Five Best Ethernet Splitters You Can Get

Wireless connections may be the new way to live, but we all know and hate the slow speeds when more than one device enters the ‘play area.’ That’s where Ethernet steps in. A wired connection like Ethernet is much faster and much more reliable. They provide seamless transfers and offer robust connections.

So, what good does the best Ethernet port splitter do? A splitter helps in network distribution. It splits one Ethernet signal into two, three or multiple outs. On the surface, it’s pretty straightforward networking equipment with no power supply, status lights or special buttons. But there’s more to it which we will be covering in the buyer’s guide section below.

Afterwards, we will cover ground on some of the best Ethernet splitters market has to offer. So, let’s begin!

How to Buy the Best Ethernet Splitter?

How Does It Work?
A single Ethernet cable is never enough to supply to all devices. The best Ethernet port splitters can come in handy to ensure the proper expansion of your network.

Especially while gaming, where many devices need to be connected with the same connection. The best Ethernet splitter for gaming will distribute the signal from the main cable to all the other devices without hindering the transfer speeds. Each device will be connected to the network as each cable will be transmitting data at equal speeds.


The first thing you need to focus on is the number of outputs. The chassis should also be in line with the outputs so that the port head does not get stuck.

The number of outputs depends on your personal needs. The best Ethernet splitter for gaming would be the one with a multitude of ports. More chances of connections will aid you in widening your network.

If there is a cable attached to the splitter, make sure you keep its length in mind. Greater length accounts for less energy efficiency. Moreover, the case should not take up all the space on the table. A metallic chassis is your ideal option, as it’s durable and can withstand wear and tear.

Connectivity and Control

The best Ethernet splitter will be plug-and-play. Wherever you find manual configurations, or lengthy installation instructions, drop that option right away.

As for control, remember that Impulse signals are sent to the splitter, which is then automatically distributed. Now your Ethernet splitter must keep track of unused outputs. The best Ethernet splitter supports the automatic shutdown of such ports.

Power Up

As for the Ethernet splitter’s power supply, units that directly get their power from power outlet are preferable. They tend to have faster signal transmission and are more efficient. Furthermore, the chance of potential interference is dialled down to a minimum with a direct power outlet.

However, many Ethernet splitters tend to connect to devices through an HDMI connection to power up. The slight drop in power transmission is unnoticeable.


Even the best Ethernet splitters are not mad expensive. There is a set range of a minimum of $10 to $60, in which you can get a credible splitter. However, keep in mind their prices highly depend on the number of outputs and the durability of the product.

What Should the Best Ethernet Splitter Be Made Of?

It would be difficult for you to open up the splitters and check what quality products are put together. So, the main factor in determining quality is the material your Ethernet splitter is made from.

Simply choose a product that has a sturdy feel to it. The external body, be it plastic, plastic with a metal finish, or metal, should not feel cheap at a cursory glance or touch.

Product Reviews

1. TP-Link TL-SG105 Ethernet Splitter

Perfect for all homes and small offices is a small 5 Port Gigabit Unmanaged Ethernet splitter and switch. The solid chassis has 5 shielded ports encased in a fan-less metal body. It ensures minimum heat build-up and silent operation in times of excessive load on the machine.

One Ethernet port is made to expand to 5 x 10, 100, 1000 Mbps RJ45 ports which support networking via auto MDI/MDIX.

The compact TP-Link saves energy by using innovative technology that ensures operational efficacy. It further assists in expanding the network capacity with minimum power consumption, thus adding to the overall energy rating while saving money.

Moreover, the IEEE 802.3X control provides a well-ordered and dependable data transfer. Being a Plug & Play device, it has an easy setup and assures no hassles of setting. Advanced software features guarantee efficient traffic flow with a high-quality data transmission with the port-based 802.1p/DSCP QoS and IGMP snooping. Equipped with a desktop/wall–mounting option for your ease.

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2. NETGEAR 8-Port Ethernet Splitter

Coming in second place is the best Ethernet splitter for gaming.

Why do we say so?

The metal body is not the only thing that is attractive in this case. There are 8 solid Ethernet port outlets on the front to let you build your network and expand. The greater number of ports fits even small offices. The best part is that there will be no speed drop.

The unmanaged 8 Gigabit Ethernet ports support a plug-and-play operation that does not require any software installation.

When all ports are in use, the jumbo frame does not let the operations be ‘heard.’ The silent operation keeps it in the background. To be resourceful, this unit supports an energy-efficient design as well. Besides, although it has many ports, it comes at an incredibly affordable price. So, you will save up on money as well as on energy.

However, there is no switch off when you want certain ports out of the way. You will have to manually isolate the port, which can be a hassle.

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3. NETGEAR 8_PORT Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch and Splitter

Next, we have another 8-port Ethernet splitter. The unique quality of this unit is its white smooth plastic body and well representation of active ports.

The chassis structure is light and seems presentable in view. Its intriguing presentation is such that each port is numbered and has an LED display, along with the switch.

This system is of a plug-and-play nature, which requires no manual configuration. It does not waste energy and is compliant with efficient power-saving standards. This unit supports 8 10/100/1000 Mbps gigabit Ethernet ports that deliver fast functionality.

Its operations are quiet, even with all 8 active ports. The fan-less ventilation keeps power savings to a maximum and noise to a minimum.

So, what made it land on the list?

The presence of auto MDI/MDIX negates the need for crossover cables, and a non-blocking framework delivers maximum output. Furthermore, it offers auto-negotiation and manages automatic connection ranging at the highest common speeds between the switch and end device.

But, as there are no mounting holes, the weight of the 8 collective CAT cables will veer it in random directions.

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4. RJ45 Ethernet Splitter

If you are looking for something simple and do not want to deal with a lot of ports, we suggest this simple RJ45 Ethernet Splitter.

It’s light, simple, and cannot get any simpler. This is an RJ45 splitter adapter with an extender connector. Its connector A has RJ45 Male, and connector B is an RJ45 Female port X 3.

What good does it do?

It allows two computers to distribute high-speed DSL, cable modem, or other Ethernet ports. This splitter is compatible with a wide range of CAT cables from 7 to 5e.

Do not go on its small size. It is built from high purity copper (OFC) conductor contact terminals, polyethylene LDPE / PVC insulation. This Ethernet splitter serves the purpose of safeguarding ports. It can be used as an extension and prevents the cables from breaking due to unnatural pulls.

However, when the load gets heavy, the speed is bound to slow down. It cannot cater to professional work environments.

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5. Gigabit Type C PoE Splitter

Lastly, we have a Type C Ethernet splitter to support faster connections. Coming at highly reasonable rates, this option had to land on our best Ethernet splitter list.

The PoE supports 10/ 100/ 1000 Mbps high-speed data transmission. While working at only 37 to 57 V, the device automatically captures the power supply from the respective module. As for its output, the unique Type C port supports power charging.

Like many others above, this ethernet splitter also works on the approved PoE standards. The input RJ45 port is well built and holds ports firmly. The entire unit prohibits short circuits and keeps the voltage levels within operational range.

Moreover, this Type C ethernet splitter can render stable transmissions in suitable temperatures, thanks to its capable design.

But the port size is a tad smaller than the standard, and hence the adapter usage may create issues for some.

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Final Thoughts

In a wireless dependent world, the importance of wires cannot be understated. Whether you are building/renovating your home or office, you must have a network system planned out in your head. The distribution of ports and wires will decide where your network connection will lie in terms of functionality. Hopefully, this article gave you enough ideas. And now you can make an educated choice when purchasing a cable modem Ethernet splitter.

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