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Best Free VR Games 2021

Virtual Reality, also known as VR, is an innovative technology that allows a wide range of businesses to take a leap and simulate physical presence both in the real world and in the imaginary world. This immersive technology creates a computer-simulated world, and developments are providing cutting-edge solutions.

VR is considered an innovative technology in the gaming industry and one of the trendy topics attracting the gaming market’s attention. VR provides an immersive experience to players with interactive virtual objects and advanced capabilities that enhance the gameplay. Increase the appeal and retention of gamers. It not only appeals to the avid players but the occasional players as well.

For VR gaming, VR headset is inevitable; many VR headsets are available in the market the significant names are Vive, Oculus, Valve Index and numerous Windows mixed reality headsets.

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The VR games can also be experienced or controlled by the body’s movements. As a result, a user with a VR headset can move around in the artificial world.
With the progress in the gaming industry, numerous VR games were also introduced. After extensive use, we developed a list comprising of ten Virtual Reality free games. The particulars of those games are listed below:

1. Milkyway Funland:

A series of fantastic, entertaining, enjoyable VR games and experiences is Milkyway Funland. In this game, you are in a futuristic amusement park. You can view the amazing and unimaginable stuff of the past, the present, and the future at this space station. The payer can become a cartoon hero or a warrior.

There are 7 VR experiences, with tons of park games for experts and new players as well. From the first-person perspective, you can witness these acts, which may upset the younger audience.

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2. The Red Stare:

Red Stare, a free VR title, is all about espionage. Your objective is to find and collect information about communist spies.

You are on a stakeout as an American agent of the ’50s. Your job is to collect evidence about your neighbors, finding out what role they play to uncover the communist spy.

You are monitoring everything from inside your flat, collecting information through your mobile and fax machine, using Intel from files on your desk, and taking photographs to confirm suspicions by faxing to your handler. You would have to use various ways to distinguish individuals, ranging from details of their appearance to objects that can be found in their quarters to behavior that unique members of the ranks of the Communists observe.

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3. Propagation:

You are stuck in an abandoned subway station surrounded by hideous creatures, and you have to kill and survive.

Each game session can be finished in around 30 minutes, but with stress, horror and dread. Propagation is a horror experience, much like Brookhaven, an older VR experience. You are trapped in a place with an apocalyptic environment and hostile creature that will hardly let you move, making the overall experience much scarier.

Arms feel more natural in VR, and if you want to survive, you’ll have to save ammunition. Just one map, but four different difficulty settings are available to choose from.
The latest DLC adds co-op support and voice chat. When you try to think straight and control your munitions, the practical handling of weapons can add to the stress.

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4. Archangel: Hellfire.

The single-player campaign was not so impressive because of its uninspired plot, on-rail movement system, and mediocre set-piece gameplay moments. However, Sky dance Interactive listened to the feedback and now upgrades the game with a deep, hardcore name for multiplayer mode. The battle needs you! The unholy alliance of god-like mech guns and infernal team deathmatch gaming is Archangel Hellfire. Freely roam with weapons of mass destruction on post-apocalyptic lands. Archangel is an explosive action game with 6 different war machines and 13 weapons, and 4 maps.

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5. Bulk Dominoes:

Live out your childhood dreams with this domino-toppling virtual reality experience. Set up hundreds of dominoes, paint them with colors, or use some of the many pre-made materials. Just a click of a button is enough to clean up your mess!

This game comprises real-world domino accessories, real-time physics, a virtual camera, saving and loading designs.

This is a fun game and a lot easier to play with no chance of accidentally knocking the entire domino chain down.

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6. Goblin Rush:

Goblin Rush is an arcade game in which your objective is to defeat all goblins to complete the level. You are a legendary warrior with a bow renowned for your skill. Search hideouts, target, and shoot the goblins.

It is not easy to target and hit the goblins with your arrows as they move and jump recklessly around the map. You have to prove your abilities by targeting and executing your shot to defeat all the hostile goblins. This game features ten stages with various difficulty levels. However, the game doesn’t end here; to raise your high score, you can continue exploring the world and destroying any creature you see.

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7. Glyph:

Glyph, another free VR platform title where every jump feels so right. This game’s main objective is to collect relics, analyze the surroundings, and set your speed accordingly. You can compete with your friends, win and unlock multiple skins. Since the level design is non-linear, therefore there are various approaches to complete each stage.

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8. Lodestone:

Lodestone is a free-action spell caster exclusive single-player VR title. Your objective is to wield stones, prove yourself against enemy waves using different attacks as you discover an underground world, and do your best to get to the end.

Lodestone is a small adventure game in which you will be exploring caves and firing rocks. The level design is linear, with big arenas where you encounter multiple waves of enemies.

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9. Cartoon Network Journeys:

Cartoon Network Journeys VR” is a new virtual reality game in which players experience the tales of a one-winged bee. You can explore the stories in three different approaches after interacting with Gormlorm (voiced by Reggie Watts), who acts as a guide through the game’s multiverse. The stories can be explored in three different dimensions:

  • Beyond Beeville: You have to save your colony
  • Jest to Impress: Your objective is to impress the king
  • Kosma Kwest: Your goal is to complete 4 lessons to get on Kosma’s throne

The gameplay experience, animation, the voice acting is top-notch.

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10. Spiderman: Far from Virtual home Reality:

Time to rock through New York as a superhero has come. Far from home is a breathtaking VR experience in which you finally have the chance to swing through the towers in Manhattan. Just get one of the four spidey suits, and you’re going to be thrown into the clouds.

But stay alert from colossal and dangerous enemies. In this exciting, swinging adventure, only you have the power to find and challenge New York’s intruder.

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Virtual Reality gaming plays a key role in developing the Gaming industry by giving the games a realistic feel. There are numerous Virtual reality games available on game stores; for the ease of players, we have developed a list of the top ten high-rated and well-liked virtual reality games. Each game is perfect on its own and with its own gameplay experience. As technology is growing rapidly, the future of Virtual reality gaming will touch its peak and set its landmark in the gaming industry.

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