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How to Add a Bookmark in Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word is the state-of-the-art document processing software available for multiple operating systems. It comes loaded with all the features for creating the best document. One of the prominent features of Microsoft Word is Bookmark.

Back then, people used to navigate to the page from where the specific section started (found via the Title page), which was a tiresome task. But with technological evolution, the Bookmarks are a trend and used in almost every other document. The Bookmarks allow the users to quickly navigate to a part of the document for compelling reading. The Bookmarks in Microsoft Word are treated like hyperlinks.

The Bookmark feature is only available for Microsoft Word on Windows & macOS and cannot be added to Android or IOS devices.

This guide will discuss the step-by-step process to “Add a Bookmark” in Microsoft Word on multiple operating systems.

Quick Outline

How to Add a Bookmark in Microsoft Word on Windows?

To add a Bookmark in Microsoft Word on Windows, follow these steps:

Step 1: Highlight the Text on Which You Want to Add a Bookmark.

Step 2: Select the “Insert” tab and Click/Tap on the “Bookmark” in the Links Group.

Step 3: Name the Bookmark and Hit the Add Button to Add it to the Highlighted Text.

Step 4: Link Bookmark.

The illustration of the above steps is as follows:

Step 1: Highlight the Text
To create a Bookmark, users must highlight the text to which they want to add a Bookmark. To highlight the text, click & drag the mouse over the text or use the keyboard:

Step 2: Use the Bookmark Option
After highlighting the text, select the Insert tab from the Ribbon Toolbar, and click/tap on the Bookmark option from the Links group:

Step 3: Add a Bookmark
After highlighting the text and clicking the Bookmark option, name the Bookmark and hit the Add button:

Note: The name of the Bookmark in Microsoft Word cannot have any spaces and must start with an alphabet.

The Bookmark is now created.

Step 4: Link Bookmark
After adding the Bookmark (following the above steps), you must link to some text to make it usable. To do that, highlight the text where you want to link the Bookmark and press the Ctrl + K keys. Doing that will bring up the Insert Hyperlink window, and from here, you must select the Place in This Document (1). Enter the Text that will be displayed as a link (2). After that, choose the Bookmark with whom you want to link (3). You can also define a ScreenTip displayed when the mouse arrow hovers over the highlighted text (4). You can set the Target Frame and specify where they want the document to appear (5). To save the changes, use the OK button:

Once you have linked the text with the specified Bookmark, hover the arrow over it to see the ToolTip or use the Ctrl + Click (mouse click) buttons to navigate:

To delete a Bookmark, open the Bookmark tab, choose the Bookmark to delete and use the Delete button to do so:

How to Add a Bookmark in Microsoft Word on macOS?

To add a Bookmark in Microsoft Word on macOS, follow these steps:

Step 1: Highlight Text and Select the “Bookmark” Option From the Links Group.

Step 2: Name the Bookmark and Add it Using the OK Button.

Step 3: Highlight the Text to Link the Bookmark, Right-Click it, and Select the “Link” Option.

Step 4: Select the “This Document” Tab, Choose the Bookmark to Link With and Hit the OK Button to Link.

The above steps are illustrated as follows:

Step 1: Highlight the Text
To create a Bookmark, highlight the text, click/tap on the Links and then on the Bookmark option from its drop-down:

Step 2: Name the Bookmark
To add a Bookmark, users must name it by entering a name in the “Bookmark name” text field. Its name cannot have any spaces and must start with a character. To create a Hidden Bookmark (disguised as the normal text), check the “Hidden bookmarks” checkbox. To save the changes, use the Add button:

The Bookmarks can be deleted from the exact location by selecting the Bookmark and using the Delete button:

Step 3: Highlight the Text
Next, users must highlight the text they want to link to the Bookmark. After doing that, right-click and select the Link option:

Step 4: Link the Bookmark
In the Insert Hyperlink window, select the “This Document” tab and choose the Bookmark (must be created before). Additionally, you can specify the Text to Display, which will be your hyperlink and the ToolTip that will pop up once you hover the arrow over it. Use the OK button to combine the Bookmark and the Link:

Bonus Tip: How to Fix Bookmarks Not Visible in Microsoft Word?

For some users, the Bookmarks were not visible even after creating them. It is because the Bookmarks are hidden by default. To show Bookmarks in Microsoft Word, navigate to File ⇒ Options. From here, select the Advanced tab, and from the right pane, mark the “Show bookmarks” checkbox. It will now show the Bookmarks on your Word document:

Bottom Line

To add a Bookmark in Microsoft Word on Windows/macOS, highlight the text to add, click/tap on the Insert tab and select the Bookmark in the Links group. Then, link the Bookmark by highlighting the text and choosing the Bookmark from the Place in this document (Windows) and This Document (macOS) option.

You must enable the visibility of the Bookmarks from the File ⇒ Options ⇒ Advanced by marking the “Show bookmarks” checkbox. It must be done because the Bookmarks are disabled by default.

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