to fixed dimensions to type. Moreover, the adjustable split, splay, and tent (sold separately) address all risk aspects. The 0 – 20 Inch wired separation aids to prevent forearm pronation and ulnar deviation and provide proper wrist extension to keep them leveled.

The genuine Cherry mechanical keys (Cherry MX Brown) makes it fit for all purposes. These require low activation forces, render tactile feedback, and rated for 50 million keystrokes reflecting superb durability. An added feature of 8 Office Hotkeys makes it easy for you to give quick and time-saving commands without having to do much.

Furthermore, one of the best high-end mechanical keyboards being TKL, makes mouse usage in proximity possible. This paired with the palm rest further adds to your comfort and ease. Its wide range of compatibility makes it ideal for users who readily switch between Mac, Windows, and Linux. However, the split takes some time to get used to.

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3. Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

If you are looking for something high-end yet well within your budget range, look no further. The Logitech G910 is a budget wired mechanical keyboard meant for gaming. It features the exclusive Romer-G mechanical switches known to be the fastest that Orion makes. The actuation is at 1.5mm, making it possible for the keyboard to receive input 25 percent faster.

Coming in strong with 70 million keystrokes, it puts many competitors to shame in credibility. Wait, there is more to keys!

They also have included nine customizable G-keys, which lets you assign commands per profile, reflecting speed and accessibility. The keyboard’s size is pretty big, with an added palm rest for maximum support to your wrists.

Furthermore, you can also light it up with its RGB Customisable Illumination. It lets you play with 16 million colors. The Arx Control Integration for Smartphones and Tablets is possible through the Smart Dock. You don’t have to quit the game, as it offers in-game display, system analytics, and much more. However, the volume control on this keyboard is cheaply made. What’s worse? It does not plug and play.

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4. Das Keyboard 4 Professional Mechanical Keyboard

Another high-end mechanical keyboard that serves you well in all fields of productivity. Faster and accurate than many, this mechanical wonder offers incomparable tactile feedback.

It features Cherry MX Brown switches with Gold contacts to offer a smooth typing experience. These keys can bear 50 million keystrokes, showcasing Gas German durability and precision.

The laser-etched key inscriptions with bumps on the F and J key, along with an elevated height of 3.1 cm, all add to your adaptability. As for adding to comfort, it has a detachable footboard to raise the keyboard to many levels as per your liking.

Backed with precision defining N-Key roll and added media controls and a significant volume knob, this keyboard is one of a kind. But, it lacks durability in contrast to the options mentioned above. Moreover, the size is quite big, which can take up considerable space on your desk (if it’s already limited).

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5. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

If you are looking for a high-end mechanical keyboard known for its RGB lighting, look no further.

This is a hard-core gaming keyboard that stages per-key RGB lighting and a 19-zone LightEdge running through the top border. All of this is backed by limitless customization.

You get an edge while gaming through the programmable six macro keys. These Cherry MX key switches exhibit a 1.2 mm actuation, capable of bearing 100 million keystrokes!

The leatherette detachable palm rest cushions the double shot PBT keys to offer comfort when needed. Low noise operation and great N- the key role is perfect for high-speed gaming sessions for long hours. The downside? You need to install an extensive setup to enjoy and control lighting and firmware upgrades.

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Final Thoughts

Mechanical keyboards are a great addition to your working table. They do require some getting used to, but when that passes, your hard work pays off. Pick a high-end mechanical keyboard that suits your palate and explore new boundaries through these top-rated mechanical keyboards mentioned above. We hope you find your best high-end mechanical keyboard soon. Thank you for reading.

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