Best Bluetooth Headset for Computer

If you own a pair of headphones, you are bound to have suffered from a comedic whiplash. The tug on your neck from the not-so-long cord while moving away leads to unwanted mayhem at your working station.

The time has come to invest in a hassle-free headset alternative. One that widens your workspace boundaries without limiting your mobility. A Bluetooth headset is an excellent way to multi-task and expand your productivity scale.

Moreover, if you spend long hours on the computer, don’t let it take your freedom away. Get a Bluetooth headset that enables you to attend calls and type simultaneously. One that even allows you to make a cup of coffee without having to interrupt your calls or meetings.

We are already slaves to technology. Let us not make it literal by tying ourselves to the computer through our headsets.

So, what’s the best Bluetooth headset for computers out there? Let’s find out!

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Bluetooth Headset for Computer

If you are looking for a Bluetooth set to pair with your computer, investigate the following factors.


The long work hours and pandemic ridden social distancing means being stuck with a headset for long hours. Decide between over-the-ear, in-ear, or on-ear headsets. You also have the added option of bone conduction headsets that are perfect for people with altered/lacking hearing capability.


Your Bluetooth headset must be able to pair with multiple devices to aid you in switching between them. Make sure the range of active connection matches your movement at work/home. Losing the connection mid-call isn’t going to look great amidst an important meeting.


Active noise cancellation is a must if you work in loud environments. Especially if you are going to invest major bucks, drowning background noise is a must. Plus, the ear muffs must also have enough padding to aid in passive noise cancellation to listen better.


There is a variety of mic types available. Just remember to get your money’s worth. It should transmit your voice clearly and cut out the background noise. Also, look for maximum adjustability to be able to switch in between ears.

1. Plantronics Voyager Focus UC Bluetooth USB Headset

If any headset has managed to leave a mark, it is the Voyager UC! The balanced sound is unmatchable and is perfect for staying professional. This headset serves you great features. Ranging from a good built, a sturdy metal band over your head, and backed by a very soft band to adapt to your head shape. The on-ear speakers have memory foam for better ear adaptability.

The earmuffs are flippable, which provides you with the advantage of using one ear at a time. You can also store it flat without breaking your headset. To connect it to your PC, attach the USB dongle to your computer. There is also a Dock Station that you can use to charge your headset when not in use. And that’s not all!

The headset itself has switches for mute, Bluetooth connection, call answer, and volume controls. You also get the ANC (Active Noise Control), which helps drown the surrounding noise while attending essential calls.

Its boom mic can be flipped to aid use on both ears. It offers clarity during calls and cuts out any surrounding noise, which may cause disruption. With a continuous talk time of 10 hours, this headset is a perfect work partner. The only downside is its inability to perform at its finest without the USB dongle. Connecting through the tiny widget aids in preventing stutter and enhances sound quality.

That said, don’t mistake it for a surround sound deep base headset, which is often required for gaming. Overall, this headset offers standard yet praiseworthy sound quality.

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2. Jabra Evolve 65 UC Wireless Headset, Stereo

If you want your computer to have superior wireless connectivity. Free from the shackles of cords and wires, then Jabra Evolve is a good shot. It offers seamless connectivity up to a range of 30 meters/100 feet. Experience agent focus through this headset.

The busy light alerts other peers of calls-in progress and allows less disturbance in your workflow. Enjoy up to fourteen hours of talk time or connect to a USB port to charge while using without disturbing your workflow.

What further eliminates surrounding noise passively is the specially designed ear cushions ready to battle high-frequency noise. Additionally, the dual connectivity enables you to connect to your PC and one other device simultaneously.

It is compatible with all known UC platforms. It is also certified for Skype for Business, Cisco, and more. Alter the headset to your size and enjoy the on-ear crisp and clear sound quality. You can pair it with 8 Bluetooth devices and two active-standby Bluetooth connections.

The only downside to it is its limited active noise cancellation ability. While it does drown background noise, it’s not up to the previous headset’s level mentioned on this list.

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3. Hyper X Cloud Flight – Wireless Gaming Headset

When it comes to computers, headsets, and intense gaming sessions, the X cloud Flight is the ultimate beast. Offering immersive game audio, this headset is a multi-functional Bluetooth wonder.

The overall built is relatively lightweight, as opposed to other over the ear headphones, due to its plastic built and steel sliders. The wide strap and 90 degrees flipping ability of the ear-cuffs makes it suitable for various head shapes and sizes.

As for connecting in-calls or shouting in commands to your team, the microphone has a clear and crisp connection, without any statics. You can also detach the microphone when not in use. It functions when the headset is in wireless mode and when connected to the PC or PS4. The mic flip is an easy way to mute yourself in a split second.

The Hyper X Bluetooth headset has a 30-hour battery life with a 2.4 GHz wireless connection to back your gaming sessions. The Led lighting effects lets other people know of your immersive state and keeps them at bay. No more disturbance is guaranteed.

Be sure to run free with the Hyper X as it has a range of connectivity of 20 meters. However, with extensive use, the set is known to heat up.

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4. Mpow HC5 V5.0 Bluetooth Headset with Dual Mic

Next up, we have another headset worth a shot. The Mpow is a dual-mode headset that offers both wired and wireless modes. This budget-friendly PC and phone buddy is a versatile piece of technology. The Bluetooth 5.0 technology offers strong and optimized signals, backed by efficient 22-hour battery life. A cord length binds your freedom, but a flexible distance of 50 feet.

Moreover, this headset also blesses you with the chance of two simultaneous device connections. You can switch between them quickly and easily without pairing time losses. To get your voice across without any struts or stutters, the CVC 8.0 noise reduction takes care of it all. The noise-canceling microphone prevents unwanted sound elements from reaching the other side and drowns them in the process.

As for the built, the leather-padded headband is quite comfy and lightweight. You get proper clamping force and breathable over the ear pads. In addition to it, the 8-degree adjustability adds to its versatility in fitting over various head forms.

Additional features include side buttons for muting or switching the headset on or off. The additional 3.5 audio cable lets you make it a wired headset when charging goes low on the extended work hours.

However, the build is also a bit questionable as the strap is flatter than other headsets. So, the bowed-out strap from the sides may appear less flattering on some head shapes.

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5. AfterShokz OpenComm Wireless Stereo Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headset

If you aren’t a fan of over-the-ear or on-the-ear headphones, wait a moment. Sound transfer is all about conduction, and who said air is needed to carry out this task?

The AfterShokz PC headset is the perfect companion for you if you want to be aware of your environment yet stay connected to your PC/phone/tablet.

The open ear bud-free comfort backed by a noise-canceling boom mike is perfect for your essential zoom or skype calls. The Bluetooth 5.0 NFC pairing connectivity offers a seamless communication flow even if you are surrounded by many.

It carries a sturdy built, is IP55 water-resistant, and super lightweight, making it unnoticeable through long work hauls. It offers up to 16 hours of talk time and 8 hours of listening time. If you are running late, a 5-minute quick charge will give you 2 hrs worth of talk time.

But this set is sure pricey, and that can turn off some potential buyers.

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Final Thoughts

Such a great and diverse range of Bluetooth headsets is bound to make your audiophilic ears happy. Be it for gaming, skype calls, zoom classes, or even listening to music, the range mentioned above of products is known to serve their purpose well. However, if you want my opinion, Plantronics Voyager Focus UC Bluetooth USB Headset is the best Bluetooth headset for computers right now. It’s been my best work buddy for quite a while.

The only thing you need to do is vary your needs. In addition to it, make sure to know factors that may lead you to pick out the best product that fits your personal use. That’s all for now.

Good luck!

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