Best Arduino Starter Kits

To begin with making electronic projects there are different kits available that include essential components that are required by the to make projects. Also, Arduino kit comes with a complete guide of how you can make multiple projects and also gives a list of projects that can be made from that respective kit.

So, for beginners who want to start working on Arduino, they must start by buying an Arduino starter kit. However a question arises which Arduino kit should one buy to get started with Arduino projects. For the help of the beginners, we have shortlisted five Arduino starter kits that are best suited for the beginners:

Best Arduino starter kits

Now you can learn to work in Arduino by yourself and no need to surf on different websites looking for help in making projects on Arduino. All such issues can be solved by the Arduino starter kits which provide a complete guide step by step and also provide video illustrations of how to make projects using the Arduino. Here is the list of best Arduino kits which you can buy to learn how to make projects using Arduino.

Arduino kit for students

For beginners this kit is one of the best kits for them to start learning to work on Arduino as this kit comes with a guidebook that explains each and every thing in a stepwise process. Now you must be thinking of how to program the Arduino so do not worry about that the guidebook also covers the coding portion as well. You have to just buy it and follow the guidebook and you will learn within no time. This kit includes a multimeter breadboard, connecting wires, resistors, potentiometers, servo motor, breadboard, Arduino Uno, 9-volt battery and many more other components. To buy this kit click here.

Sensor starter kit of Arduino

To learn how to use different sensors with Arduino there is a sensor kit that comes with a number of sensors with an OLED display. This kit also comes with a list of 10 different projects that can be made using this sensor starter kit and provides all the help regarding those ten projects.

Similarly, Arduino provides the necessary libraries for all the sensors given in this kit with online help to its user if there is any difficulty in using it. Since it is a shield based starter kit so everything is embedded on it you just have to plugin the Arduino and program the Arduino Uno board so here is the brief detail of the kit’s hardware.

There is a base shield that can be placed at the top of the Arduino board and that shield has following connection:

  • 1 UART connection port
  • 4 ports for I2C connection
  • 4 ports for analog connections
  • 4 ports for digital connections

There in total 10 components/sensors that can be connected to Arduino Uno without soldering using the six grove cables provided by the Arduino here are those ten components and sensors that come with this kit:

  • OLED screen
  • Sound sensor
  • Accelerometer
  • Buzzer
  • Led
  • Pressure sensor
  • Push button
  • Light sensor
  • Knob potentiometer

Get this kit now from here.

Arduino starter kit(Multi-language)

This starter kit includes almost all the basic electronic devices that one can possibly use in his/her projects. As compared to the student kit we discussed earlier this kit is kind of an updated version of that kit.

This kit also comes with a guidebook that helps the students in understanding how to make hardware and how to program the Arduino microcontroller. In the guidebook there are instructions regarding the 15 projects that one can make with this kit. I think to learn the basics about Arduino 15 projects is enough. This kit includes a DC motor, h-bridge motor driver, LEDs, capacitors, diodes, LCD, Arduino Uno board, breadboard and some other necessary stuff that is required to make any circuits and you can buy this kit from here.

Arduino IDE compatible Elegoo Uno R3 starter kit

The Elegoo starter kit is also one of the best options for the students who want to learn about electronic circuits and to learn how to work on Arduino. Like other starter kits it also provides a project book that gives a step-by-step process to make 22 different projects. This kit includes stepper motors, LCD, resistors, Elegoo R3 board, breadboard, joystick, 9-volt Battery and some other components that are necessary for every Arduino project. Click here to buy this kit now.

Arduino starter kit by Kuman

Another starter kit that can be considered as an option for starting work on the Arduino is the Arduino starter kit provided by Kuman. This kit comes with a stepper motor, different sensors, one display module and other necessary components that are required to make the electronic circuits. The kuman Arduino starter kit also provides a tutorial that will help the learners to get started with Arduino.


For the students who do not have any prior experience of making electronic circuits and want to learn how to create circuits using the Arduino platform there are some starter kits available in the market. The Arduino starter kits mostly include all the essential components that are required to build an Arduino project. So, we have given the list of some of the best starter kits that can help the beginner level students to work on different Arduino projects.

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