Alienware AW410K RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Are you looking to upgrade your keyboard and want something that can satisfy your needs? There are many options available on the market but which one should you go for? If you are a gamer then you would be familiar with a brand named Alienware and today we bring you a Mechanical Gaming keyboard with a customizable RGB gaming keyboard called Alienware AW410k to review and we will discuss every aspect of it.

Review of Alienware AW410K

Alienware is a renowned brand for its beautiful, innovative, and durable PC hardware and gaming peripherals. Alienware AW410K looks like a solid mechanical keyboard for gaming and RGB lovers. But why mechanical keyboards? Well, mechanical keyboards feature a switch under their button which gives better accuracy and precise typing experience, unlike the old traditional keyboards that have rubber-like material below their button.

Now you may be wondering what features a good mechanical keyboard should have right? So, we will now discuss the features of Alienware AW410K.

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Specifications of Alienware AW410K

The specifications of Alienware AW410K are as follows:

General Specifications

    • Brand: Alienware
    • Model no: 580-AJBD
    • Device type: RGB mechanical keyboard
    • Material: Aluminum
    • Color: Dark side of the moon
    • Material: 5000 series aluminum construction

Weight, dimensions, and cable

    • Weight: 1 pound
    • Dimensions: 18.3L x 6.14W x 1.4H (inches)
    • Cable Type: Nylon Braided
    • Cable length: 6.5 ft

Switches and RGB

    • Switch type: Cherry MX brown
    • Switch durability: Up to a 100million strokes
    • Keyboard backlight: Yes, Customizable, AlienFX per-key RGB lighting

Features of Alienware AW410K

The features of Alienware AW410K include

Improved Experience

It provides you a much more improved typing/gaming experience thanks to Cherry MX Brown Switches which enhance the feedback from your keyboard and also improve typing speed while minimizing mistakes which makes it an excellent choice for office use and gaming. These switches are quiet and tactile.

Design and Durability

Alienware AW410K is designed for responsive, immersive gaming in a compact form factor and Cherry MX Brown switches to ensure that you get more than enough durability with up to a 100million strokes. it is a combination of the features found in AW510K and AW310K.

There is an integrated USB passthrough that helps you connect your USB drive, mouse, and USB headphones directly to the keyboard if there isn’t any available port and this is a super useful feature found only in expensive keyboards.

The switches are mounted on top directly into the metal which makes cleaning look easy and the rest of the keyboard looks beautiful enough as you can see in the picture below.

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Anti-ghosting N-key rollover is there to ensure that your keyboard recognizes the combination of different keys and each key is detected individually for better performance. For example, if you are playing a competitive multiplayer game and want to reload while being crouched and moving forward then you have to use the 3-key combination which is mostly ctrl + w + r) at least in our case.

Amazing Customization

Alienware is fully customizable on Alienware desktops/laptops and it can only be partially customized in the non-Alienware system which needs to be fixed.

The keyboard’s RGB backlighting can be per-key customized (16.8m colors) using AlienFX. You will see a popup the moment you connect the Alienware laptop to your PC telling you to download and automatically install AlienFX but you can manually download it from here.

For your convenience, there are programmable and dedicated media keys that can be helpful in custom key assignments in-game and easy audio control.

Pros of Alienware AW410K

    • A premium-looking and durable mechanical keyboard
    • A silent yet responsive keyboard
    • Cherry MX brown switches on your keyboard
    • Use it with an Alienware system (laptop or PC) for full customization
    • Integrated USB passthrough
    • Long cable
    • A product worth the price

Cons of Alienware AW410K

    • Poor customer service
    • Less customizable buttons

Final Verdict

Alienware AW410K takes out the competition in the price range of just below $200 because of its Cherry MX brown switches, durable body, customizable per-key RGB, and USB passthrough feature. These features make it highly useful for office work and gaming.

It can only be fully customized in Alienware systems which is a major drawback when it comes down to Apple or other brands and Alienware (Dell) needs to up their customer service although they are getting better. Also, there aren’t enough customizable buttons that can be coped with. In the end, we conclude that Alienware AW410K is a solid performer and a great value for money.

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