Best Cellphone Signal Booster For Rural Areas

We rely on our cell phones to get by during the day. We use them to communicate if, conduct research, send work emails, and in the event of an emergency, call for help. It can be a nightmare to live without consistent cell phone coverage, particularly for those who live in far off areas, isolated regions, or on farmhouses away from the city.

So, if you are searching for the best cell phone booster for rural areas, we got your back. In this article, we bring you top 5 best cell phone boosters for you to consider. There’s also a buyer’s guide at the end of the reviews, to help you decide your ideal signal booster equipment. Take a look!

1. SureCall’s Flare Cellphone Signal Booster Kit

The Surecall’s equipment tops our list of the best cell phone signal boosters for rural areas. It can cover a 2,500 square feet region. So this booster is excellent for a big farmhouse or business.

It lets you connect to any 4G LTE frequency in the United States, regardless of the setting. Besides, the Flare Kit works with AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile for phone, text, and data.

At any given moment, the booster can be used by up to eight people to strengthen their signals. You can also make any manual gain changes to boost a specific wireless band and increase or reduce signal strength.

Whether on a bookshelf or in a corner, the booster’s plastic shell offers a clean aesthetic that makes it unobtrusive. The outside omnidirectional antenna on the Flare Kit, on the other hand, isn’t up to par. But it does not detract from the booster’s overall appearance.

Users have complimented the significant reduction in lost and missed calls after activating the Flare Kit. However, only mid-sized slots are available in this booster kit, which can limit its functionality.

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2. weBoost’s Home Multiroom Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit

On the second, we have the weBoost’s Home Multiroom Kit. It is ideal for homeowners in rural regions who want to improve their cell phone signals but don’t mind the directional antennas. That means you have to mount it in the direction of the tower you want to use. Otherwise, it may not work at all.

This signal booster was explicitly developed for use in a multi-room hotel and can improve signal strength in a 5,000 square feet region. The remarkable range of the Home Multiroom Kit makes it one of the most significant indoor ranges among rivals.

For phone, text, and internet demands, you may use the booster’s reach across major U.S. cell carriers. WeBoost claims to boost uplink output power by 21dBm and downlink output power by 12dBm.

The Home Multiroom Kit, unlike most other booster units, is well-designed and not overly bulky. The devices may also be mounted, thanks to functionality added by weBoost.

Whether you opt to attach the Home Multiroom Kit or not, the equipment must be placed in various areas throughout the house. As a result, if your property has a restricted number of outlets, installing the booster may be difficult.

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3. OPREY’s 5G Signal Booster

OPREY’s solution to enhance weak signas, not only improves 3G and 4G(LTE) signals, but also works like a charm for 5G. In addition, its suitable for signals from Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and US Cellular.

Moreover, these boosters work on the 2/4/5/12/13/17/66 bands so that you can expect better internet speeds and clearer voice conversations. Because the 5G booster features automatic gain control, adjusting it to your needs is simple. The booster detects incoming signals and then adapt for better gain.

However, your mobile phone should work on the same frequency as the Oprey’s booster. If there is no outside signal, your signal is too weak to get detected, or your mobile works on a different frequency band, then this booster may not work at all.

Because OPREY isn’t well-known among cell phone signal boosters, potential customers may be wary. The FCC and IC certifications of the booster, on the other hand, can assuage your fears. Also, it comes with a 5 years manufacturer warranty, offering much needed peace of mind.

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4. weBoost Drive Reach Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Booster

Now, you can focus on driving without worrying about your cell coverage thanks to weBoost’s in-vehicle cell signal booster. According to the FCC, 50dB of gain is the maximum allowed for car boosters, and that’s what you get in this package.

WeBoost has also increased its uplink and downlink power from the Drive 46X. On each band, the uplink power has been enhanced by 5bDm, while the downlink power has improved by more than 5bDm. Even with the benefits, the $500 price tag for a booster restricted to your car may seem exorbitant.

Furthermore, besides the booster, package contains a thin, low-profile antenna, and a power source with quick charging USB-A connector. The accompanying unique mounting equipment ensures you can install the Drive Reach on non-steel cars without any hassle. Overall, even without any equipment, installing the booster takes only a few minutes.

Once you’ve completed the installation, pay attention to where you put your phone. The phone must be positioned upright against the in-vehicle antenna for the Drive Reach to be as effective as possible. That said, as it’s a vehicle cellphone signal booster, it has a very limited range.

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5. SureCall Fusion4Home Cell Phone Signal Booster for All Carriers

The Fusion4Home Kit has a total coverage range of 3,000 square feet for a medium-sized house or workplace. However, the additional coverage comes at a cost, as this booster’s price ranges between $450 and $500.

For accuracy, the Fusion4Home Kit comes with two separate antennas. The outside directional Yagi antenna, for example, captures signals with extreme precision, whereas the indoor Whip antenna delivers the signal. SureCell included a 50-foot RG-6 coax wire and an AC power source to connect and power up the booster.

Because of its robust metal design, the Fusion4Home Kit was designed to be efficient and long-lasting. The Yagi antenna on the booster takes the outside signal and delivers it inside to the Whip. The concept also works in reverse when a strong signal is required.

All in all, the Yagi/ Whip Kit boosts your signal for calls and internet on Verizon, AT & T, Sprint, and other 4G LTE networks, providing a clear and consistent signal. Not only will you have fewer lost calls and unanswered messages, but you’ll also spend less time waiting for online streams to play (and without any buffering).

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How to buy the best Cell Phone Booster for Rural Areas?

Thinking about buying a cell phone booster? These suggestions will help you get your ideal equipment. Take a look!

Range or Coverage

Another thing to look for before buying mobile signal boosters is this. A booster with a 6000-7000 square feet coverage performance will be enough if your home has three rooms.

If you have more space and need a bigger coverage area, consider getting a mobile phone booster that can cover up to 10,000 square feet.

Installation procedure

This is significant since the installation of a mobile booster is quite tricky. People occasionally make mistakes and curse the gadget.

However, you should find a booster that has a simple installation mechanism. Check their online resources to see if they have a comprehensive guideline or not.

Cellular signal

So, what’s the signal you’re using? 2G, 3G, 4G, or 5G are all options. It’s either 4G or 5G. Each signal booster, in reality, has a restriction. Some can handle up to 5G LTE signals, while others can only support 4G LTE signals.

If you always use 5G, it’s better to purchase a signal booster from WeBoost because they are all 5G network signal compatible. They will, however, be a touch pricey.

Final Thoughts

So, these are all the best cell phone boosters for rural areas; the SureCall Flare Mobile Phone Signal Booster Kit (see on Amazon) would suffice for most people. The Flare Booster Kit improves 4G LTE frequencies within a radius of 2,500 square feet. Furthermore, the kit can be used by up to eight people simultaneously. Topping it off, the Flare Booster Kit has a reasonable price when compared to other high-quality signal boosters. But that doesn’t mean other kits are lacking. Each come with their own pros and cons. Consider each feature before settling on a particular booster. All the best!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

In remote locations, how can I improve mobile phone reception?

Getting your hands on the finest smartphone network cell phone boosters is the solution. Purchase a mobile phone booster and attach the antennas correctly. If necessary, connect your gadgets and enjoy high-speed communication.

Is it possible to use cell phone boosters in remote areas?

Yes, they are effective in rural areas. Some mobile phone boosters are referred to as network boosters for rural regions. These devices can connect to any tower within their compatibility range, enhancing the entire network.

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