What Is Android Auto? Do I Need It?

The development of new technologies day by day has taken our comfort to another level. No matter how much minimalism we practice in our daily life, we are nothing without technology. It felt like technology was to increase our comfort levels, but it has become quite difficult to imagine work without technology in the present scenario. Be it smart homes, driverless cars, or traveling to space, everything was totally out of the box and quite impressive.

I still remember when I heard about flying cars. It was just “WoW”. Well, the automation we are going to discuss today is Android Auto. Android Auto was initially launched in 2015 and went through several upgrades till today. It was expected that we would soon be able to introduce smartness in our cars, but Android Auto has done much more than it was expected. Let’s discuss this blend of mechanics and computers in detail.

What Is Android Auto?

Android Auto was launched as an Android app by Google. The main aim to launch Android auto was to cast the android mobile display on your car’s dashboard. After your Android device gets paired with your car’s dashboard, you can mirror your device apps on the car’s display. Android Auto becomes quite significant when you are driving on the road, and still, you can call someone, Text your loved ones or play your favorite tracks using google assistant. You just need to say “Hey Google” to get started.

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Features Of Android Auto

The small yet significant features of android Auto might really come in handy while driving. A single app download can make your driving comfortable and easy up to a great extent. Here is the list of the features of Android Auto.

1. Calling And Text Messages

Android Auto can make & receive your calls and also read out your messages. You can open any text messaging app using google assistant, and Android auto will type your texts just by hearing your voice. This reduces distraction while driving on busy or narrow roads.

2. Navigation

Imagine you are driving through an unknown road, and you have no idea of the next fuel stand or a nearby restaurant. Just ask google about the same, and it will navigate you to the exact point.

3. Music Player

Say “Hey Google” and ask your google assistant to play your favorite playlist while driving. You can also play, stop and play the next track just at your voice instructions. Android Auto is developed with an aim to avoid the distraction due to mobile while driving, so just configure your device with your car and start enjoying your drive.

Do I Need Android Auto?

The simple answer is “Yes”. If your mobile and car are compatible with Android auto, then you should really get the best out of it. There are a lot of merits of using an Android auto app as you need not open your mobile every now and then while driving as it causes distraction. The main benefits of using Android auto are that it makes driving safer and provides you with correct information at the right time.

How to Connect To Android Auto

Connecting Android auto with Car’s infotainment system is not a difficult task. Here is the list of a few steps that you need to follow.

  1. First of all, your android phone must be updated to android version 6.0 or above as Android devices below 6.0 are not compatible with Android Auto. Also, to check your car compatibility, you can check the list of eligible car models. Check your car compatibility for Android Auto
  2. Download and install the Android Auto app on your device. Also, make sure you have healthy internet connectivity.
  3. Start your vehicle and connect your mobile to your car dashboard using a USB cable. You can also connect wirelessly if your car display supports wireless connections.
  4. There will be some notifications regarding permissions displaying on your Android phone, and you have to accept those to connect the android auto to the car’s infotainment system.
  5. Then for further proceeding, you need to follow the steps appearing on the screen. If you are using the android auto for the first time, you have to allow the application to accept the terms and conditions.
  6. Once you are configured the Android auto app with your car’s dashboard, you are good to go, and you can anytime plug via USB to access android auto next time.

Here is the list of essential apps for Android Auto. Google developers have tried to develop a better driving companion to which they have succeeded up to a great extent, but it can do more good if it had better speech recognition and not all apps are available on the platform. However, if you are going to use such an application for the first time, you will surely love it.
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