AMD Radeon HD 7950 Review : Is it worth buying in 2022?

Is your GPU busted? Or you are looking for a GPU upgrade and you’ve sold your current GPU? Well, that calls for trouble due to the shortage of graphic cards and this will take time to buy another GPU but what will you do until then? Don’t worry about that because we got you covered as we will be reviewing AMD Radeon HD 7950 which will surely be a good fit for you until you find the GPU of your dreams.

AMD has been releasing Graphics cards for quite a long time now and it is one of the most trusted brands today in the gaming community.

Review of AMD Radeon HD 7950

Announced back in 2012, AMD Radeon HD 7950 is packed with 3GB of GDDR5 memory which is clocked at 5000Mhz, the 384-bit memory bus width, and performance wise it lies somewhere between NVIDIA’s GTX 670 and GTX 770. The core clock frequency is at 860MHz which can go up to 925MHz and there are many other built-in features that we will discuss below:

Although there are many variants, we will be using the Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 for our review.

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Specifications of AMD Radeon HD 7950

We will now discuss the specifications of Sapphire Radeon HD 7950:


    • Memory size: 3GB
    • Memory type: GDDR5
    • Memory bus width: 384-bit
    • Memory bandwidth: 240 GB/s


    • Pixel fill rate: 25.6 Gpixel/s
    • Texture fill rate: 89.6 Gtexel/s
    • Compute units: 28
    • Shading units: 1792

Power Requirements

    • TDP: 200W
    • Connectors: Yes, 2x 6-pin
    • Suggested PSU: 550W

Graphics Features

    • DirectX: 12
    • OpenGL: 4.6
    • Shader model: 5.1


    • Dual Link DVI: Yes
    • HDMI: Yes
    • VGA: No
    • Display port: No

Features of AMD Radeon HD 7950

Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 doesn’t have any promising features as compared to the latest GPUs but is it good enough? We will let you decide after you go through the following section of features:

AMD Eyefinity 2.0: AMD Eyefinity 2.0 enhances your productivity by providing you the connectivity of up to 3 monitors so that you won’t need to switch between tabs and with Sapphire Flex Technology.

TRIXX Utility: TRIXX Utility enables you to achieve higher FPS and it also upscales the image.

AMD App Acceleration: AMD App Accelerations is a combination of different technologies which are designed to enhance video quality and improve application performance.

AMD HD3D: AMD HD3D is there to optimize 3D gaming and enhance your video-watching experience.

The features look good enough for anyone who is looking for optimal multimedia performance.

Gaming Capabilities of AMD Radeon HD 7950

Looking at the table below you can see the performance of AMD Radeon HD 7950 in the most in-demand games:

Title of the game Settings/resolution Average FPS
GTA V High/1920×1080 48
PUBG Medium/1920×1080 40
Dota 2 High/1920×1080 73
Fortnite High/1920×1080 42

Looking at the table we can conclude that Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 performs decent enough in most of the in-demand games.

Pros of AMD Radeon HD 7950

    • AMD Eyefinity 2.0 supported
    • Overclockable
    • 3GB GDDR 5 memory with a 384-bit bus width
    • Best power saving when in an idle state

Cons of AMD Radeon HD 7950

    • Noisy
    • Expensive
    • Competitors are better until it is overclocked
    • No display port

Final Words About AMD Radeon HD 7950

AMD Radeon HD 7950 could be a good alternative if you want to upgrade in the future and already sold your current GPU. It performs well in the games that we have run and shared the average FPS in a table. It is somehow noisy and a bit more expensive compared to the competitors but it performs better when overclocked and destroys the competition.

It could come in handy when you are looking for something that you can use while you are waiting for the release of your favorite GPU and in this review, we conclude that Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 is an above-average GPU in 2022 that performs well enough to be called worthy in 2022.

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