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Crypto prices are soaring again after the dip. Investors and miners are increasing interest in different cryptocurrencies, fueling what experts suggest could be another high. During such periods, the profitability of mining also increases, bringing more income to miners.

Even before the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency price touched $4000, it was the most profitable cryptocurrency for mining rigs built on video cards. One of the major components of profitable mining is the right software.

So, today we bring you the top 7 mining software suitable for both professionals and beginners. These programs are the best, most reliable, and offer the highest hash rate at the moment. But first, let’s take a detailed look at what exactly mining software does. Read on!

What is mining software?

A cryptocurrency mining software is a program that helps control the process of mining. It uses your resources (GPU) to solve complex problems and then submits these solutions as your share back to the pool. It also helps users track and secure the transactions that are known as the blockchain. Due to this, users can earn a particular cryptocurrency rather than paying for it with actual money.

However, you need specialized hardware, powerful enough to run complex calculations and create new blocks. The mining software either connects directly to the hardware used to mine Ethereum or, in most cases, to a mining pool where multiple users are sharing resources. Most mining software is free of cost, but some take a “dev” fee (in %age of Ethereum) during the mining process.

Best Ethereum Mining Software

The options below have all been tried and tested over the years, and they’re the best Ethereum miners as per our experience.

1. Gminer

GMiner was developed by a team of Russian developers in the field of cryptography. Its very first version was released back in 2018. Since then, it has built quite a reputation among GPU Miners thanks to its stability and unique developments. GMiner is focused on both AMD and NVidia-based GPUs.

Moreover, it supports all the popular algorithms like Ethash, Equihash, CuckooCycle, ProgPoW, etc. Although it’s a free-to-download program, you have to pay its “dev fee” during mining. It means, for a short period of time, GMiner will be mining Ethereum for its developers. Depending on the algorithm you are using, it can be anywhere from 0.6 to 10% of the time.

GMiner tops our list of the best Ethereum mining software because of its developers’ relentless pursuit of improvement. They’re always trying to improve performance and reduce power consumption whenever a new version of the program is released.

2. T-rex

T-rex miner is another popular name in the crypto mining community. It is widely used to mine Ethereum and several other crypto coins, as it works with a wide variety of algorithms (more than 30). Therefore, it’s a very flexible mining software. Besides, it’s fast and stable, giving you the fastest speed on the mining pool.

What’s more, the T-rex miner charges a 1 percent Dev Fee, which means the miner works for the developers 1% of the time. It’s one of the lowest Dev fees in the market right now. Both T-Rex miner and GMiner are oriented on NVidia graphics cards and work on Windows and Linux machines.

Over the years T-rex developer team has incorporated several unique features in its code. For instance, T-rex continues mining even if the internet connection has been disrupted for a while. In addition, users can set up a watchdog and GPU temperature color.

3. Teamred Miner

On the third spot, we have the Teamred Miner. Teamred miner is an AMD-exclusive performance-optimized mining program for Ethereum mining. Besides Ethereum, you can also utilize it to mine other cryptocurrencies like Zcoin, Raven Coin, and  Grin, among others.

Moreover, it’s a command-line program, which means you can run it from the windows command line as well as the Linux console. You can also create shortcuts using a bash script or a .bat file to pre-customized command lines. The key difference between TRM and other AMD Ethash miners is the availability of additional (B & C ) mining modes.

The TRM works excellently with Radeon RX Vega series GPUs. If you are mining Ethash with 4GB Polaris, the dev fee is a minimal of 0.7%. However, with other cards, the developer fees rise to 1%. Pro Tip: to take full advantage of the TRM features in Linux and Windows, you need a driver compatible with large single buffer allocations.

4. EthMiner

EthMiner is one of the most popular “open source” mining software you can use today without spending a Dev Fee. It’s absolutely free to use. All of its code is available on its public GitHub for you to see. It’s an excellent mining option for beginners, who can easily make shortcuts using cmd or .batch files.

With this mining software, you can mine every other coin besides Ethereum that utilizes the Ethash algorithm. For instance, Musicoin, Ubiq, Vector, and Ethereum Classic, among others. This program is multi-platform as it supports Linux, macOS, and Windows. Additionally, EthMiner is developed for Nvidia.

Unfortunately, free doesn’t always mean you can get more profit out of it. It becomes obvious when you compare EthMiner with others. While it’s a good project, it’s not as well maintained as others. Plus, the performance tests show it slightly lags behind its competitors. That’s why we put it in the fourth position on our list.

5. LolMiner

LolMiner initially came to the spotlight because it supported Cuckatoo and Equihash algorithms. Later on, the developers kept on adding new functionalities. So now LolMiner can also mine crypto coins on the Ethash algorithm such as Ethereum, Ergo, Beam, etc. Its unique feature is that you can switch to another pool if the connection to the main pool is disconnecting too often.

Moreover, LolMiner was primarily developed for AMD cards. The Zombie mode for mining Ether on AMD’s Radeon RX 470/480 and 570/580 graphics cards is a popular and profitable choice among Ethereum miners. Its support for Nvidia mining software came recently. Still, it has already trumped Phoenix Miner in terms of performance and efficiency.

The developer’s commission is 1% which, like other mining programs, is deducted during mining when the software works for the developers 1 percent of the time. LolMiner works best on Linux machines, though a Windows version is also available for users looking for ease of use.

6. Phoenix Miner

Phoenix Miner offers you the lowest possible developer fees. Each miner in the pool has to pay a 0.65% Dev fee. This is the lowest commission charged by any mining software on our list. So, if you are looking for software with the lowest rates, Phoenix Miner is your guy. Plus, the latest versions of Phoenix Miner also support dual mining.

Furthermore, this mining program is compatible with both AMD and Nvidia GPUs. It can be run on Windows as well as Linux. However, we believe it is more suitable for Windows 10 users than any other OS user. It can mine all coins based on the Ethash algorithm and stratum protocols and support for solo mining with HTTP.

However, the problem with Phoenix Miner is that it’s not beginner-friendly software. You have to make several changes in the settings to optimize your GPU performance and get the most profits. Note: When you’re using Phoenix Miner in the dual mining mode, the developer commission on the main coin increases to 0.9 percent, while there’s no dev fee on the secondary coin.

7. NBMiner

No, it’s not just Reddit talk; NBMiner is a hard nut to crack if you are not Chinese. It’s developed by Chinese professionals for the Chinese market. It takes quite a while to comprehend all the features available fully. Not to mention, all the descriptions and support are also in Chinese, leaving non-Chinese users out in the lurch.

The software supports AMD and NVidia GPUs and demonstrates a high hash rate (though often overstated) on different mining algos. NBMiner is also a very versatile mining software as it supports over a dozen algorithms. Its developer’s fee for Ethash algorithm-based coins is 1%. On the other hand, for coins based on KAWPOW, CuckooCycle, BeamHash, and AUTOLYKOS2 algorithms, it charges 2%.

Lastly, NBMiner supports both Windows and Linux. It also supports backup mining pool configuration and SSL connections to the mining pool for safety and security.


So, there you have it, the 7 best ethereum mining software for you to consider. Remember, this list is only meant to help you. Don’t take it as absolute truth. GMiner and T-rex won’t always be the best mining programs, and no matter how hard to figure out, NBMiner won’t always be the worst. Users may get different results based on their GPU optimization settings, rig hardware configuration, and CPU overclocking options.


What’s the fastest ethereum mining software? 

On the basis of the performance of their latest versions both T-rex and Gminer are generally the fastest ethereum mining software.

Is there any free ethereum mining software? 

Yes, Ethminer is a free ethereum mining software as it is totally open source and charges no dev fee.

What’s the most profitable ethereum mining software? 

Considering Phoenix charges just 0.65% developer fee, it can be the most productive mining program. However, profitability depends on other factors as well, such as rig configuration, GPU, and CPU settings.

Can I mine Ethereum using this software on my PC?

Sure you can, as long as it is power efficient. Spoiler Alert: If it’s consuming more power than the Ethereum you are producing, you will face a loss.

Is ethereum mining profitable right now?

Of course, it’s still the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine, according to many expert sources.

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