Acer ED320QR 31.5 Inches Curved Gaming Monitor Review: Affordable and Beautiful

Are you looking for a Full HD curved gaming monitor? Are you also craving for curved screen and 165Hz Refresh rate? This could be troublesome as many curved monitors are available on the market, but most are expensive. Regarding budget-friendly gaming monitors, it gets even harder to find the perfect one, so today, we will try to solve your problem by reviewing the Acer ED320QR, a Full HD curved monitor in budget.

Review of Acer ED320QR

Acer is one of the leading brands in the gaming industry with a wide variety of products with unique features and specifications.

Acer ED320QR looks like a solid monitor for features at the current price tag compared to other competitors. It isn’t a very premium product, but it does the job beautifully, as shown in the features below.

Source: Acer

Specifications of Acer ED320QR

In this section, the specifications of Acer ED320QR will be discussed:

  • Brand: Acer
  • Weight: 15.02 pounds or 6.81 kg
  • Package dimensions: 31L x 21W x 5H (Inches)

Display Specifications

  • Screen Size: 31.5 inches
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Contrast ratio: 4000:1
  • Adaptive contrast management: 100,000,000:1
  • Max brightness: 300 cd/m2
  • Viewing angles: 178° Horizontal & 178° Vertical

Power Consumption

  • Stand by power: 400mW
  • Power on display: 25.94W


  • DisplayPort: Yes, 1 x DisplayPort
  • HDMI: Yes, 2 x HDMI
  • USB-C: No

Other Technical Specifications

  • Refresh rate: 165Hz
  • Response time: 1ms
  • Panel type: VA
  • AMD Free-Sync: Yes, compatible
  • VESA mounting compatibility: Yes, 100 x 100
  • Tilt: Yes, -5°~20°
  • Swivel: No
  • Height adjustment: No

Features of Acer ED320QR

The pocket-friendly Acer ED320QR comes with the following set of features:

Acer ED320QR features a Full HD (1920 x 1080) VA panel with good contrast and a 16:9 aspect ratio. The brightness can go up to 300 cd/m2, which can feel dim in outdoor conditions. It is equipped with BlueLightShield and ComfyView to comfort your eyes during long working hours or gaming marathons.

Refresh Rate
The refresh rate ensures that you get smooth and steady visuals without any lag so that you have the edge over your in-game enemies, and Acer ED320QR has a refresh rate of 165Hz.

AMD FreeSync
It is fully compatible with AMD Free-Sync, which syncs your monitor’s refresh rate to the FPS your GPU produces. It eliminates screen-tearing and shuttering for a perfectly smooth gaming experience, as shown in the image below.

Source: Acer

Response Time
The 1ms response time is there to provide you with an enhanced gaming experience while eliminating ghosting which can distract you from the game, and you can see the difference in the image below:

Source: Acer

Acer ED320QR has a curved screen of 31.5” with a 16:9 aspect ratio and baseless panel so that you don’t feel distracted by them and you remain entirely focused on your game. You can tilt it -5 to 10 degrees, but sadly there is no swivel or height adjustment.

Pros of Acer ED320QR

  • 165Hz refresh rate
  • 1ms response time
  • Good contrast ratio
  • Decent picture quality and colors
  • Light on your pocket
  • Beautiful baseless display

Cons of Acer ED320QR

  • No built-in speakers
  • Low brightness
  • Average build quality

Final Verdict

Looking at the price of Acer ED320QR, we conclude that it is undoubtedly the best budget gaming monitor you can buy to upgrade from a 60Hz monitor, and you will feel the difference between 60Hz and 165Hz refresh rate.

There are no built-in speakers, and the brightness can feel a bit low in outdoor conditions while the build quality is just not good enough, but again, looking at the price tag, this can be coped with.

Ultimately, we would say that if you want something that isn’t very expensive but wants good features, then this should be your number one choice.

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