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Best 7 Cloud Hosted Desktop as a Service Providers

Desktop as a service is a cloud-based service which is designed to provide their clients with virtual desktop wherever they are. The user of this service can access the desktop with all the productivity software via the internet as if they were using their own systems.

The service provider manages the back-end resources and cloud computing. This guarantees the security and maintenance of desktops. The service providers are also responsible for providing a multitude of customer support to their customers.

Organizations can shift from the Capex model to the Opex model with the provision of DaaS. Lesser time is utilized in deploying the desktops. This also reduces the IT personnel utilization and reduced support cost as well. The service provider is responsible for the delivery of updated desktops and the maintenance of the framework.

Below we will look into the top 7 DaaS providers.

1. Shells™

Shells is a powerful and secure desktop that can be accessed anywhere. It has the unique and exceptional feature that you can access it from an array of devices. You can use your smart TV or an old computer to access Shells.

Any Project Any Device

This cloud-powered secure desktop gives you the facility to edit, store, access, or download your file on any device.

Any OS

Shells secure desktop gives you safe and fast access to the platform of your choice or a mix of platforms. You can use Windows and Mac functionality. Similarly, you can also switch between Android and Apple iPad. Play a pc game on an Android phone.

Safe and Secure

State-of-the-art security with end-to-end encryption and firewalls. Your data is stored, and tge Shells DaaS ensures that it is automatically backed up (for free!).

Easy Upgrades

With just one click, you can update speed, memory, and performance. This feature saves you a good amount of time and as well as upgrade costs. You can turn your old device into a brand new one with the features of Shells.

Pocket Friendly

You can get amazing computing performance with a low-cost plan. Start with as low as $5 a month. Get access to all that you need with a budget-friendly plan.

2. UbiDesktop

Your Desktop Ubiquitous

Your desktop is available wherever you go. UbiDesktop gives you the resilience to carry your desktop and favorite desktop apps and programs through cloud service no matter where you go.

Homely Sensation

Access your desktop from the comfort of your home. Your desktop is in your pocket wherever you go. Providing you with flexibility and power of cloud service.

Any Device

You can access your desktop from a wide range of devices, whether Android or iOS, Windows, or Mac.


Access your desktop anywhere; you just need an internet connection.


Access your desktop without leaving a trace of your activity on a local device.


You do not have to worry about the device speed; use your desktop using superfast servers.


With a cloud data center, your data and applications are safe from damage and theft.

3. Google Cloud


With Google Cloud, you facilitate and expedite the move to remote working in a secured and safe manner.


You can utilize the array of premier partner services that are scalable as per your requirement.


With your shift to google cloud, you can reduce your operational cost. Business dexterity can be increased, and operational complications can be decreased by shifting and platforming applications to the cloud.

High-Quality Virtual Partners

Worlds leading software providers are contributing to desktop solutions on Google cloud.

High Performance

When you switch to google cloud, the performance improves considerably because it gives an error-free performance.

Better Pricing

When you use Google, there is a good benefit. The benefit is that Google will charge for the compute time which you utilize. This billing starts with a 10-minute minimum charge.

4. Amazon WorkSpaces

Amazon is a leader in the desktop as a service industry. It offers many options of use. Amazon WorkSpaces is compatible with Windows, macOS, iPad, Android, Amazon, and Chromebook.


Amazon provides high-performance cloud desktops in 13 AWS regions. You can quickly decide on increasing and decreasing the desktops as your workforce requirements change.


Amazon WorkSpaces eradicates many administrative functions associated with controlling your desktop lifecycle, including maintenance, deployment, arrangements, and recycling desktops.


Amazon WorkSpaces is provided inside an Amazon Virtual Private Network (VPC). User data is not stored on a local device which is essential for enhanced security. Each user gets access to encrypted storage volumes.


The user does not need to purchase desktop or laptop assets since Amazon WorkSpaces provide them. The cost of purchasing and buying a license or subscription for each software is eliminated.

5. V2 Cloud

This cloud desktop facility is fully equipped for strongly secured remote access. The features pertaining to safety and data integrity are amazing. V2 Cloud offers daily backup of the user’s data and also antivirus protection.

Large Capacity

The virtual machines which are Windows server-based have a good capacity. The virtual machines providing multi-user desktops can easily accommodate 250 users.


The V2 Cloud provides a very good feature for its users. The feature is file restorations; individual files can be restored using this facility. Apart from file restorations, V2 also offers daily backup of user’s data.

Live Chat

This cloud-based desktop as a service provider offers a live chat help feature. The apps have a built-in feature of live chat in case assistance is required by any user.

Many Other Features

V2 also offers many great features to its users. These features include Multifactor Authentication (MFA), a Virtual Private Network (VPN), Single Sign-on (SSO), and Internet Security Protocol (IPsec), etc.

6. din Cloud

The din cloud offers many services which are related to the workspace. Some of the din cloud services are dinRDS, dinApp, dinDaaS, and din workspace. These names are rather confusing for the users.

From these services, dinDaaS has a small scope. The end-user especially can have access to it only by using the Google Chrome browser. Many of the advanced features are also not support.

The dinRDS service is only for shared desktops, which are also session-based. The dinApp is only catering to virtual applications which have been provided.

The best among all of the services provided by the din cloud is the din workspace service. The din workspace service grants a more developed dedicated desktop. It comes with support for lineaments such as Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), local and remote printing, infrastructure SSL gateway and broker, and local USB.

To gain access to din workspace desktops, the user has to install Microsoft RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) client on their devices. Microsoft RDP can run on Chromebook, iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.

7. Cloudalize

Cloudalize presents a solution deployment and all-around testing platform. It is also providing astonishing features for desktops as a service. It is providing immaculate infrastructure for collaboration management and remote work. The decision-making process can be completely automated. Similarly, you can construct workflows according to your specifications and requirements.

It also provides services that assure quick boot times and super-high processing power, confirming SOC security standards. The Cloudalize only supports Windows desktops. It is powered by Nvidia Quadro GPU cards which enables it to give an exceptional response to software like computer-aided design and computer-aided engineering.

Through an internet connection or a strong 3G, 4G connection, authorized users can access data from any type of device.

The pricing of Cloudalize service is available in both hourly and monthly tiers. Only the starting subscription rates are available. Their website does not give any further details for other services.

Our Verdict

From the above comparison and detailed discussion about features, we can definitely reach a conclusion. There are many state-of-art desktops as service options. From the above options, some are catering only to large-scale enterprises.

For companies and large organizations, they have to calculate their needs and purposes. Based on those needs or requirements, they can evaluate which desktop service is most suitable for them.
Based on these needs and personal preferences, you can acquire the one which is best suited. In our view, a desktop service which gives you lots of flexibility is the one which is best suited for anyone nowadays.

If a desktop service enables you access to all platforms and allows seamless crossover from one platform to another, it is the most suitable. Shells™ offers such access. Shells offers access to all devices and operating systems and a seamless switch between Windows and Mac, Android, and iOS.

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