Best Chromebooks for 2021

Everybody wants a Chromebook these days. It has come a long way from just being a simple laptop for students that runs a few apps. As more makers enter the market, casual users and workaholics alike can now get one of the best Chromebooks for their needs.

Chromebooks deliver great value for a low price. That’s because the Chrome OS is super lightweight, therefore, it needs less power to get the performance you need. Besides, the introduction of touch screens and the 2-in-1 form factor has further elevated their status.

That’s why the Best Chromebooks of 2021 even rival some of the best laptops in the market.

If you are having trouble deciding what is the suitable Chromebook, we have narrowed down the options for you. Have a feast!

1. ASUS Chromebook Flip C434

Backlit keypad, very thin display bezels, and exceptional split screening make Asus C434 an ideal 2-in-1 Chromebook for people who want to get everything done in style. But a premium Chromebook means you do have to shell out a premium amount too. The good thing is, it’s still not as pricey as PixelBook or Lenovo Yoga C630.

The model is available in four different specifications. You can go for one that best suits your needs. The keypad is excellent to type on, and the trackpad is on point. This model does not only feature a USB-A but two USB-C ports as well. The USB-C ports are placed on the opposite sides, so you can connect it to the side you like.

Talking about size, this is a 14 inches laptop that feels like hiding in a 13 inches shell. The bezels are super slim, and the 16:9 aspect ratio squeezes it into a much smaller footprint than the other premium 4:3 aspect ratio Chromebooks. The aluminum body feels slightly delicate than the plastic ones. But it’s definitely less prone to scratches.

The only minor drawback is the speakers. They face downward and can get muffled when you are using them on the bed. Overall, Asus Chromebook Flip C434 takes the first spot on our list of the best Chromebooks because of its handsome portable build, great battery, and exceptional performance.

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2. Lenovo Chromebook Duet

Short on your budget? Don’t worry! Lenovo Duet has got your back. The Duet delivers more than just decent performance at a low price. It’s an ultra-portable, 10 inches, two-in-one device that comes with a clip-on keypad and a twill-like kickstand cover. Shut it like a book, and no one will know you are carrying a laptop. HA!

The Duet features a MediaTek Helio P60T chip, 4GB RAM, and 128GB SSD storage, which is plenty fast. If you are simply surfing the internet and don’t plan on using it for super heavy productivity work, this laptop performs really well. And don’t forget that it’s also a 2-in-1 laptop!

In its detachable form, the Duet brags of a gesture navigation system – pretty much like Android – that makes the app switch a real breeze. The battery life doesn’t disappoint either. On a full charge, we got close to 12 hours of non-stop use. Impressive, right?

That being said, there are, of course, some disappointments. The absence of a headphone jack is sure to bug some users, and the 16:10 display feels slightly dim. However, these are understandable trade-offs for such an affordable price. Overall, Lenovo Chromebook Duet is a great on-the-go option for the office, schoolwork, or entertainment purposes.

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3. Google Pixelbook Go

The best Google Chromebook in the market right now is Pixelbook Go, and it effortlessly makes it to our Best Chromebooks 2021 list. It’s a stylish 13.3 inches super-slim laptop that weighs just 2 pounds. What’s more, it sports a rugged magnesium chassis and an easy to grip design, making it quite a durable piece.

Not only is it stylish and portable, but it offers a solid performance as well. It’s available in four different capacities and three different configurations. This gives you plenty of options to go for a suitable configuration. The standout feature of Google’s Pixelbook Go is the keypad. There’s no clicky-click sound, and it has a very springy feel.

Go supports fast charging, thanks to a pair of USB-C ports. The battery life is also exceptional. On a full charge, the laptop lasts for 12 and a half hours straight. That is more than enough to get you throughout the day.

However, PixelBook Go is an expensive Chromebook, but it’s just pretty similar to our number one pick in terms of performance. That’s why it doesn’t top our list. Still, users who prefer a smaller footprint and a lightweight device may favor spending a wee bit more for Google Pixelbook Go.

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4. Acer – Chromebook Spin 713

Acer’s Chromebook Spin 713 is one of the best Chromebooks you can buy. It has a nice build, a gorgeous display, and long battery life. The screen stands out from the rest of the convertibles because of a squarish 3:2 aspect ratio. On top of that, its offbeat shape has certainly won us over.

The 10th Gen Core i5 processor, aided by an 8GB RAM and 128GB NVMe SSD, can handle the heavy workload of multiple tabs like a champ. It comes with all the ports you have come to expect from a top-of-the-line laptop model. And that’s not all! It even has an HDMI port. How often do you see that on a Chromebook?

The sunny and snappy Vertiview display is another highlight. It’s so sharp that even the tiniest text stays readable. Brightness is just about right. The white backgrounds are nicely white, and the contrast is decent. The keypad and touchscreen are pretty responsive as well.

If this model came with a stylus, it would have ranked much higher on our list. Still, the value it brings to the table makes it a sure-fire candidate on any top five list of the best Chromebooks 2021.

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5. HP Chromebook x360 14

Want a powerful Chromebook and don’t mind the extra footprint of a 14 inches screen? HP Chromebook x360 may just be your ideal candidate. This 2-in-1 neatly navigates between the hordes of modest consumer-grade Chromebooks and ritzy business models and comes in the middle $560 range.

The design is sleek, thanks to an aluminum build and a plastic bottom. However, at 3.64 pounds, it’s is a full pound heavier than even the heaviest model on this list. There are plenty of ports on both ends of the package, along with a MicroSD slot and an audio jack.

Punching keys is comfortable due to responsive tactile feedback. The large buttonless touchpad responds well to the taps. As for the IPS display, you get wide viewing angles, bright, rich colors, and nice saturation all around. Thankfully the speakers are on the sides of the keyboard. This ensures you hear the same sound whether using it on your work desk or bed.

While there are several different configurations of this model in the market, we suggest going for the Core i3, 8GB RAM, and 64GB eMMC Flash memory model. That’s because it offers form, function, and fun for a fantastic price.

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A Buyer’s Guide to the Best Chromebooks

While there is less variety in best Chromebooks 2021 than windows machines, these are important factors to consider:

Display Resolution

The standard screen resolution on a Chromebook is 1080p for 13 to 15 inches screens. Don’t go for a model that has a lower resolution (1336×768) because it is only suitable for 12 inches or smaller screens. It looks very coarse on slightly larger displays. That’s why if you are going for 13 inches or a bigger-sized Chromebook, don’t settle on a low resolution.


Low-end Chromebooks suitable for browsing do well with an Intel Celeron or even a Pentium chip. While the Celeron chip with a 4GB of memory can be unbearably sluggish on a Windows machine, the same specs offer a very decent experience for Chromebooks. However, if you are a multi-tasker, look for a modern Intel Core CPU like the Core i3 or Core i5. AMD’s recently introduced Ryzen C chips also compete well with Intel’s Core machines.


Chromebooks store most of the files in the cloud. Therefore, even a small serving of 32GB or 64GB eMMC storage is enough. But a true SSD (whether 64 or 128GB) is the biggest sign of a premium Chromebook. Look for an additional SD card slot to help you save files on a device of your choice if needed.


Chromebooks are wireless, supporting both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Most of them support the 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard, but the leading corporate models that are coming with Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) standard give a slight edge in connectivity.

Other Considerations

If you often give presentations, a video out port such as HDMI becomes a must-have. Similarly, having a USB-C (or two) comes in handy for fast charging and quick file transfers. USB-A is pretty much available on all Chromebooks. More ports, the merrier, because then you can attach more peripherals.

Final Thoughts

That’s all about the best Chromebooks 2021. If you are looking for a ChromeOS device, the options mentioned above are convenient to use, easy to take along because of a smaller footprint, and generally inexpensive. Whether you are a social media aficionado or just need a basic machine to regular everyday work, the best Chromebooks will always come in handy.

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