Top 5 JavaScript Code Editors and IDEs

Code editors are text editor programs specifically designed to write and edit source code of a software while IDEs (integrated development environments) provide tools and facilities required for software development; IDEs consist of code editors debuggers and build automation tools. They provide a single environment where everything can be done, from writing to executing the code. This increases the productivity of the developers and makes their lives easier.

In this post, we will discuss the top five code editors/ IDEs for JavaScript. Let’s begin

1. Visual Studio Code

The first one on our list is Visual Studio Code; this IDE does not need any introduction. It is the most popular and reliable integrated development environment for JavaScript. This IDE is available across all major operating systems. Its features include IntelliSense, code refactoring, debugging tools, function in-line peak, and much more. It is integrated with github which allows you to run commands like push, pull and commit. VS Code also allows you to add additional features to your IDE by installing plugins. It is light, highly customizable, and completely free.

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2. Atom

Atom is a very popular, free-of-cost, open-source, cross-platform source code editor for JavaScript. Unlike Visual Studio Code, the atom is just a code editor and does not feature code execution.

Atom is built on top of the electron, a framework used to build cross-platform desktop apps. It includes features such as completion of code and easy integration with github. You can customize Atom by adding additional plugins and packages to it.

Atom features a real-time collaboration option.

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3. Sublime Text

Like Atom, Sublime Text is also a code editor for JavaScript, which does not feature code execution. However, unlike Atom, it is not free; it does offer an evaluation period after which the user has to purchase the license keys for $99 (as of now).

It has an incredible user interface that is very intuitive. Sublime Text is powerful, flexible, and lightning-fast, unlike many other resource-hungry software.

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4. Web Storm

Webstorm is another popular IDE available for JavaScript. It has an evaluation period of 30 days, after which you have to buy it for $5.90 per month for individual use. It has tons of features and tools like refactoring, quick documentation, error compilation, built-in HTTP client, and many other integrated tools. It also has an inbuilt debugger which helps in error identification.

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5. Komodo Edit

Komodo Edit is the free version of the paid Komodo IDE; it is simplified and lacks some of the features present in the paid version, but it still is a very powerful IDE. It allows you to work across platforms with different languages and frameworks.

It offers features such as Auto-Complete & Calltips, Projects & Places Manager, Minimap, etc. It allows you to track changes in your code.

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Choosing the right development environment is essential if you want to write efficient code. Good IDEs and Code Editors help a developer save time and boost their performance. Many other great IDEs and code editors are also available, which could not make it to this list. These include Sublime Text 3, IntelliJ IDEA, RJ TextEd, etc.

In this write-up, we have listed the best code editors and IDEs available for JavaScript. Every Code Editor and IDE has its own pros and cons. So the decision of choosing the right development environment for your project should come down to the requirements of your project.

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