Best Arduino Simulators

The first step for creating a project is to create a logic on how the controller will work and once we have created a pseudo code, we write and compile the Arduino code. Now comes the very important part as we have to design a circuit and to implement that circuit in the hardware. Before implementing the circuit in actual hardware to be sure that our project gives the desired output and all the connections of the components are correct, we run a simulation first. To create simulations of Arduino projects there are number of simulation software available and to save time of learners we have carefully shortlisted some of the best simulation software and have given brief information about each Arduino simulator:

Best Arduino Simulators

Some of the widely used Arduino simulators are listed below:

Proteus Arduino simulator

The most popular simulation software among the beginners is the Proteus simulation software as it is very easy to use as compared to other simulation softwares. This simulator contains function generators, motors and other digital and analog devices. Similarly, for designing the printed circuit board (PCB) the Proteus software is a great tool. However, there are some libraries regarding different sensors like infrared sensor or the smoke detection sensor are missing so you have to download all these libraries separately. Below there are some features the Proteus provide to its users:

  • Proteus has a feature of step-by-step simulation that helps its users on debugging the circuit.
  • It also enhances the quality of the circuit designing process.
  • Proteus provide its users with many virtual components as well like oscilloscope, multimeters, sensors

You can get this software from here.

Fritzing Arduino simulator

Another software that can be used to make the simulation of Arduino projects is the Fritzing simulation software. Unlike Proteus this software gives more understanding of the circuit because you can make the circuit on the breadboard and there is a separate option to make the schematic of the circuit. Similarly, you can also create components that are not present in the library of the Fritzing although you can find the libraries for all the components on either its online help forum or on the GitHub. Below there are some features the fritzing simulation software provide to its users:

  • It provides its users with the opportunity to make components that are not present in the component list of Fritzing.
  • Using the fritzing simulation software, you can create the layout of your circuit and also printed circuit board (PCBs).
  • You can share your circuits with others using the share online option in the file’s menu.

You can get this software from here.

PICSimlab Arduino simulator

You can test your circuits using the Picsimlab simulation software that provides a large number of features for circuit designing. This software is primarily made for the boards like Arduino and covers almost all possible devices that can be connected with Arduino boards. Below there are some features the picsimlab provide to its users:

  • It provides the simulation based on real time that gives the better idea of working in the circuit in actual scenarios.
  • It has a Rcontrol feature through which you can control the static RAM, EEPROM and flash memory of the development boards.
  • It provides a testing board for its users on which you can test the working of the Arduino code.

You can use this software from here.

Arduino simulator by Virtronics

This simulation software is different from the other software we discussed earlier as it is only for Arduino boards. This software allows you to test the Arduino code without any hardware or circuit design and its free version is also available. Below there are some features this simulator provide to its users:

  • You can use it as a demonstration tool to present your Arduino project
  • Using this tool, you can debug your code
  • It runs the code line by line that if there is a line selected it will run from there

You can get this Arduino simulator from here.

Simulide Arduino simulator

Another simulation software that can be used for creating Arduino circuit simulation is the simulide simulation software. The simulide software has all the basic components that are required to test any basic or medium level circuits and below there are some features this simulide provide to its users:

  • It provides a code editor that can be used for debugging the Arduino code by running the code step by step.
  • To understand the working of Arduino code and the circuit this simulation software provides the options of displaying the inputs and outputs of the code using its serial monitor.
  • The simulide simulation software provides the facility of plotting the waveform of the incoming and outgoing data of the circuit underconsideration.

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To test the circuits before implementing them to the hardware there is only one way which is by using some simulation software tool. It is always better to test the circuit before implementing it in the hardware as in some cases an issue in the circuit can cause damage to the hardware. For the convenience of the learners we have listed down some of the best Arduino simulation softwares and explained some of their features briefly.

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