Best Git GUI Clients for Ubuntu 22.04

It is supposed that the reader is familiar with Git, but for those who are unfamiliar with it, Git is a control system that is used by developers to develop different types of software. Git is a command-line tool, and it can be managed by running different types of commands. However, for most developers, it is more convenient to use the GUI versions of different software. The GUI Clients are available for different distributions of Ubuntu that can be used as an alternative to the command-line interface of Git.

What are the best Git GUI Clients for Ubuntu 22.04?

There are many Git GUI Clients available for Ubuntu, and among them, the top five best are:


The GitKraken is one of the most popular Git GUI Clients for Ubuntu 22.04 that is easy to install and is supported by Windows and macOS as well other than Ubuntu. Some of the basic features of GitKraken are:

  • It allows you to plot the graphs
  • It supports the undo and redo commands
  • Its performance does not lag when you are dealing with the large files

Smart Git

Smart Git is another good option if you are working on the Git GUI Clients, and it is also supported by the SVN, GitHub, and Bitbucket. The advantages of the Smart Git are that it contains many features:

  • SSH Client
  • File comparison and File merge feature
  • Commit history


UnGit also provides your family graphical user interface without compromising on the performance of using Git. the salient features of the UnGit are:

  • It runs on any type of platform only if they support the git
  • It supports the web-interface
  • A simple user interface that is easily understandable


Gitg is the product of GNOME Development teams and comes by default with the GNOME Desktop environments. The most prominent features of Gitg are:

  • It allows the staging
  • It has the open repository
  • It enables GNOME Shell Integration

Git Cola

This is also the Git GUI Client for Ubuntu and is written in the Python programming language. It is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux distributions and is known for the features:

  • Clone
  • Merge
  • Push and Pull


The top five Git GUI Clients are GitKraken, Smart Git, UnGit, Gitg, and Git Cola, which are compatible with Ubuntu 22.04. In this write-up, the best Git GUI Clients are introduced to the reader that can be used to manage Git from a GUI interface.

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