What are the advantages and disadvantages of JavaScript

No programming language is perfect. That is why a new language rises in popularity every few years to meet that era’s demands. For example, during the 90s C language was the standout language with not much competition against it for a while. Later, as time changed and the needs of the community changed, Python rises in popularity, thanks to its overwhelming advantages over C.

In this article, we will look at the advantages and disadvantages of another language that has only increased in popularity over the years.

Advantages of JavaScript

Let’s start off with what makes JavaScript much superior to other programming languages and why someone would prefer this.

This is one of the most commonly used languages that is used in web development. It is a major part of every functioning website. JavaScript is seen as a very powerful tool that even the biggest websites in the world utilize; for example, Amazon and Google. Due to its ever-rising popularity, it is easier than ever to learn this language online through various courses.

Reduces load on the server
Since the language is clientside-based and not server-side, this means that the server does not have to deal with a load of running JavaScript. Once this load is reduced, the server can run faster and focus itself on performing its other functionalities such as data management.

The most valuable feature of JavaScript is its versatility. There are countless methods in which it can be implemented into your website. Not only can it create and complete the front-end of the website but it can also deal with the backend(thanks to Node.js) since it works well with MongoDB and MySQL.

Easy to use
JavaScript is one of the simpler languages to learn, especially for web development. It has been developed to be comfortable to learn and implement for web developers. This helps the web companies save a lot of money on development since harder languages have fewer developers and hence require a bigger budget.

Another major factor for any web development language is how fast it can run on any supporting browser. Luckily, JavaScript is a client-side language which means that for the page to load and run, the system does not have to ping the server. Instead, the client already has access to all the scripting that is required to run the webpage.

Disadvantages of JavaScript

The use of JavaScript for creating web applications is not always ideal. There are many situations in which JavaScript may not perform as well as some of the other languages. In this section, some light has been shed on the problems surrounding JavaScript.

Not well supported
Even though JS is used worldwide, every browser runs it differently. This means that whenever the script is run, it will be interpreted differently depending on which browser is in use.

Render issue
JavaScript can be a sensitive language when it comes to rendering a webpage. What this implies is that even the smallest errors in the script will cause the entire page to crash and not render at all.

Being a client-side language, access to this code is very straightforward. This means that anyone can see and copy the code that is implemented behind the webpage. This makes the language significantly unsafe.

JavaScript disabled Issue
Due to security concerns, many people tend to disable JavaScript on their systems. This causes many of the web pages built using JS to completely crash and not load again.


JavaScript has several benefits such as being fast, easy to learn, and bearing much less load on the server. Similarly, there are a few downsides to the use of JS as well for example less security, browser support issues, and rendering troubles. In this article, the ups and downs of using JavaScript for your web page have been elaborated on.

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