Best food sources in Minecraft

Food is a valuable commodity in the Minecraft game since it can be used to satisfy a player’s hunger. Food is always crucial since it is the fuel that allows you to keep going, remain alive and obtain important perks. There are several food items available in the game however not all of them are useful compared to others and you can reach the maximum hunger level of twenty in the game. So in this article we are going to provide you with the five most useful items that you can eat to cover your hunger for several days.


The cake is one of the finest hunger substitutes in Minecraft since it may satisfy up to fourteen hunger points. Place one egg, three wheat, two sugar, and three milk buckets on the crafting table to make it.

Rabbit Stew

This is not a popular cuisine among Minecraft players, but if you want to recover your hunger points, this is the ideal meal item. It can resolve ten hunger points however, specific materials are necessary to make this which includes a bowl, baked potato, cooked rabbit, carrot, and mushroom. To make this culinary dish, you’ll need to combine all these components properly in the crafting table as shown.

Baked Potatoes

You can eat baked potatoes when you are in your early stages of the game. Players can readily discover and produce them in settlements, making them a fantastic renewable food source. Baked potatoes replenish five hunger points and you can get this food item by placing normal potatoes inside a furnace along with any kind of fuel.

Mushroom Stew

The mushroom stew can provide you six hunger points but obtaining them, on the other hand, is not as simple as obtaining the necessary resources. You’ll need a crafting table, a red mushroom, a brown mushroom, and a bowl for this.

Cooked Beef

You can get cooked beef by hunting cows that will drop three pieces of raw beef. Consuming it will only satisfy a little hunger however, cooking it will provide you four hunger points. You can cook a beef by placing a raw beef along with any fuel source inside a furnace as shown below:


In Minecraft, eating is necessary since the game demands the player to keep their hunger levels up. The maximum hunger level is twenty points. There are several food items in the game, however not all of them are as useful as others and after reading this article you will find some of the most useful food items that you can get to cover your hunger even for several days.

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