What is AutoMod in Discord

Discord is an online platform connecting most of the gaming community across the world. You can create your own servers and then make text channels to chat with other people. Discord offers you features to manage your server and AutoMod is one of them, read this guide to know more about AutoMod bot in Discord.

What is AutoMod Bot in Discord 

AutoMod is a feature in Discord that uses machine learning algorithms to automatically detect and remove potentially harmful or inappropriate messages in a server. It helps maintain a safe and respectful community by filtering out spam, hate speech, and other disruptive content.

How to Use AutoMod in Discord

If someone tries to send a message containing spam content then you will get an alert if you have AutoMod, follow the steps mentioned below to learn how you can use AutoMod in Discord:

Step 1: Open your Discord application and next right click on your server to open Server Settings and then open AutoMod: 

Step 2:  Now you can manage your AutoMod as per your requirements here:

Step 3: You can see the options AutoMod gives you to manage your server:

Step 4: As Discord provides you with AutoMod to manage the content which is shared on your server in the form of text messages so you can set the rules for text messages. To block the spam content in your server, click on the Set Up button to block the spam content:

Step 5: Now select the option of Block message and Send alert:

Step 6: To get an alert you can choose your desired channel:

Step 7: Once you have added the channel on which you want to post the alert click on save button:

Step 8: Now you can save all the changes you have made by clicking on Save Changes:

Step 9: Now you can see the Block Spam Content feature enabled: 


AutoMod in Discord is a powerful moderation tool that helps maintain a safe and respectful community on the platform. By automatically filtering out spam, hate speech, and other disruptive content, it helps server administrators keep their communities clean and engaging. To set up and use AutoMod effectively, it’s important to understand how the feature works, adjust the level of moderation to fit the needs of your server, and customise the specific words or phrases you want to be flagged.

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