How to Add and Use Loritta Bot on Discord

Multiple Discord bots are available for different purposes, such as entertainment, memes, business ideas, educational proposals, and many more. The “Loritta” bot is one of them that has controlled the memes successfully. Additionally, it has other amazing features that deserve a space in the list of users’ Discord servers. To avail of its cool features, you can also use its relevant commands.

This post will provide:

How to Add Loritta Bot on Discord?

If you want to invite the “Loritta” bot to your Discord server, try the below-provided instructions.

Step 1: Open Discord

Search and open the Discord app on your PC:

Step 2: Launch Discord Server

Select and open the desired Discord server from the existing server list. Here, we have clicked on the “TS-LH Server”:

Step 3: Access App Directory

Next, access the “App Directory” from the available option inside the opened menu:

Step 4: Search Lorrita Bot

Here, specify and search for the particular bot through the input field that you want to invite to your server. In our case, we have typed “Loritta Bot” and hit the “Enter” key from the keyboard:

Then, select Loritta bot from the search results:

Step 5: Add Loritta to Server

Next, hit the “Add to Server” button:

As a result, a prompt window will appear on the screen. Click on the “Yep!” button for confirmation and further procedure:

Step 6: Choose Discord Server

Choose the particular server name from the available list to which you want to invite the previously searched server. For instance, we have selected the “TS-LH Server” Discord server:

Step 7: Authorize Access

Next, grant required permissions to the bot and click on the “Authorize” button:

Step 8: Mark the Captcha Box

Mark the captcha box for verification:

Move to the next section and learn who to use the invited bot.

How to Use Discord Loritta Bot?

Follow the below-listed instructions to use the Loritta bot on the server.

Step 1: Verify the Loritta Bot Existence

To ensure the presence of the invited bot on your Discord server, navigate to the particular server and check its Members list. In our case, we will move to the “TS-LH Server” server member list:

It can be observed that the Loritta bot now exists as a member of the selected server.

Step 2: Insert Command

To check the working of the invited bot, use any command of the added bot in the text area. Here, we have typed the “/achievements” command:

Step 3: Check Output

As a result, all of the current achievements will be listed in a text message:

Loritta Bot Commands List

The Loritta Bot contains multiple commands to perform several operations. Some of them are listed below:

Commands Descriptions
/achievements Used to display the user’s achievement and their hard work socially.
/afk on Used to describe users are not allowed to text back due to some reasons.
/afk off Used to depict users are well and allowed to reply.
/art Used to show beautiful pictures.
/attackonheart Used to create a video of the user’s choice.

How to Remove Loritta Bot From Discord?

To remove the Loritta bot from your Discord server, try out the below-given steps.

Step 1: Select Bot

Navigate to the particular server where the bot is present. Here, our “TS-LH Server” Discord server contains the “Loritta” bot:

Step 2: Kick Out Loritta

Right-click on the bot name and select the “Kick Loritta” option from the menu:

Step 3: Add Reason for Kick

Lastly, provide the reason in the required field to kick out the bot from the server and click on the “Kick” button. As a result, the bot will be removed from the server:

We have provided the complete method of adding, using, and removing a Loritta bot from the server.


To add and use the Loritta bot to your Discord server, first, open up the application on your PC and then navigate to the desired server. Next, access the “Access App Directory” and search for the “Loritta” bot and click on the “Invite” button. Then, choose a particular Discord server in which you are required to add a bot and “Authorize” it. This post compiled how to add, use, and kick out Loritta bot on Discord.

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