Arduino Portenta H7 – Introduction

If you are a programmer and want to make industrial or high-end projects, then you are at the right place because we are going to discuss the Arduino Portenta H7, which is a high-performance board.

What kind of projects Arduino Portenta H7 can be used for

Arduino Portenta can be used in:

  • Industrial level projects
  • Robotics
  • PLCs
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Lab Equipment

Arduino Portenta H7

For making high end projects there is a need for a board having high computational power and Arduino Portenta H7 might be the suitable board as it comes with a dual core STM32H747: Arm Cortex M7 and Cortex M4 which makes it a powerful board. Moreover, the Portenta H7 supports C, C++ Miro Python and JavaScript as its programming languages.

Technical specifications of Arduino Portenta H7

As described above the protneta H7 comes with a dual core processor having a clock speed for core 1, 480 MHz and for second core 2, 240 MHz. The protenta H7 is equipped with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules and has a flash memory of 2MB and SDRAM of 1 MB.

Also, there is a graphical accelerator which gives it the option of connecting a monitor through which you can make a small computer or any customized graphical user interface. This Arduino board also supports the camera option which can make it more suitable for robotic projects. The table below has given the technical specifications of the Arduino Portenta H7.

Specifications Description
Microcontroller Dual core STM32H747XI dual Cortex®-M7+M4 32bit low power Arm® MCU
Connectivity Built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules and Ethernet connectivity
Flash memory 16 MB
Clock speed For M7: 480 MHz & for M4:240 MHz
GPU Chrom-ART graphic accelerator
Power For powering the Portenta H7, there is: C-type USB, Battery connector & Vin Pin
Communication protocols I2C, SPI, CAN, PDM, ETH, MIPI, DSI, USB, UART, SAI

Arduino Portenta H7 pinout

Arduino Portenta H7 comes with two 80 high density pins on the back side. For digital inputs and outputs there are 22 pins and for the analog input and outputs there are 8 pins. There is a separate jack provided on the board to connect the battery to make the board run in the standalone mode.

For powering the external devices there is an ESLOV connector given on the board which has 5 volt pin, ground pin along with SCL/SDA pins for TWI communication and CS pin for SPI communication. We have provided a table which shows the pins of the Arduino Portenta H7 along with the purpose of each pin.

Pins Description
Digital pins of Portenta H7
  • 22 digital pins that can be used to connect the digit devices with the Portenta H7.
  • 6 of them are for the PWM pins.
Analog pins of Portenta H7
  • 8 analog pins are provided for connecting the analog devices.
  • Power pins of Portenta H7
  • 5 pins are provided for powering the devices connected with potneta H7.
  • A separate ESLOV connector is also provided.
  • A dedicated battery connector is given on the board to power up the Portenta H7.
  • An input power pin is available to power up the Portenta H7 using any external power source.
  • USB type C is provided for supplying power to Portenta or uploading the code to it.
  • AREF pin for giving reference voltage for analog devices.
  • High density pins of Portenta H7
    • Two 80 high density connectors that make the connections of external devices quick and easy

    Below we have given the image in which all pins of Arduino Portenta H7 are highlighted.


    The Arduino Portenta H7 is a high-performance board that can be used to make advanced level industrial projects as it comes with a dual core microcontroller. Before starting to work on an Arduino board the pinouts and technical specification of that board should be known to make efficient use of the Arduino board. So, for that purpose we have explained the specifications and pinouts of the Arduino Portenta H7 board.

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