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What Age is Raspberry Pi Suitable For?

Raspberry Pi is a mini-computer board initially designed for teaching purposes; however, as time passed, it emerged as an efficient machine for projects like home automation, web servers, and more. This device is an ideal choice for people of all ages; however, due to its open circuit layout and the presence of GPIO pins, the user should need to use it carefully.

Someone may not consider this device a kid toy because of its sensitivity and should not be given to kids who don’t know about it. There is an age limit for the kids to use this device for developing school projects, and this article is presented to inform you about the minimum age requirement for using this device.

What Age Is Raspberry Pi Suitable For

The minimum age requirement for a kid to use a Raspberry Pi device is 7 years unless he/she is working with an adult and does have some knowledge of using a computer or a laptop. In that case, he/she should be allowed to use this device for completing school projects. However, the ideal age for using this device is 11 years, and those kids who meet the criteria should be allowed to use this device alone for gaming purposes, building websites, completing school projects, and more.

The Raspberry Pi device is an excellent platform to develop the kid’s expertise level, and it’s a great machine that lets your kids do their projects and other related tasks efficiently. You will find many applications which can benefit your kids, and you can install them to help your kids learn from them. These applications include MyPaint, LibreOffice, Scratch3, PiKiss, VLC media player, and more. You can learn about these tools and their installation method through our published article.

Among all the applications, Scratch3 is the best for an 11 years old kid who is passionate about learning and building projects using the GPIOs of the Raspberry Pi. Through this app, your kid will also learn how to build games and animation without requiring the knowledge of code.

If your kid is a pro-gaming player, he/she can install gaming-based platforms on Raspberry Pi like RetroPie, Recall box, and more. Kids can also learn different programming languages such as Python, C, C++, Java, and more. Understanding these languages will help the kid learn to code and develop different mobile applications.

Final Thoughts

Although the perfect age for using a Raspberry Pi device for a kid is 11 years, however, a kid aged around 7 years can use the device under an adult’s supervision who knows how to use it. The device provides learning opportunities for the kids, and every kid should try this device to develop projects, play games, and learn to code. However, to use this device, a kid should know how to use it because of its sensitivity; they might damage its circuit board.

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